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landscape (n)

language (n)

laptop (computer) (n)

large (adj)

laser (n)

last (adj, adv & v)

late (adj & adv)

lately (adv)

later (adj & adv)

latest (adj)

laugh (n & v)

laundry (n)

lavatory (n)

law (n)

lawn (n)

lawyer (n)

lay (v)

lazy (adj)

lead (v)

• to lead someone by the hand

• Where does this road lead?

leaf (n)

learn (v)

least (adj & adv)

• the least amount (adj)

• at least (adv)

leather (n)

leave (v)

leave out (phr v)

• He left out several important facts.

lecture (n & v)

left (n, adj & adv)

leg (n)

leisure (n)

lemon (n)

lemonade (n)

lend (v)

length (n)

less (det, adj, adv & pron)

lesson (n)

let (v)

• Let her do it.

• Let me think.

• Let’s go out tonight.

letter (n)

letter-box (n)

lettuce (n)

level (adj & n)

library (n)

licence (n)

• a driving/marriage/TV licence

lie (n & v)

life (n)

lift (n & v)

• Can you give me a lift, please? (n)

• The lift is going up. (n)

• Please help me to lift this table. (v)

light (adj, n & v)

lighter (n)

• a cigarette lighter

lightning (n)

like (adv, prep & v)

likely (adj)

limit (n & v)

line (n)

• a line on a page

• a clothes line

• a railway line

link (n)

• a link to a website

lion (n)

lip (n)

Page 19

lipstick (n)

liquid (n)

list (n)

listen (v)

literature (n)

litre (n)

litter (n)

little (adj & pron)

live (v)

live (adj)

• live music/sport

lively (adj)

living (adj)

living room (n)

load (n & v)

loaf (n)

loan (n)

local (adj)

location (n)

lock (n & v)

locker (n)

lonely (adj)

long (adj)

look (n & v)

look after (phr v)

• Who's looking after your baby now?

look forward to (phr v)

• I’m looking forward to the party!

look like (v)

• She looks like her sister.

look out (phr v)

• Look out or you'll have an accident.

look up (phr v)

• Look up the meaning of the word in

your dictionary.

loose (adj)

lorry (n)

lose (v)

lost property office (n)

lot (n)

loud (adj)

lounge (n)

love (n & v)

lovely (adj)

low (adj & adv)

lower (v)

luck (n)

luggage (n)

lump (n)

lunch (n)

lunchtime (n)

lung (n)

luxury (n)


machine (n)

mad (adj)

Madam (n)

made of (adj)

magazine (n)

magic (adj & n)

magnificent (adj)

mail (n & v)

main (adj)

majority (n)

make (v)

make-up (n)

make sure (phr v)

male (adj & n)

man (n)

manage (v)

• to manage a business

• to manage to do something (succeed


manner (n)

many (adj & pron)

map (n)

mark (n & v)

market (n)

• to buy something from a market

marriage (n)

marry (v)

master (n)

match (n & v)

• a box of matches (n)

• a tennis match (n)

• This tie matches your shirt. (v)

mate (n)

material (n)

mathematics/math(s) (n)

matter (n & v)

• Is anything the matter? (n)

• It doesn't matter. (v)

maximum (adj & n)

maybe (adv)

me (pron)

meal (n)

mean (v)

• What do you mean?

• What does it mean?

means (n)

measure (v)

mechanic (n)

meat (n)

medicine (n)

medium (adj)

meet (v)

Page 20

melon (n)

melt (v)

member (n)

membership (n)

memory (n)

• to have a good/poor memory

• happy memories

• computer memory

mend (v)

mention (v)

menu (n)

merry (adj)

message (n)

metal (n)

method (n)

• modern methods of teaching

metre (m) (n)

microwave (n)

midday (n)

middle (adj & n)

midnight (n)

mild (adj)

mile (n)

milk (n)

millimetre (mm) (n)

mind (n & v)

• His mind was on other things. (n)

• Would you mind if I called

tomorrow? (v)

• I don’t mind. (v)

• Mind your head! (v)

• Who's minding the baby for you? (v)

mine (pron)

mineral (adj)

mineral water (n)

minimum (adj & n)

minister (n)

• government minister

minute (n)

mirror (n)

miserable (adj)

miss (n & v)

Miss (n)

mist (n)

mistake (n)

mix (v)

mobile (phone) (n)

model (adj & n)

• a model railway (adj)

• It's cheap because it's last year's

model. (n)

• She’s a fashion model. (n)

modern (adj)

moment (n)

money (n)

monkey (n)

month (n)

moon (n)

more (adj, adv & pron)

morning (n)

mosque (n)

most (adj, adv & pron)

mother (n)

motor (n)

motorbike (n)

motorcycle (n)

motor-racing (n)

motorway (n)

mountain (n)

mouse (n)

moustache (n)

mouth (n)

move (v)

movie (n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng:film)

movie theatre (n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng:


movie star (n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng:

film star)

MP3 player (n)

Mr (n)

