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From the Suggestion Box


I wish other teachers would be brave like you and put in a Suggestion Box. They're always telling us what's wrong with us, what about the other way around? Boy, would I like to tell them off. But you're OK even if you are a teacher.

(You said we don't have to sign our name)



Scram! Hit the road! Leave town! If you know what's good for you! (You asked for it!)

A Well Wisher



Don't think you'll get off so easy just because you speak nice and you don't seem scarred of us, last term we had a man teacher and we made him cry.

Yr Enemy



Not enough boys and too many girls in the room. But that's not your fault. Also some schools they have danceing in the cafeteria and they put on different things, why not? You only live once.

Linda Rosen


It was very interesting of you to give the compositions on My Best Friend, there are quite a few persons you've helped. Keep up the good work.

Harry A. Kagan

(The Students Choice)



Being you're so young don't be so leniant, we take advantage, especially Joe Farrone, he must be your pet because he gives you so much trouble. Also give out more up to date books than the Oddesseys. They should rewrite the Oddessey over with more up to date incidence.




Can you make the chalk stop from squeeking?




Please tell Lou Martin to quit showing off, he thinks he's so comic well I don't.

Signed — Serious Student



Fuk. Screw. Crap. Goddam. Nerts to you.




You ask for revelant matters only. Assemblys too boring. I always know what he's going to say (Clark). Show movies instead.


Don't try so hard, you'll live longer, sit down & relax when you teach.



I have many problems but won't burden you with them in this Box. They're not fit for human ears. Though you seem to be a very understandable person. By that I mean you understand us being not so old yourself. Too bad you're a teacher and pretty like my sister. I wish you were a plain person then we could be close.

Vivian Paine



Sitting near the window in this room I have caught a cold because there's a hole in it. Well life is like that, you have to pay for your pleasure, with cash or otherwise.

Fifth Row Last Seat



This school is run like a Army. The least little thing he (McHaber) get excited. He better watch his step, after all I pay his sallary with taxes!

Tax Payer



Linda Rosen—sex pot, Alice Blake—stuck up, and you like Joe Feroni, he's just asking for attention.




You're lucky you're a women teacher, if it was a man he would of walked into something he didn't


see coming his way, with a women my temper is controlled but a man doesn't last long. (This is the last time I am writting!)



Dont call the Roll so early.

Late Bird



In the past I always looked forward to my English classes with regret but when I entered your room, low and behold, I saw your cheerful countenence standing in front of the class & I got really interested in the subject. You seem to mean it when you smile.


A Bashful Nobody


Homer is not a very good writer.




Everybody is always picking on me because of prejudice and that goes for everybody. Mr. Machabe really has it in for me just because I am color. I have allready fill a complain to Dr. Clark.

Edward Williams, Esq.



Clean up the slums! Before you go to the moon! And stop the Atomb Bomb! Before its too late! As far as school, without us there could be no school, ha-ha! And no futures!

Lou Martin



How about a date? I'll fix you up like you never had it before.




Throw out myths. Throw out old teachers and put in new. Throw down this delapidated school and build a clean one, more moderner, like my other was. With Loud Speakers in every class room where they told you over the Loud Speaker about personal hygene and forest conservation and things like that even if it came in the middle of a lesson. With telephones inside the rooms where if a teacher forgot a pencil she could call up to find out if it's there and later go get it. The traffic in the halls was more roomier and the cafeteria wasn't in the basement. You could sit down and eat. But I couldn't stay.




Don't start up with me!




There is one thing you shouldn't do and that is look so beautiful. You distract the attention of Lou and me very much and causes us to pass notes while you talk.




Is it possible to change my seat to next to Linda Rosen because of my eyesight?

Frank Allen



What makes you think you're something? You're only a female and I can't stand females. I got enough trouble at home I don't need school.




You're a good teacher except for the rotten books you have to teach like the Oddissy. I wouldn't give it to a dog to read.




I suggest you and other teachers get a raise in salary so they can live right. I'm sorry I talk out of turn during your teaching, I admit it.




Parents are too pushy.




I want to thank you for giving me your time after school, for encouraging me to write, for trying. But with 40 others in the class, whose problems are so different, I realize how little you can do, and I feel we are both wasted.

Elizabeth Ellis


Teach more interesting stories that are hopeful. How in Pygmalian and Galatea the statue got human for the marriage.

Yours for Happy Endings



I am not a good penman but I must tell some one. I put this in the Suggestion Box for the record. Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday!



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