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Reply to complaint of damage



1. What does Herr Gerlach quote in the letter?

2. Why will he not take responsibility for the consignment?

3. Why is he sure the goods were in perfect condition when they left his company?

4. What help does he offer M. Gerard?

5. Which words in the letter correspond to the following: goods; send; transported; make up for loss?


R. G. Electronics AG

Havmart 601

D-5000 Koln 1

Tel: (221)32 42 98


Telex: 6153291 Your Ref: JA/MR


P. Gerard 20 August 20-

Disc S.A.

251 rue des Raimomeres

F-86000 Poitiers Cedex


Dear Mr Gerard,

I was sorry to hear about the damage to part of the consignment (No. 1953) that we sent you last week.

I have checked with our despatch department and they tell me that the goods left here in perfect condition. There should be our checker's mark on the side of each box, which is a blue label with a packer's number and date on it.

As you made the arrangements for delivery, I am afraid we cannot help you. However, I suggest you write to Gebruder Bauer Spedition and if the goods were being carried at 'carrier's risk' I am sure they will consider compensation.

I have enclosed a copy of their receipt from their goods depot at Koln, and you can have any other documents that we can supply to help you with your claim.

Yours sincerely,

P. Gerard

State Director




Complaint to the carrier

Disc S.A. write to the railway company. On receipt of this letter, the railway company will inspect the goods and decide whether the damage was due to negligence. If it was, the customer will receive compensation.



1. What did the consignment consist of?

2. What sort of condition were the goods in when delivered to the sender's station?

3. How does M. Gerard think the damage was caused?

4. What compensation is M. Gerard asking for?

5. Why does M. Gerard feel he has the right to claim compensation?

6. What is being sent with the letter?

7. Which words used in the letter correspond to the following: brought; place of business; left; believe; breakable; retain?

Disc SA

251 rue des Roimonieres F-86000 Poitiers Cedex

Tel: (33! 9968J031 Telecopie: (33! W2163


Ret: PG/A1 14 September 20


Gebruder Bauer Spedition

Mamzerstrasse, 201-7

D-5000 Koln 1


Dear Sirs,

Consignment Note 671342 158

The above consignment was delivered to our premises, at the above address, on September 6. It consisted of eight boxes of records and cassettes, three of which were badly damaged.

We have contacted our suppliers, and they inform us that when the goods were deposited at your depot, they were in perfect condition. Therefore we assume that damage occurred while the consignment was in your care.

The boxes were marked FRAGILE and KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT, but because of the nature of the damage to the goods (CDs warped, cassette cases split), the consignment appears to have been roughly handled and left near a heater.

We estimate the loss on invoice value to be F 6,720, and as the goods were sent 'carrier's risk' we are claiming compensation for that amount.

You will find a copy of the consignment note and invoice enclosed, and we will hold the boxes for your inspection.

Yours faithfully,

Date: 2016-01-03; view: 1712

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