Mrs (n)

Ms (n)

much (adj, adv & pron)

mug (n)

multiply (v)

mum (n)

mummy (n)

murder (n & v)

museum (n)

mushroom (n)

music (n)

musical (adj & n)

musician (n)

mustard (n)

my (det)

myself (pron)

mystery (n)


nail (n)

• fingernail

• hammer and nails

name (n & v)

narrow (adj)

nasty (adj)

national (adj)

nationality (n)

natural (adj)

nature (n)

Page 21

• nature studies

near (adv, prep & adj)

nearby (adj & adv)

nearly (adv)

neat (adj)

necessary (adj)

neck (n)

need (v)

needle (n)

negative (adj)

neighbour (n)

neighbourhood (n)

neither (pron, adv, conj & det)

nephew (n)

nervous (adj)

• a nervous person

• to feel nervous

net (n)

network (n)

never (adv)

new (adj)

news (n)

newsagent (n)

newspaper (n)

next (adj, adv & pron)

next to (prep)

nice (adj)

niece (n)

night (n)

nightclub (n)

no (adv & det)

nobody (pron)

noise (n)

none (pron)

nonsense (n)

noon (n)

no one (pron)

nor (conj)

normal (adj)

north (adj, adv & n)

northeast (adj & n)

northwest (adj & n)

nose (n)

not (adv)

note (n & v)

• to write a note (n)

• a ten-pound note (n)

• Please note. (v)

notebook (n)

notepaper (n)

nothing (pron)

notice (n & v)

• to read a notice (n)

• until further notice (n)

• Did you notice anything wrong? (v)

novel (n)

now (adv)

nowadays (adv)

nowhere (adv)

number (n)

• numbers 5 to 7

• a large number of cars

• What’s your (phone) number?

nurse (n & v)

nut (n)


object (n)

obvious (adj)

occasion (n)

occasional (adj)

occupation (n)

ocean (n)

o’clock (adv)

of (prep)

of course (adv)

off (adv & prep)

• It fell off the table. (prep)

• The meeting is off. (adv)

• I’ve got the afternoon off. (adv)

offer (n & v)

office (n)

officer (n)

often (adv)

oh! (int)

oh dear! (int)

oil (n)

OK/O.K./okay (adj)

old (adj)

old-fashioned (adj)

omelette (n)

on (adv & prep)

on board (prep phr)

on business (prep phr)

on fire (prep phr)

on foot (prep phr)

on holiday (prep phr)

on loan (prep phr)

on purpose (prep phr)

on request (prep phr)

on sale (prep phr)

on time (prep phr)

once (adv)

• once a year

• I once saw him dancing.

one (pron & det)

oneself (pron)

one-way (adj)

Page 22

onion (n)

online (adv & adj)

• to book/buy something online (adv)

• an online facility (adj)

only (adj & adv)

onto (prep)

open (adj & v)

opening hours (n pl)

opera (n)

operate (v)

operation (n)

operator (n)

opinion (n)

opportunity (n)

opposite (adj, n, prep & adv)

option (n)

or (conj)

orange (adj & n)

orchestra (n)

order (conj, n & v)

• in order to (conj)

• to put something in order (n)

• to order a meal (v)

ordinary (adj)

organisation (n)

organise (v)

original (adj)

other (adj, pron & det)

our (det)

ours (pron)

ourselves (pron)

out (adv)

out of (prep)

out of date (prep phr)

out of doors (prep phr)

out of order (prep phr)

out of stock (prep phr)

out of work (prep phr)

outdoor (adj)

outdoors (adv)

outside (adv, n, prep & adj)

oven (n)

over (adv & prep)

• I’m going over the road. (prep)

• over 40 people (more than) (adv)

• to be over (finished) (adv)

• Several birds were flying over the roof

of the school. (prep)

overnight (adj & adv)

overtake (v)

owe (v)

own (adj & v)

• my own pen (adj)

• to own a car (v)

owner (n)


pack (n & v)

• an information pack (n)

• to pack a case (v)

packet (n)

page (n)

pain (n)

paint (n & v)

pair (n)

palace (n)

pale (adj)

pan (n)

pants (n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng:trousers)

paper (n)

• a sheet of paper

• a (news)paper

parcel (n)

pardon (n) (int)

• Pardon? I didn’t hear what you said.

parent (n)

park (n & v)

• a public park (n)

• to park a car (v)

parliament (n)

part (n & v)

• a part of something (n)

• to part from someone (v)

partly (adv)

particular (adj)

partner (n)

part time (adv)

part-time (adj)

party (n)

• a birthday party

• a political party

pass (v)

• Several cars passed.

