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• Can you put me through to the

manager, please?

put up (phr v)

• The company was forced to put up its


pyjamas (n pl)


qualification (n)

qualify (v)

quality (n)

quantity (n)

quarter (n)

quay (n)

queen (n)

question (n)

• to ask a question

• the question being discussed (subject)

questionnaire (n)

queue (n & v)

quick (adj)

quiet (adj)

quit (v)

quite (adv)

• Are you quite sure?

• quite old

quiz (n)


rabbit (n)

race (n & v)

• to win a race (n)

• to race against fast runners (compete)


• to race home quickly (run) (v)

racket (n)

• tennis racket

radio (n)

rail (n)

• to go by rail

railway (n)

rain (n & v)

raincoat (n)

rainforest (n)

raise (v)

• to raise your arm

• to raise prices

range (n)

rank (n)

• a taxi rank

rare (adj)

rarely (adv)

rather (adv & prep)

• rather earlier than usual (adv)

• I’d prefer to drink water rather than fruit

juice. (prep)

raw (adj)

• raw meat

razor (n)

reach (v)

read (v)

ready (adj)

real (adj)

realise (v)

• He realised it was true.

realistic (adj)

really (adv)

reason (n)

reasonable (adj)

receipt (n)

receive (v)

recent (adj)

reception (n)

recipe (n)

Page 26

recognise (v)

recommend (v)

• to recommend someone/something

record (n & v)

• to keep a record (n)

• to break a record (n)

• to record a song (v)

recording (n)

recover (v)

• to recover from an illness

recycle (v)

• I don’t recycle as much as I should.

recycled (adj)

recycling (n)

red (adj)

reduce (v)

refreshments (n)

refrigerator (n)

refund (n & v)

refuse (v)

regarding (prep)

region (n)

register (n & v)

• He took the class register. (n)

• He registered with a new doctor. (v)

registration (n)

regret (n & v)

regular (adj)

relation (n)

• to visit a relation

relationship (n)

relative (n)

• a relative came to stay

relax (v)

relaxation (n)

reliable (adj)

religion (n)

remain (v)

remember (v)

remind (v)

remove (v)

rent (n & v)

repair (n & v)

repeat (v)

replace (v)

reply (n & v)

report (n & v)

request (n & v)

require (v)

rescue (n & v)

research (n & v)

reservation (n)

reserve (n & v)

• She was a reserve for the team. (n)

• to reserve a seat (v)

respect (n & v)

responsible (adj)

rest (n & v)

• a rest from work (n)

• the rest of them (n)

• The doctor told her to rest. (v)

restaurant (n)

result (n)

retire (v)

return (n & v)

• to return home (v)

• a return (ticket) (n)

review (n & v)

revise (v)

reward (n & v)

rice (n)

rich (adj & n)

ride (n & v)

right (adj, adv & n)

• the right time (correct) (adj)

• the right person for the job (suitable)


• my right foot (adj)

• Everything will be all right. (adj)

• Go right there. (directly) (adv)

• Fill it right to the top. (completely)


• the right to vote (n)

ring (n & v)

• stand in a ring (n)

• a wedding ring (n)

• Give me a ring tomorrow. (phone) (n)

• Suddenly the bell rang. (v)

ring back (phr v)

ring off (phr v)

ring up (phr v)

ripe (adj)

rise (v)

• The sun rises in the East.

• Prices are rising.

river (n)

road (n)

roast (adj & v)

rob (v)

robbery (n)

rock (n)

• rock (music) (n)

• a hard piece of rock (n)

role (n)

roll (n & v)

• a roll of film (n)

• a bread roll (n)

• to roll into a ball (v)

roof (n)

room (n)

Page 27

• the sitting room

• There’s lots of room in here.

rose (n)

rough (adj)

• a rough road

• a rough idea

• rough work

round (adj, adv & prep)

• a round object (adj)

• the wrong way round (adv)

• to sit round a table (prep)

roundabout (n)

route (n)

row (n)

• a row of seats

rubber (adj & n)

• rubber tyres (adj)

• a rubber (eraser) (n)

rubbish (n)

rude (adj)

rugby (n)

ruin (n)

rule (n & v)

• the rules of grammar (n)

• to rule a country (v)

ruler (n)

• draw a line using a ruler

run (v)

• to run in a race

• to run a business

run out of (phr v)

• He ran out of time and didn’t finish.


sad (adj)

safe (adj)

• to be safe from harm

safety (n)

sail (n & v)

salad (n)

salary (n)

sale (n)

salesman/saleswoman (n)

salt (n)

same (adj, pron & adv)

sand (n)

sandwich (n)

satisfactory (adj)

satisfied (adj)

saucer (n)

sausage (n)

save (v)

• to save someone

• to save money

• to save time

say (v)

• to say something to someone

• I really can’t say. (give an opinion)

scene (n)

scenery (n)

school (n)

science (n)

science fiction (n)

scientific (adj)

scientist (n)

scissors (n)

scooter (n)

score (n & v)

• The score was 3-0. (n)

• to score a goal (v)

scream (n & v)

screen (n)

sculpture (n)

sea (n)

search (n & v)

seaside (n)

season (n)

seat (n)

seat belt (n)

second (adj & n)

