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ѕереведите следующие предложени€, обраща€ внимание на выделенные слова, демонстрирующие особенности словообразовани€ в английском €зыке.


1. One of the largest rockets ever made will fly the first crewed mission to the far side of the Moon.

2. The world may seem to have turned against family farmers and small holdings but farming family are copers.

3. Researchers still donТt know whether Nigerians consume a more brain-friendly diet than Americans or whether some other aspects of African life ward off mental deterioration.

4. Scientists continued to disprove the idea that surface water existed on Mars but the fixion and screen writers were unstoppable.

5. Computers, faxes and telephones are now cheap, portable and everywhere. New developments, such as video phones and digital television, will make communication technologies even more user-friendly.

6. Brown made it clear he is an ardent Atlanticist when he said no major global problems could be solved without the US.

7. A global carbon trading system must include the US, the biggest emitter of carbon, in order to succeed.

8. ItТs family togetherness that counts at Christmas, Karen says.

9. Prince Charles continued his people-friendly approach in New Zealand on the last leg of his tour by rubbing noses in traditional Maori greeting.

10. She was an object of worship and rather passive Ц the stereo-typical ideal of Victorian womanhood.

11. She had never thought of herself as a disturber of any manТs peace.

12. He took precaution of locking the door of the mirrored bedroom behind him.

13. On the other side of passport control was another impatient throng of meeters and greeters.

14. The traffic in and out of the shop was heavy but the buyers were less plentiful than the lookers and askers.

15. I would even take you out. You look take-outable.

16. This intimacy is cruelly corrupted by public kissers, who are notorious for choosing their position inside every other living thingТs line vision.

17. If these are the values of our age Ц soft feminism, liberal anti-capitalism and light greenism Ц then it makes perfect sense that Titanic should be such a success.

18. This is why the fact-checkers and hair-splitters who have highlighted the inaccuracies in CameronТs film are missing the point.

19. It was a white tiled, greeming tapped bathroom.

20. There are people who have much and those who have nothing. WeТll, you see, IТm among muchers.

21. Modern Italy is an underbathroomed and overmonumented country.

22. The room was restfully painted a quiet grey, carpeted and curtained in crimson, and furnished with comfortable armchairs.

23. УDo you remember a young lady coming into the lounge last Wednesday?Ф The richly ringed lady wasnТt sure.

24. It is a well-established store patronized by many of carpenters, the interior-designers and the do-it-yourselfers.

25. People are really unshockable these days.

26. IТve never known such resolution in a woman. She is magnificent, unstoppable.

27. The poll findings are grim: Prime Minister gets more and more unpopular. The plain truth of the matter is that with him as leader, the party is unelectable.

28. Aunt LucyТs a peace-at-any pricer! SheТd give in to anything rather than have a row.

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