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1. He has seen battles in his time in the world, as far afield as Acre and Jerusalem in the first Crusade.

2. They contrived to live in reasonable comfort. For instance, they managed to run a two-year-old Escort.

3. Boomers are used to negotiating for just about everything. Simply because there are so many of them, boomers have come of age in an environment of fierce competition for jobs and promotions. As boomers struggle to balance family and career, they are forging new paths in corporate America with flexitime, job sharing and support for child and elder care.

4. She was dressed for Fifth Avenue in a slim black-and-white checked coatdress with a white collar and white cuffs.

5. There was nothing remarkable about the two women. They were like thousands of their sisters. They would doubtless see what they wished to see, assisted by Baedeker, and be blind to everything else.

6. His assistant is a prime example of the newest generation workers the Computer Babies. Theyve grown with VCRs and video games. They are also the first generation to grow up in dual-wage-earner families.

7. There were not many points of similarity between Nicole and me. Shed been a WASP goddess in a Ferrari. I was a scrappy Jewish civil servant.

8. Every time the Chancellor of the Exchequer increases the duty on cigarettes, or the doctors come out with another dire warning about lung cancer, the magazine gets a flood of respects for sure-fire methods of giving up smoking.

9. The new Premiership season is still weeks away but some of English footballs biggest clubs are already at loggerheads over a deal to beam top-flight matches into Chinese homes.

10. This makes Prime Ministers U-turn all the more remarkable. In a stroke, he will be reversing what has been the anti-nuclear dogma of British governments, regardless of party, since 1994.

11. Union members are not his natural constituency: he has a long record as a free trader.

12. This, combined with a political unwillingless to sacrifice domestic goals for international ones, led to the collapse of the Bretton Woods fixed rates and the use of floating rates instead.

13. Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, is also cutting short his holiday in Italy and is expected to return to London today.

14. The Government is to relax parking regulations in order to take into account the inconvenience caused by current levels of clamping, touring, fines and tickets.

15. Clamps can only be used when a vehicle repeatedly breaks parking rules and it has not been possible to collect payment for penalties, Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary, has ruled.

16. The increasing likelihood of an independent Scotland raises one crucial question: what will the Union Jack look like minus St. Andrews Cross?

17. The debate over racial differences in IQ represents perhaps the greatest scientific controversy of the past half-century.

18. One of Britains leading exam boards will introduce a new A-level exam in dozens of schools with a view to offering it nationally from 2008.

19. As MPs depart for their summer holidays George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, will have little time for any light reading.

20. It was the row over grammar schools that started the revolt. Mr. Hague, a comprehensive boy, was chairing the shadow cabinet meeting that approved David Willettss speech.

21. The sun reflected off calm waters. Ducks and swans paddled through the reeds. Locals in Hunter wellies walked their Labradors. A serene and beautiful scene apart from the 20 or so paparazzi sharing it.

22. Mowlam grudgingly acknowledges in her autobiography that Tony Blair offered her Health or Education, but she refused to countenance being anything less than Foreign Secretary.

23. In the U.S., a tax on so-called golden parachute was introduced in 1984. This made them a status symbol, so their popularity soared.

24. She lifted from the floor a leather Gladstone bag, and began to load it with the things she would need for the day.

25. This part of the city lacks the individual character of Robyns own suburb, where healthfood stores and sportswear boutiques have sprung to cater for the students and liberal-minded yuppies who live there.

26. What will you have? he asked. She glanced at the bar menue. Ploughmans Lunch with Stilton.

27. There werent a huge number of degrees that I was interested in pursuing and I decided that I would take a gap year and see how the business went.

28. The report confirmed that the Iraqi was only held after M15 sent the CIA a telegram, stating he was an Islamic extremist who had a timer for an improvised bomb in his luggage.

29. Teachers are demanding that You Tube, the hugely popular video sharing website, be closed down for refusing to remove violent, threatening and sexual content involving children and staff. Members of the Professional Association of Teachers have accused the company of encouraging cyber-bullying by ignoring their pleas to take down inappropriate clips.


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