• to be second in the race (adj)

• sixty seconds in a minute (n)

secondary (adj)

• secondary school

secret (adj & n)

secretary (n)

security (n)

see (v)

• to see something (with the eyes)

• to see the joke (understand)

• to see someone about a problem


seem (v)

seldom (adv)

select (v)

self-service (adj)

sell (v)

send (v)

sensible (adj)

sentence (n)

• words in a sentence

separate (adj & v)

series (n)

• a TV series

serious (adj)

• a serious person

• a serious illness

servant (n)

Page 28

serve (v)

• to serve in a shop

service (n)

• a bus service

• customer service

session (n)

• in a school, gym

set (v)

set free (phr v)

set off (phr v)

• She set off early for work.

set out (phr v)

• They set out on the long journey.

set up (phr v)

• Her mother helped her to set up in


several (adj & det)

sew (v)

sex (n)

• the male/female sex

sh! (int)

shade (n)

• to sit in the shade

shadow (n)

shake (n & v)

shallow (adj)

shame (n)

shampoo (n)

shape (n)

share (n & v)

shark (n)

sharp (adj)

• a sharp knife

• a sharp corner

• a sharp picture

shave (n & v)

she (pron)

sheep (n)

sheet (n)

• sheets on a bed

• a sheet of paper

• information sheet

shelf (n)

shine (v)

ship (n)

shirt (n)

shock (n & v)

• to suffer from shock (n)

• The film shocked me. (v)

shoe (n)

shoot (v)

• to shoot at the goal

shop (n & v)

shop assistant (n)

shopkeeper (n)

shore (n)

short (adj)

shorts (n pl)

• a pair of shorts

shoulder (n)

shout (n & v)

show (n & v)

• a film show (n)

• Show it to me. (v)

• The picture shows a village. (v)

• It shows that they care. (v)

shower (n)

• a shower of rain

• to have a shower

shut (adj & v)

shy (adj)

sick (adj)

side (n)

sight (n)

• Her sight is better with glasses.

• in sight, out of sight

sightseeing (n)

sign (n & v)

• a road sign (n)

• to sign a document (v)

• no sign of life (n)

• signs of winter (n)

signal (n & v)

signature (n)

signpost (n)

silence (n)

silent (adj)

silk (adj & n)

silly (adj)

silver (adj & n)

similar (adj)

simple (adj)

since (conj & prep)

sincerely (adv)

• Yours sincerely

sing (v)

single (n & adj)

• a single (ticket) to Cambridge (n)

• to be single (unmarried) (adj)

• a single room (adj)

sink (n & v)

• a kitchen sink (n)

• The ship began to sink. (v)

Sir (n)

sister (n)

sit (v)

site (n)

sitting room (n)

situated (adj)

situation (n)

Page 29

size (n)

skateboard (n & v)

ski (n & v)

skill (n)

skilled (adj)

skin (n)

skirt (n)

sky (n)

sleep (n & v)

sleeve (n)

slice (n)

slim (adj)

slip (v)

• to slip on the ice

slope (n)

• mountain/ski slope

slow (adj)

small (adj)

smart (adj)

• a smart idea (Am Eng)

• smart clothes

smell (n & v)

smile (n & v)

smoke (n & v)

smooth (adj)

• a smooth surface (level)

• a smooth ride in the new car


snack (n)

snake (n)

snow (n & v)

snowball (n)

snowboard (n & v)

snowman (n)

snowstorm (n)

so (adv & conj)

so-so (adj)

soap (n)

social (adj)

society (n)

sock (n)

sofa (n)

soft (adj)

• a soft material

• a soft drink

software (n)

soil (n)

soldier (n)

solid (adj)

some (adj, det & pron)

somebody (pron)

someone (pron)

something (pron)

sometimes (adv)

somewhere (adv)

son (n)

song (n)

soon (adv)

• I’ll come soon.

• as soon as I can

sore (adj)

sorry (adj)

sort (n)

• the same sort

sort out (phr v)

• We need to sort out this problem.

sound (n & v)

• the sound of music (n)

• It sounds like/as if…(v)

soup (n)

sour (adj)

• a sour taste

south (adj & adv, n)

southeast (adj & n)

southwest (adj, adv & n)

souvenir (n)

space (n)

• a parking space

• write in the spaces

• not enough space

• outer space

spade (n)

spare (adj & v)

• spare cash, spare time (adj)

• to spare the time (v)

speak (v)

special (adj)

speech (n)

speed (n)

spell (v)

spend (v)

• to spend money/time

spill (v)

spinach (n)

spite (n)

• in spite of (prep phr)

spoil (v)

spoon (n)

sport (n)

spot (n)

spy (n & v)

square (adj & n)

• a square room (adj)

• a market square (n)

squash (n)

stadium (n)

staff (n)

stage (n)

• to perform on a stage

stain (n & v)

Page 30

stairs (n pl)

stall (n)

• market stall

stamp (n)

• a postage stamp

stand (v)

standard (n)

star (n)

• stars in the sky (n)

• a film star (n)

start (n & v)

