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West and Vine Street, Chicago, Illinois

Telephone: 216818532 Telex: 677312 Fax: 216 349076


Mr B. Glough 19 April 20

Glough & Book Motorcycles Ltd.

31-37 Traders Street

Nottingham NG1 3AA



Dear Mr Glough,

Order No. 8901/6

The above order was shipped on 17 April 19 on the SS America which is due in Liverpool on 27 April.

We have informed your agents, Eddis Jones, who will make arrangements for the consignment to be sent on to you, as you requested.

Our bank's agents, Westmorland Bank Ltd., High Street, Nottingham, will hand over the documents which consist of a shipped clean bill of lading (No. 517302), invoice (No. EH 3314), and insurance certificate (AR 118 4531), once you have accepted our bill.

We are sure you will be delighted when you see the machines, and that they will find a ready market in your country, Meanwhile we are enclosing a catalogue of our new models and believe you will be very interested in the machines illustrated on pp. 103-110. We look forward to hearing from you again in due course.

Yours truly,

T.N. Hackenbush



Kent, Clarke & Co. Ltd.

Chairman: Lord Matherson Directors: B. Kent , C.D. Clarke HND, R.P. Diller

South Bank House, Borough Road, London SE1 OAA


Reg No: London 3395162 Telephone: 071 928 7716

VAT No: 41 618231 59 Telex: 988153

Fax: 071 928 7111


Miss Y. Pollard 28 June 20

International Shippers Ltd.

City House

City Road

London EC2 1PC


Dear Miss Pollard,

Our clients, Delta Computers, Wellmgborough, inform us that they have received a cable from their customers, N.Z. Business Machines, Wellington, that the SS Northern Cross which was due in Wellington on June 25 has not yet arrived.

The vessel was carrying a consignment of computers for our clients, shipped B/L 6715, and they want to know why the ship has been delayed. A prompt reply would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

J.D. Simpson




Delay in arrival of shipment

Goods can be delayed, damaged, or carried-over to another port. In such cases the seller or his forwarding agent will contact the shipping company. (Refer to 11.4.4/5/6/7 for previous correspondence.) Note that the correspondence with the shipping company is through Kent, Clarke, the forwarding agents who sent the goods in this case.



Shipping company's reply to 11.4.10


Container services

Containers are large steel boxes, 20 to 40 feet in length, can hold most cargoes including liquids, and are transported by lorries or trains to ports where they are loaded on to container vessels and shipped. Because of their sealing to prevent pilfering they are safe, and goods are also protected against constant handling. They are versatile, loading top, front, or side, and can cut a ship's laytime

(waiting time) down by 60-70 per cent. Small parcels from different shippers can be grouped together (consolidation) at a depot if they are for the same destination, and special groupage rates are offered to consignees.

Most ports in the world have facilities for loading and unloading containers, and if they do not have them, the container can be delivered to a port with facilities, then loaded on to trucks and taken to the customer.


International Shippers Ltd.

Chairman: Sir Donald Low Directors: P.R. Castle, D.S.M. Bracking, R.T. Kitson

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