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Glazier House, Green Lane, Derby DEI 1RT

Telephone 0332 45790 Telex: 901614 Fox: 0332 51977


Cargo Manager 15 June 20

Universal Airways Ltd.

Palace Road

London SW1


Dear Sir,

We would like to send from Heathrow to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, twelve boxes of assorted glassware, to be delivered within the next fortnight.

Each box weighs 40 kilos, and measures 0.51 cubic metres. Could you please quote charges for shipment and insurance?

Yours faithfully,





Request for a quotation for delivery by air

British Crystal Ltd. write to an airline to find out how much it will cost to send glassware to their agents in Saudi Arabia. (See 10.5.1 /2/3 for original correspondence.)



Quotation for delivery by air

Here is the airline's reply to Mr Jay. We saw before that airlines calculate freight charges on weight or volume; in this case both will have been taken into account. Note also that there are twelve copies of an air waybill: when the document is made out for this shipment, one will go to the airline, one to the consignor, and one to the consignee, each being accepted as originals; the other copies go to customers and handling.


1. What other charges are there besides the freight charges?

2. Are there daily flights to Saudi Arabia?

3. Why should an invoice be included in the parcel?

4. Who will arrange insurance?


Universal Airways Ltd.

Airline House, Palace Road, London SW1

DirectorsiSir Bernard Hullings, E.M. Merchant FCA, D.L Owen , . Friens MA


Telephone: 071 6384129 Reg. No: London 281395

Telex: 381215 Cable: UNIWAY VAT No: 85 116259 15

Fax: 071 638 5551


MrN.Jay 18 June 20

British Crystal Ltd.

Glazier House

Green Lane

Derby DEI 1RT


Dear Mr Jay,

Thank you for your enquiry of 15 June.

We will be able to send your consignment to Riyadh within two days of your delivering it to Heathrow. The cost of freight Heathrow/Riyadh is £3.60 per kilo, plus £1.50 air waybill, and £14.00 customs clearance and handling charges. But you will have to arrange your own insurance.

There are three flights a week from London to Saudi Arabia, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Please fill in the enclosed Despatch Form and return it to us with the consignment and commercial invoices, one of which should be included in the parcel for customs inspection.

Yours sincerely,

R. Laden

Cargo Manager




Air Waybill

See 11.1.3.


1. Can the Air Waybill be transferred to another person?

2. Who is the exporter here?

3. How much is the handling charge on the bill?

4. How many copies would the shipper get?

5. Does the consignee have an account with the airline?

6. What is the gross charge for delivery?

7. What is the size of each parcel?






Types of vessels

There are a variety of vessels available for exporters to use when shipping goods:

Passenger liners are ships that follow scheduled routes and concentrate on passenger services, but also carry cargo.

Passenger cargo vessels concentrate on cargoes, offer more facilities for loading and unloading, but carry few passengers.

Tramps travel anywhere in the world on unscheduled routes, picking up any cargo and delivering it.

Tankers are usually oil carriers, and are like bulk carriers which transport bulk consignments such as grain, wheat, and ores.

Container vessels offer facilities to move containers from one country to another, and have special lifting gear and storage space for the huge steel boxes they transport.

Roll-on roll-off ferries are vessels which allow cars and trucks to drive on at one port and off at another without having to load and unload their freight.

There are also barges, large flat-bottomed boats, which transport goods inland along canals and waterways, and lighters which may do the same work as a barge, or are used for taking goods from a port out to a ship, or vice versa.

Note that before the name of the ship, which is usually underlined in correspondence, the letters SS are used. These stand for Steam Ship and show it is a British Merchant vessel. MV, Motor Vessel, and MS, Motor Ship, are also used.



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