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Request for a quotation for delivery by road

In this letter the furniture manufacturer we met in earlier units, Homemakers Ltd., is writing to a road haulage firm asking them for an estimate to deliver furniture to his customer, Mr Hughes; he describes the packing (note that size rather than weight will be the main concern of the carrier in this case), states the value of the consignment, and mentions a delivery time.



Quotation for delivery by road

In the reply to Mr Cliff's letter, note how the writer refers to the consignment note as a 'receipt'. He also quotes for 'picking up and delivering' the consignment; carriers may quote for delivery, as here, or on a time basis, i.e. how long it will take to load or unload the lorry or van.

Reg. No: 31883512 VAT No: 96 4218792


516-9 Cathays Park, Cardiff CF1 9UJ

Directors: P.P. Barry, T. Griffiths AC.A

Telephone: (0222) 821597/8/9 Telex 421639 CARTEL G Fax-(0222) 498315

12 November 19


Mr R. Cliff Homemakers Ltd. 54-59 Riverside Cardiff CF1 1JW

Dear Mr Cliff,

In reply to your letter of 10 November, we can quote £72.20 for picking up and delivering your consignment from your address to the consignee's premises. This includes loading and unloading, plus insurance.

If you fill out the Despatch Note enclosed, and let us know two days before you want the delivery made, our driver will hand you a receipt when he calls to collect the consignment.

Yours sincerely,

H. Weldon





54-59 Riverside, Cardiff CF1 1JW


Telephone: (0222) 49721 Registered .C135162

Telex: 38217


Mr R. Hughes 13 November 20

R. Hughes & Son. Ltd.

21 Mead Road


Glamorgan 3ST1DR


Dear Mr Hughes,

Order No. B1517

As our own driver is ill, I have arranged for Cartiers Ltd. to deliver the above order on Wednesday 18 November. Before signing the delivery note, could you please check that the consignment is complete and undamaged?

I have enclosed the invoice, No. DM2S61, and will add it to your monthly statement as usual.

Yours sincerely,

R. Cliff

Enc. Invoice No. DM2561



Advice of delivery

Homemakers Ltd. now advise their customer.



Complaint of damage in delivery by rail

Delivery notes are sent with consignments and can be signed stating that the 'contents have been examined'; which means the consignee has seen the goods and is accepting them in good condition, or 'contents not examined' as a precaution against receiving damaged goods. In this letter, the goods were sent by road, at the consignee's request, and were received damaged. Disc S.A., the customer, is writing to their supplier complaining about the consignment.



1. How does M.Gerard describe the damage?

2. Were all the boxes damaged?

3. Is there any chance of selling the goods?

4. Is M.Gerard going to return the consignment?


Disc SA

251 rue des Roimonieres F-86000 Poitiers Cedex

Tel: (33! 9968J031 Telecopie: (33! W2163


Ret: PG/A1 15 August 20


The Sales Director

R.G. Electronics AG

Havmart 601

D-5000 Koln 1


Dear Mr Gerlach,

Consignment Note 671342 158


Yesterday we received the above consignment to our order, No. T1953, but found on opening boxes 4, 5, and 6 that the CDs and tapes in them were damaged.

Most of the CDs were either split or warped, in boxes 4 and 5, and the majority of cassette cases in box 6 were smashed, with tape spilling out of the cassettes themselves.

The goods cannot be retailed even at a discount and we would like to know whether you want us to return them, or hold them for inspection.

Yours sincerely,

P. Gerard



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