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Lever Estate, Scarborough, Yorkshire Y011 3BS

Directors: M. Blackburn, M.H. Thomson


Telephone 0723 16952 Reg England: 8969135

Fax: 0723 81953 VAT. 1462321 17

Telex: 437865


Mr R. Zeitman Date: 20th June 20

E.F. Baden AG

Zfflpicher Str. 10-20

D-4000 Dusseldorf 11


Dear Mr Zeitman

Order No, VC 58391

We are writing to you with reference to the above order and our letter of 22 May in which we asked you when we could expect delivery of the 60 dynamos (Artex model 55) you were to have supplied on 3 June for an export order.

We have tried to contact you by phone, but could not get anyone in your factory who knew anything about this matter.

It is essential that we deliver this consignment to our Greek customers on time as this was an initial order from them and would give us an opening in the Greek market.

Our deadline is 28 June, and the lorries have been completed except for the dynamos that need to be fitted.

Unless we receive the components within the next five days, the order will be cancelled and placed elsewhere. We should warn you that we are holding you to your delivery contract and if any loss results because of this late delivery we will be taking legal action.

Yours sincerely,

M. Blackburn


E. F. Baden AG

Zulpicher Sir. 10-20, D-4000 Diisseldorf II

Tel: (0211) 38.34.06/09 Fax:(0211) 38.34.271 Telex: 032651


Mr M. Blackburn 29 June 20

Forham Vehicles PLC

Lever Estate

Scarborough YO11 3BS


Dear Mr Blackburn,

Thank you for your letter of 20 June concerning your order (No. VC S8391) which should have been supplied to you on 3 June.

First let me apologize for your order not being delivered on the due date and for the problems you have experienced in getting in touch with us about it. But as you may have read in your newspapers we have experienced an industrial dispute which has involved both administrative staff and employees on the shop floor, and as a consequence has held up all production over the past few weeks.

I can tell you that the dispute has been settled and we are back to normal production. There is a backlog of orders to catch up on, but we are using associates of ours to help us fulfil all outstanding commitments; your order has been given priority, so we should be able to deliver the dynamos before the end of this week.

May I point out, with respect, that your contract with us did have a standard clause stating that delivery dates would be met unless unforeseen circumstances arose, and we think you will agree that a dispute is an exceptional circumstance. However, we quite understand your problem and will allow you to cancel your contract if it will help you to meet your own commitments with your Greek customers. But we will not accept any responsibility for any action they may take against you.

Once again let me say how much I regret the inconvenience this delay has caused, and emphasize that it was due to factors we could not have known about when we accepted your delivery dates.

Please phone or fax me letting me know if you wish us to complete your order or whether you would prefer to make other arrangements.

I look forward to hearing from you within the next day or so.

Yours sincerely,

R. Zeitman

Managing Director




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