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Solving the problem

Having acknowledged your responsibility and explained what went wrong, you must, of course, put matters right as soon as possible and tell your customer that you are doing so.

We have now checked our accounts and find that we have indeed been sending you the wrong statement due to a confusion in names and addresses. The computer has been reprogrammed and there should be no more difficulties. Please contact us again if any similar situation arises, and once more thank you for pointing out the error.

The reason for the weakness in the units you complained about was due to a faulty manufacturing process in production. This is being corrected at the moment and we are sure you will be completely satisfied with the replacement units we will be sending you in the next few weeks.

The paintwork on the body of the cars became discoloured because of a chemical imbalance in the paint used in spraying the vehicles. We have already contacted our own suppliers and are waiting for their reply. Meanwhile we are taking these models out of production and calling in all those that have been supplied.

The material you complained about has now been withdrawn. Its fault was in the weave of the cloth and this was due to a programming error in the weaving machines themselves. This has been corrected and replacement materials are now being sent on to you.



Rejecting a complaint

If you think the complaint is unjustified, you can be firm but polite in your answer (see also 7.1). But even if you deny responsibility, you should always try to give an explanation of the problem.

We have closely compared the articles you returned with our samples and can see no difference between them, and in this case we are not willing to either substitute the articles or offer a credit.

Our engineer has examined the machine you complained about and in his report tells us that the machine has not been maintained properly. If you look at the instruction booklet on maintenance that we sent you, you will see that it is essential to take care of...

Our factory has now inspected the stereo unit you returned last week, and they inform us that it has been used with the wrong speakers and this had overloaded the circuits. We can repair the machine, but you will have to pay for the repairs as misuse of the unit is not included under our guarantee.



It is useful when closing your letter to mention that this mistake, error, or fault is an exception, and it either rarely or never happens, and of course you should apologize for the inconvenience your customer experienced.

In closing we would like to apologize for the inconvenience, and also point out that this type of fault rarely occurs in the Omega 2000.

Finally, may we say that this was an exceptional mistake and is unlikely to occur again. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

The replacements of the faulty articles are on their, way to you and you should receive them within the week. We are sure that you will be satisfied with them and there will be no repetition of the faults. Thank you for your patience in this matter, and we look forward to hearing from you again.



Specimen letters



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