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Countable and Uncountable nouns


Where is the cup? Where arethe cups?Where istherice?


There’sacup on the table.

There are somecups on the table.

There’s somecoffee on the table.


Countable Uncountable

a cup rice

an egg petrol

a girl snow

NB Mind uncountable nouns in English:

advice bread furniture hair information

money news spaghetti weather

There is some bread on the table.

Her hair is lovely. BUTThere is a hair in the plate.What I need is money.


Two coffees, please Coffee is expensive.

(in a cafe).

NB We use the words bowl, packet, loaf, bottle, roll, etc.

A bowl of milk ten packets of tea a tube of toothpaste

Two balls of wool a loaf of breada roll of paper


He’s got some bread.He’s got a loaf of bread.

There is some milkin There are two cartons of

the fridge. milkin the fridge.

1. Are these things countable or uncountable? Make two lists and say the words

Milk, newspapers, pop music, water, soap, coffee, postcards, stamps, whisky, salt, cloth, cola, apples, bread,rooms, cheese, wood,sandwiches, pencils, money, plastic, eggs, chocolate.

2. Fill in the gaps with how my or how much, as in the example

1. …How much… yogurt?

2. … books?

3. … onions?

4. … glue?

5. … water?

6. …coffee?

7. … cherries?

8. … mustard?


Some Any No


We’ve got some milk, but we haven’t got any eggs

Are there any chairs in the kitchen?

There is no soap in the bathroom.

We may or may not use some:

We’ve got some eggs.

There’s some petrol in the car.

We’ve got eggs.

There’s petrol in the car.


BUTwe often use some:

In request

Could I have some water, please?

And in offers

Would you like some water?

I’ve got some envelopes. Would you like some?’ (some envelopes) ‘No, I don’t need any.’ (any envelopes)


There aren’tany chairs. There arenochairs.

We haven’t got anychairs. We’vegot no milk.

NB We use somebody/someone; anybody/anyone; nobody/no onefor people.

There is someone at the door. Is anybody home? I need no one to help me!

We use something, anythingand nothingfor things.

Nothing really matters to me. Somethingin your eyes is so inviting… There isn’t anything to read.

Also: I have nowhereto live. Put the box down anywhere.


1.Insertsome, anyorďîor their derivatives

1. Here are ... books by English writers. Take ... book you like.

2. There are ... boys in the garden because they are at school.

3. I can see ... on the snow, but I don't know what it is.

4. Are there ... desks in the classroom? - Yes, there are many.

5. There are ... books on this desk, but there are...._ exercise-books.

6. Did he say ... about it? - - No, he said ....

7. What shall I do now, Mom? I, have done my homework. - You can do ... you like.

8. There was ... in the street because it was Very late.

9. ... wants to see him.

10 Is there ... who knows this man?

11. Have you ... books on Dickens? I want to read ... about him. I have read ... books by Dickens and I am interested in the life of the writer.

12. Please bring me ... apples. Mary. 14. That is a very easy question - - ... can answer it..


2. Look at the photograph of the kitchen. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word.

It’s a modern kitchen, nice and clean with a lot of cupboards. There … a washing machine, a fridge, and a cooker, but there isn’t a dishwasher. We have some other units of modern kitchen utensils like microwave oven, food processor, toaster. There are some lovely … on the shelves, but there aren’t … photographs. There’s an extraction … the cooker. There are scales and … jars next to the cooker.

On the table there is … cheese and bread. Ah! And there are … cups and a teapot, too.

Study the following.

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