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to prevent sb from (doing) sth, to prevent sth

prevention n when sth bad is stopped from happening, as crime/accident/fire prevention: Effective crime prevention must be our main goal.

Prevention is better than cure - proverb - it is easier to stop sth bad from happening than to remove the problem once it has happened.


preventive/ preventative adj – intended to stop sth (you do not want to happen) from happening, as preventive measures/action/program: While traveling abroad, take preventive measures to avoid illness.


preventable adj - what can be prevented: Every one of these deaths was preventable.


earn v t

1.to receive (a particular amount of money) in return for labour or services: She gives her mother half of what she earns.

to earn one’s living – to earn enough money for the things one needs to live: She earned her living by tutoring.

to earn good money/well – to earn a lot of money: She was earning good money at the bank.

to earn a fortune – to earn an extremely large amount of money: Chris will pay – he’s earning a fortune.

to earn one’s keep – to do jobs in return for being given a home and food: We older children were expected to earn our keep.

2.to gain as the reward for hard work or merit: He soon earned the respect of the players.


earnern – someone who earns money for the job he does: He is the only earner in the family.

earnings n(pl!) the money one receives for the work he does: He claimed compensation for loss of earnings.

Syn. salary, pay, wage

do (did, done) v t/i

1.to perform or carry out (an action) as to do one’s work, duty, shopping, morning exercises, etc.

to do a sum: She was good at doing sums.

to do one’s best: I must do my best to help him.

2.to have a specified result or effect: The scandal will do serious damage to his reputation.

to do good: This medicine won’t do you any good.

to do harm: It will do you more harm than good.

3.to work on (sth) to bring it to a required state, as to do one’s hair (nails, room, etc.)

4.to visit a particular place, especially as a tourist: We often see foreigners in Kyiv doing the sights.

5.to be suitable or acceptable: The room will do us quite well.

that will (won’t) do!

6.to succeed: He did well in the Bureau.

7.to work at for a living or take as one’s subject of study: What do you want to after school? I did French at school.

to do away with sth – to get rid of sth or stop using it: Smoking should be done away with.

to do down – to criticize someone, especially in an unfair way: I know you don’t like him, but there is no need to keep doing him down in front of the boss.

to do out (BE)/over(AmE) – to make a place look attractive by decorating: The room was beautifully done out in pastel colours.

to do oneself up – to make oneself look attractive: She spent ages near the mirror doing herself up.

to be done up – to be dressed elaborately: She was done up as if she were invited to the President.

to have to do with sb(sth) – to deal with sb(sth): He has to do with all sorts of people.

Do or die – persist, even if death is the result

Dos and Don’ts – rules of behaviour: The booklet lists the dos and don’ts of caring for dogs.

That’ll do! – enough

That does it! – used to say angrily that you will not accept a situation any more: Right that does it! I’m not going to listen to any more of this!

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. - proverb

What we do willingly we do easy.- proverb

If you want a thing well done, do it yourself. - proverb

Promise little, but do much. - proverb

Handsome is that handsome does. - proverb

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. - proverb

Do at Rome as the Romans do. - proverb

What is done cannot be undone. - proverb

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