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Complaint of wrong delivery

The answer to this letter, 7.4.2, will explain why complaints should be carefully written and the writer should not assume that the correspondent is responsible for the mistake.

R. Hughes & Son Ltd.

21 Mead Road, Swansea, Glamorgan 3ST 1DR


Telephone: Swansea58441 VAT No. 215226130


3rd February 20


Mr R. Cliff, 3rd February 20

Homemakers Ltd.,

54-59 Riverside,

Cardiff CF1 1JW


Dear Mr Cliff,

I have received a consignment of 6 dressing tables from you yesterday, my order No. 1695, which were ordered from your summer catalogue, Cat. No. GR154. But on unpacking them I found that six heavy mahogany-finished dressing tables had been sent, instead of the light pine-finish ones asked for.

As most of my customers live in small flats earning a moderate income it is doubtful that I will be able to find a market for larger more expensive products.

I also have firm orders for the goods asked for. Would you send someone with my consignment as soon as possible and at the same time pick up the wrongly delivered goods? Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

R. Hughes



54-59 Riverside, Cardiff CF1 1JW


Telephone: |0222) 49721 Registered No. C135162

Telex: 38217


Mr R, Hughes 5 February 20

R Hughes & Son Ltd.

21 Mead Road


Glamorgan 3ST 1DR


Dear Mr Hughes,

Thank you for your letter of 3 February in which you said that you had received a wrong delivery to your order (No. 1695).

I have looked into this and it appears that you have ordered from an out-of-date catalogue. Our current winter catalogue lists the dressing tables you wanted under DR 189.

I have instructed one of my drivers to deliver the pine-finish dressing tables tomorrow and pick up the other consignment at the same time. Rather than sending a credit note, I will cancel invoice No. T44S1 and include another, No. T4467, with the delivery.

There is also a winter catalogue on its way to you in case you have mislaid the one I originally sent you.

Yours sincerely,

R. Cliff

Enc. Invoice No. T4467



Reply to complaint of wrong delivery


1. Why did Mr Hughes receive a wrong delivery?

2. What will Mr Cliff do about it?

3. Why is Mr Cliff not going to send a credit note?

4. How is Mr Cliff ensuring that Mr Hughes will not make the same mistake again?

5. Which words in the letter correspond to the following: investigated; seems; ordered; collect; lost?



Complaint of damage

You have already seen a complaint about breakages in MacKenzie's letter to Glaston Potteries, 6.3.5. This letter deals with damage.


1. How had the damage occurred?

2. Why can't the garments still be sold?

3. What does Mr Crane intend to do with the damaged consignment?

4. Why does Mr Crane suggest Mr Causio has to deal with the documentary details of the complaint?

5. What is enclosed with the letter?

6. Which words in the letter correspond to the following: during transportation; assess; clothes; make up for the loss?

F. Lynch & Co. Ltd.

(Head Office), Nesson House, Newell Street, Birmingham B3 3EL

Telephone No.: 021 236 6571 Fax: 021 236 8592 Telex: 341641


Satex S.p.A. Your Ref:

Via di Pietra Papa Our Ref:

00 146 Roma

ITALY Date: 15August 20

Attn. Mr D. Causio


Dear Mr Causio,

Our Order No, 14478

1 am writing to you to complain about the shipment of sweaters we received yesterday against the above order.

The boxes in which the sweaters were packed were damaged, and looked as if they had been broken open in transit. From your invoice No. 18871 we estimate that thirty garments have been stolen to the value of £150.00. And because of the rummaging in the boxes, quite a few other garments were crushed or stained and cannot be sold as new articles in our shops.

As the sale was on a c.i.f. basis and the forwarding company your agents, we suggest you contact them with regard to compensation.

You will find a list of the damaged and missing articles attached, and the consignment will be put to one side until we receive your instructions.

Yours sincerely,

L. Crane

Chief Buyer

Sat ex S.p.A.

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