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Via di Pietra Papa, 00146 Roma

Telefono: Roma 769910

Telefax: (06) 481 5473

Telex: 285136


Mr L. Crane, Chief Buyer vs. Vs. rif.: Order 14478

F. Lynch & Co. Ltd. Ns. rif.: D/1162

Nesson House

Newell Street 24 August 20-

Birmingham B3 3EL



Dear Mr Crane,

Thank you for informing us about the damage to our consignment (Inv. No. 18871).

From our previous transactions you will realize that this sort of problem is quite unusual. Nevertheless, we are sorry about the inconvenience it has caused you.

Please would you return the whole consignment to us, postage and packing forward, and we will ask the shipping company to come and inspect the damage so that they can arrange compensation. It is unlikely that our insurance company needs to be troubled with this case.

If you want us to send you another shipment as per your order No. 14478, please let us know. We have the garments in stock and it would be no trouble to send them within the next fortnight.

Yours sincerely,

D. Causio



Reply to complaint of damage

Because Satex sells goods on a c.i.f. basis to their retailers, and in this case there was no special instruction to send the goods in a particular way, Satex will have to find out what happened and whether they can be compensated. Mr Causio could have asked Mr Crane to keep those items which were not damaged, and return the garments which could not be sold. However, he wants the shipping company to inspect the whole consignment in case they do not accept that the damage was caused by pilfering.



Complaint of bad workmanship

When bad workmanship is involved the customer can only complain as the faults arise. But they should still complain immediately. In the correspondence at 3.3.6 and 4.3.7, Superbuys, a supermarket, had asked Wembley Shopfitters to refit a shop they were going to open. The work was completed, but some months later faults began to appear.



Superbuy House, Wolverton Road, London SW16 7DN

VAT No.516841030


Telephone: 081-3271651 Reg. No.: 94116 London

Telex: 303113 VAT No.516841030

Fax: 081 3271935


Mr P. Lane Date: 7th July 20

Wembley Shopfitters Ltd.

Wycombe Road


Middlesex HA9 6DA


Dear Mr Lane,

'Superbuys' Wembley High Street

I am writing to you with reference to the above premises which you refitted last February.

In the past few weeks a number of faults have appeared in the electrical circuits and the flooring which have been particularly dangerous to our customers.

With regard to the electrical faults we have found that spotlights on the far wall have either failed to work, or flicker while they are on, and replacing the bulbs has not corrected the fault.

The Duraflooring which you laid has been showing signs of deterioration with some areas being worn through to the concrete creating a hazard to our customers.

Will you please come and inspect the damage and arrange for repairs within the next week? The matter is urgent as we can be sued if any of our customers are injured by falling over the cracks in the flooring. I would also take the opportunity to remind you that you have guaranteed all your fixtures and fittings for one year. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely,

. Bellon

Managing Director


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