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Valery Sedykh a taxi driver



Place of workin the centre

Married? no

Familya dog (!)

Free timewalking with his dog and football

Gina Wilsonan interpreter

Country Portugal

TownNew York

Place of workfashion house

LanguagePortuguese, English, and


Familymarried to an American, two sons

Free timeskiing



Example: Where/come from? Where does he come from?

a. Where/live?

b. What/do?

c. Where/work?

d. Does he/she speak Russian/Spanish ?

e. What in his/her free time?

f. play tennis?

g. How many children ?

h. a dog ?

6. Write about a friend, or your mother or father.

Example: My friend Anna is a student. She lives in


1. Read the text about the family.

Hello. Were the Rubtsov[2] family and we live in Armavir.

Im Igor Rubtsov, a teacher at the Foreign Languages Department, Armavir State PedagogicalAcademy. I am fond of English. I enjoy working with the computer and playing football. I have a sister named Inna. She is a university teacher too. She is interested in the individual approach in teaching. Her hobbies are needle work, music and ballet.



My mother and my father are both teachers. Father is the teacher of Russian at the Philological Department, the Honoured Teacher of Kuban Region. He likes gardening and folk music very much. Mother is the the teacher of Pedagogical Science. She is fond of classical music, literature and computer.

We work and study from Monday to Saturday. We dont work on Sundays. In the evenings we all like watching TV. My sister likes sewing. I prefer doing amateur dramatics at the university.

My parents like reading but my sister and I dont! We like going out with our friends at weekends.

2. Ask and answer questions about the members of the Rubtsov family.


Study some more examples of using the.

People exchange currency at the bank.

I live near the station.

He sees the doctor regularly.

Youre in the army now.

They are wanted by the police.

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