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Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism


Security Council   Distr.: General 10 December 2015 English


Working paper ¹ 1

Names of the countries: The Russian Federation, Nigeria, China, Lithuania, Chile, Chad, the United Kingdom, Angola, France, Jordan, Venezuela, the United States of America, New Zealand, Malaysia

Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism

The Security Council,

Convinced that any terroristic organization should be fought to prevent acts of terror;


Deeply disturbed by the fact that terroristic attacks will not stop until some government policies are altered;


Bearing in mind that the terrorism level in the world has to be decreased significantly,


Regrets that not all of the laws and conventions of UN have been followed by all member states, e.g. the Paris convention of 13 January 1993,

Expresses its full support in any actions directed to decrease the level of terrorism,

Urges countries to work further together to reduce the level of terrorism,



1. Recommends countries to create a set of laws which will help countries to:
Understand how to act in case of a terroristic attack,
Punish terrorists in the strictest way as the law allows;


2. Calls countries to create an exact definition of 'terrorism' for all the UN participants;


3. Requests UN Member States for counteraction to terroristic ideology propagation and active implementation of outreach activities on counter-terrorism:

• To ban websites and Internet sources containing propaganda of extremist, violence and violation of human rights,

• To ban any symbols of terrorist organizations in any form,

• To ban accounts of users, propagating extremist postulates, until late investigations;


4. Calls upon all member states and other countries to carry out propaganda measures for explaining the dangers of terrorism, influencing on the citizens with the aim of instilling in them the rejection of ideology of violence and employing them to participate in countering terrorism; cultural and educational actions (to form socially significant values in the society and promotion of tolerance).

5. Calls to prevent the financing of terrorist groups:

1. To put outposts for a thorough inspection and detection of smuggling near intersection of the borders in countries, bordering countries, where terrorist organizations activity was spotted

2. To track abnormally large money transfers to the Middle East in order to eliminate the sponsors of terroristic organizations.

3. To apply sanctions against countries noticed in the cooperation with terroristic organization.


6. Allows international forces to cooperate with local forces, without authorization of local government, in case of state of emergency,

7. Calls upon member countries to prevent future terrorist attacks:

1. To increase security measures and police patrolling in big cities

2. To enforce social media warnings

3. To implement curfew in main cities

4. To strengthen protection on the borders and check all imports and exports in the most strict way as the law provides,

5. To disallow big group meetings without official permission

9. Calls for beforehand preparation of forces and means of the clampdown of terroristic acts during military training organized by operational headquarters on federal and regional levels.

10. Prohibits direct or indirect delivery, sale or transfer to terrorists and terrorist organizations from countries’ territories and insists on their nationals outside their territories, or with the usage of vessels or aircraft under their flag, arms and related material means of all types, including weapons, military vehicles and technique, paramilitary equipment and spare parts for aforementioned, and technical consulting services, or organization of training, connected with military activity.

11. Creates a committee to communicate and address the needs of victims of terror and their families, on the territories subjected to terrorist attacks, and insists to carry out rescue works and the provision of medical or other assistance to people, participating in suppression of terroristic acts and to people damaged by terroristic acts, and the following social and psychological rehabilitation for them.

12. Reaffirms that, at the Committee names for inclusion in the consolidated list, all countries should make a detailed document outlining the circumstances of the case, and decides further that for each such case, the state must designate those parts of the statement of case, that can be published, including for the preparation of the Committee summary, or for the purpose of notifying or informing the listed individuals or entities, and those parts that may be communicated to the interested states upon their request. (urges governments or forces to provide any information connected with terrorism)

13. Calls upon the creation of favorable conditions for the equal development of different ethnic groups and to ensure the realization of their interests to prevent conflicts on ethnic grounds. The state’s task is to form all living in a country of such ethnic identity, in which the sense of belonging to their state would have precedence over ethnicity in the process of self-identification of citizens

14. Calls upon all States to implement fully the international anti-terrorist conventions to which they are parties, encourages all States to consider as a matter of priority adhering to those to which they are not parties, and encourages also the speedy adoption of the pending conventions.

15. Emphasizes the right of certain countries to adapt any paragraphs of this resolution with amendments, based on countries’ religious, economic, geopolitical, political and human rights.

16. Decides to remain seized of this matter



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