• to pass the sugar

• to pass an examination

passenger (n)

passport (n)

password (n)

past (adj, n & prep)

• the past few weeks. (adj)

• in the past. (n)

• It’s half past one. (prep)

pasta (n)

pastry (n)

path (n)

patient (adj & n)

• to be patient (adj)

• a hospital patient (n)

Page 23

pattern (n)

pause (n & v)

pavement (n)

pay (n & v)

pea (n)

peace (n)

peanut (n)

pear (n)

pedestrian (n)

peel (n & v)

pen (n)

pence (n pl)

pencil (n)

pencil case (n)

pen-friend (n)

penknife (n)

penny (n)

pension (n)

people (n pl)

pepper (n)

• to pass the pepper (spice)

• red peppers (vegetable)

per (prep)

per cent (n)

perfect (adj)

perform (v)

performance (n)

perfume (n)

perhaps (adv)

period (n)

permanent (adj)

permission (n)

permitted (adj)

person (n)

personal (adj)

persuade (v)

pet (n)

petrol (n)

petrol station (n)

pharmacy (n)

phone (n & v)

photo (n)

photocopy (n)

photograph (n)

photography (n)

physician (n)

physics (n)

piano (n)

pick (v)

pick up (phr v)

• I picked up a pencil.

• I’ll pick up my sister from the station.

picnic (n & v)

picture (n)

pie (n)

piece (n)

• a piece of cheese

• to break into small pieces

• a piece of furniture/advice

pig (n)

pile (n)

pill (n)

pillow (n)

pilot (n & v)

pin (n & v)

pink (adj)

pipe (n)

pity (n)

pizza (n)

place (n & v)

• a safe place (n)

• I’ve lost my place in the book. (n)

• third place in a race (n)

• to place something on the table (v)

• London is a big place. (n)

plain (adj)

• It’s plain to me. (clear)

• a plain T-shirt (no design)

plan (n & v)

• a street plan (n)

• a plan to do something (n)

plane (n)

planet (n)

plant (n & v)

plastic (adj & n)

plate (n)

platform (n)

play (n & v)

• a play at the theatre (n)

• children playing (v)

• to play football (v)

• to play the guitar (v)

• to play a record/cassette/CD (v)

• to play the part of someone (act) (v)

player (n)

playground (n)

playing cards (n pl)

pleasant (adj)

please (int & v)

• Come in, please. (int)

• to please someone (v)

pleasure (n)

plenty (pron)

plug (n)

• a plug for the bath

• an electrical plug

plug in (phr v)

p.m. (adv)

pocket (n)

pocket money (n)

poem (n)

Page 24

poet (n)

poetry (n)

point (n & v)

• to point at something (v)

• The pencil has no point to it. (n)

police (n)

policeman (n)

police officer (n)

policewoman (n)

police station (n)

polite (adj)

political (adj)

politics (n)

politician (n)

pollution (n)

pool (n)

• a swimming-pool

poor (adj)

• She is very poor. (financial)

• The poor man. (sympathy)

pop (adj & n)

• pop song/music/star/group

popular (adj)

population (n)

port (n)

porter (n)

position (n)

positive (adj)

possibility (n)

possible (adj)

post (n & v)

• to post a letter (v)

• to send it by post (n)

post office (n)

postage (n)

postcard (n)

poster (n)

postman (n)

pot (n)

potato (n)

pound (£) (n)

pour (v)

poverty (n)

powder (n)

power (n)

practice (n)

practise (v) (n = Am Eng)

pray (v)

prayer (n)

prefer (v)

preparation (n)

prepare (v)

prescription (n)

• medicine on a prescription

present (adj & n)

• to be present (adj)

• at the present time (adj)

• That will be all for the present. (n)

• I got some lovely birthday presents. (n)

presenter (n)

president (n)

press (v)

• to press a button

• to press a suit

pretty (adj)

prevent (v)

previous (adj)

price (n)

priest (n)

primary (adj)

• primary school

prime minister (n)

prince (n)

princess (n)

principal (adj)

print (n & v)

• in large print (n)

• print a document (v)

• to print your name in capitals (v)

prison (n)

prisoner (n)

private (adj)

prize (n)

probable (adj)

probably (adv)

problem (n)

produce (v)

product (n)

profession (n)

professional (adj & n)

professor (n)

program(me) (n)

• TV programme

• computer program

progress (n)

project (n)

promise (n & v)

• to promise to do something (v)

• to keep a promise (n)

pronounce (v)

• to pronounce a word correctly

pronunciation (n)

proper (adj)

property (n)

protect (v)

proud (adj)

prove (v)

provide (v)

public (adj & n)

• public opinion (adj)

Page 25

• to make something public (adj)

• to be open to the public (n)

publish (v)

pull (n & v)

pullover (n)

pump (n)

• petrol/bike pump

punctual (adj)

punish (v)

punishment (n)

pupil (n)

pure (adj)

purple (adj)

purpose (n)

• He did it on purpose. (deliberately)

purse (n)

push (n & v)

put (v)

put away (phr v)

• He put the book away.

put down (phr v)

• She put her name down.

put off (phr v)

• The meeting was put off until the

following week.

put on (phr v)

• He put on a suit.

• Can you put on the light?

• He didn’t want to put on weight.

put out (phr v)

• The fire was quickly put out.

put through (phr v)

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