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The road is narrow and long

When eyes meet eyes and the feeling is strong

I turn away from the wall

I stumble and fall but I give you it all


I am a woman in love and I'd do anything

To get you into my world and hold you within

It's a right I defend over and over again

What do I do

With you eternally mine

In love there is no measure of time

They planned it all at the start

That you and I live in each others heart

We may be oceans away

You feel my love I hear what you say

No truth is ever a lie

I stumble and fall but I give you it all


I am a woman in love and I'm talkin' to you

You know how you feel what a woman can do

It's a right I defend over and over again





Daily Life


1. Put the words from the box into the text.

drives lives plays cooks works

Jim Conway is from Ireland, but he _____ in Brighton. He isn’t married. He is a journalist and he _____ at home from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays he _____ in London. He has a car and he ______ to London. At weekends he usually ______ tennis and _____ dinner for his friends.


2. Read about Linda.

Linda’s Day

Linda is a shop assistant. She works in a boutique in St.Petersburg. She gets up at 7 o’clock. She has a shower and washes her hair. Then Linda gets dressed. For breakfast she has a cup of tea and toast. She leaves home at 8.30 o’clock. She goes to work by bus. Linda starts work at 9 o’clock. At 1 o’clock Linda has a snack in a small cafe near the boutique. At 6 in the evening she finishes her work. Linda arrives home at quarter past six. First she cooks her meal and after that she has dinner before the television. At 10 she goes to bed and reads a book for an hour.


3. Complete the sentences about Linda’s day. Use the vocabulary. Put the verbs into the third person singular.

(a) Linda gets up at seven o’clock.

(b) She ______ and ______ her hair.

(c) Then she ______ .

(d) She _______ a cup of tea and toast for breakfast.

(e) She _______ home at _______ .

(f) She ______ by bus.

(g) ______ in a boutique and starts work _____.

(h) At one o’clock _____ a snack in a small cafe.

(i) ______ finishes _______.

(j) ______ home at _______ .

(k) First _________ .

(l) Then ________ .

(m) _____ to bed at ______ and _____ a book.

4. Speak about what you do first in the day? What do you do next? Use the prompts:

___ have lunch

___ have a shower

___ go to work

___ have breakfast

___ start work

___ arrive home

___ get dressed

___ leave home

___ cook dinner

___ watch TV

___ get up

___ read a book

___ go to bed

___ finish work

5. First match the words in the columns, then look at the pictures and fill in the saps with the appropriate letters (¹ 15 is done for you).


  a physician a managers business activity
  a photographer cooks
  a waiter cuts men's/women's hair
  a wood-cutter sews
  a barber (male) / a hairdresser (female) operates a camera for television or film making
  a police officer works in one of the sciences
  a cameraman paints different parts of buildings
  a cook types papers
  a fireman investigates crimes, events, situations, etc
  a manager takes photographs
  a scientist serves people with food & drink
  a seamstress cuts trees
  a judge puts out fires
  a detective decides how to apply the law
  a typist treats people who are ill
  a house painter protects people, makes everyone obey the law



7. In pairs, talk about these people.

7. In pairs, talk about these people

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