• a good start (n)

• to start a race (v)

state (adj & n)

• a state school (n)

statement (n)

station (n)

• a bus/fire/radio station

statue (n)

stay (n & v)

• to stay to dinner (v)

• to stay with friends (v)

• to stay looking young (v)

• a two-night stay (n)

stay behind (phr v)

• She stayed behind after the lesson to

speak to the teacher.

steak (n)

steal (v)

steam (n)

steel (n)

steep (adj)

step (n)

• two steps forward (n)

• to climb the steps (n)

stick (n & v)

• a walking stick (n)

• to stick two things together (v)

sticky (adj)

stiff (adj)

still (adv)

• Sit still. (adv)

• She’s still here. (adv)

stir (v)

stomach (n)

stone (n)

• a large stone

• a stone bridge

stop (n & v)

• a bus stop (n)

• The car stopped. (v)

• It’s stopped raining. (v)

• The rain stopped me from going out.


store (n & v)

• a department store (n)

• to store things in a cupboard (v)

storm (n)

story (n)

straight (adj & adv)

• to go straight on (adv)

• a straight road (adj)

strange (adj)

stranger (n)

strawberry (n)

stream (n)

street (n)

stress (n & v)

• to stress the importance of something


• He didn’t want the stress of a new job.


strict (adj)

strike (n & v)

• to go on strike (n)

• to strike something (v)

strong (adj)

student (n)

studio (n)

• TV/artists/recording studio

study (n & v)

• to study physics (v)

• to study the map (v)

• Social Studies (n)

stupid (adj)

style (n)

subject (n)

• the subject of a discussion

• the subject of a sentence

• a school subject

subtract (v)

subway (n)

• New York subway (Am Eng) (Br Eng:


succeed (v)

success (n)

such (adj & det)

sudden (adj)

sugar (n)

suggest (v)

suit (n)

• to wear a suit

suitable (adj)

suitcase (n)

sum (n)

sum up (v)

sun (n)

sunbathe (v)

sunlight (n)

sunrise (n)

Page 31

sunset (n)

sunshine (n)

supermarket (n)

supply (v)

support (v)

• to support a weight

• to support a team

suppose (v)

• I suppose it’s true.

• You aren’t supposed to drive fast.

• It’s supposed to be a good film.

sure (adj)

• I’m sure you’re right.

• to make sure

surfing (n)

surname (n)

surprise (n & v)

surround (v)

• The cottage is surrounded by beautiful


sweater (n)

sweatshirt (n)

sweep (v)

• to sweep the floor

sweet (adj & n)

• sweet food (adj)

• a sweet face (adj)

• a sweet smell (adj)

• to eat a sweet (n)

swim (n & v)

swimming costume (n)

swing (n & v)

• to play on a swing

• to swing backwards and forwards

switch (n & v)

• light switch (n)

• to switch on a machine (v)

system (n)


table (n)

table-cloth (n)

table-tennis (n)

tablet (n)

take (v)

• to take someone’s hand

• to take someone’s things (steal/


• to take a photo

• to take a long time

• to take a holiday

take away (phr v)

• Take 15 away from 78.

take off (phr v)

• Do you want to take off your coat?

• The plane takes off at 6.

take part (in) (phr v)

• Everybody took part in the meeting.

take place (phr v)

• The meeting took place at six.

take up (phr v)

• He decided to take up a new hobby.

talent (n)

talk (n & v)

tall (adj)

tap (n)

• a cold-water tap (n)

tape (adj, n & v)

• a tape recorder (adj)

• a cassette tape (n)

• to tape a conversation (v)

taste (n & v)

• to have good taste (n)

• to taste food (v)

• It tastes good. (v)

tax (n & v)

taxi (n)

tea (n)

teach (v)

team (n)

tear (n)

• Tears ran down her cheeks.

tear (v)

• to tear a piece of paper

technique (n)

technology (n)

teenage (n)

telegram (n)

telephone (n & v)

television (TV) (n)

tell (v)

• to tell a story

• to tell someone something

• to tell someone to do something

• you can’t always tell

temperature (n)

• to have a temperature

• air temperature

temporary (adj)

tennis (n)

tent (n)

term (n)

terminal (n)

terrible (adj)

test (n & v)

text (n)

than (conj & prep)

thank (v)

Page 32

thank you (int)

thanks (n)

that (adv, conj, det & pron)

theft (n)

their (det)

theirs (pron)

them (pron)

themselves (pron)

then (adv)

there (adv & pron)

therefore (adv)

thermometer (n)

these (det & pron)

they (pron)

thick (adj)

thief (n)

thin (adj)

thing (n)

think (v)

• to think about something

• I think he’s left.

• What did you think of the film?

• I think I’ll go.

• I’m thinking of going.

thirst (n)

this (det & pron)

those (det & pron)

though (conj & adv)

thought (n)

• to have thoughts about something

• to be deep in thought

thriller (n)

throat (n)

through (prep)

throughout (prep)

throw (v)

throw away (phr v)

• He threw away the old TV.

thumb (n)

thunder (n)

thunderstorm (n)

tick (n & v)

ticket (n)

tidy (adj & v)

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