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tidy up (phr v)

• Please tidy up when you’ve finished.

tie (n & v)

• a shirt and tie (n)

• to tie with string (v)

tiger (n)

tight (adj)

• tight shoes

tights (n pl)

• a pair of tights

till (conj & prep)

• to wait till the end (prep)

• till he comes (conj)

time (n)

• What time is it?

• It took a long time.

• the last time

• Is it time yet?

• Four times five is twenty.

timetable (n)

tin (n)

• a tin of peas

• made of tin

tin-opener (n)

tiny (adj)

tip (n)

• the tip of the pencil

• a tip for the waitress

tired (adj)

title (n)

to (prep)

toast (n)

• toast for breakfast

today (adv & n)

toe (n)

together (adv)

toilet (n)

tomato (n)

tomorrow (adv & n)

ton(ne) (n)

tongue (n)

tonight (adv & n)

too (adv)

• I’ve been there, too.

• It’s too heavy to lift.

tool (n)

tooth/teeth (n)

toothache (n)

toothbrush (n)

toothpaste (n)

top (n)

• top of the class

• at the top of his voice

topic (n)

total (adj & n)

touch (v)

tour (n & v)

tourism (n)

tourist (n)

toward(s) (prep)

towel (n)

tower (n)

town (n)

toy (n)

track (n)

• a race track

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track suit (n)

trade (n)

traditional (adj)

traffic (n)

traffic jam (n)

traffic light(s) (n)

train (n & v)

• to travel by train

• to train in a skill

trainers (n pl)

• a pair of trainers

tram (n)

transfer (v)

translate (v)

translation (n)

transport (n & v)

travel (v)

travel agent (n)

traveller’s cheque (n)

tree (n)

trip (n)

• a weekend trip

trouble (n)

trousers (n pl)

truck (Am Eng) (Br Eng:lorry)

true (adj)

• Is it true?

• a true friend

trumpet (n)

trust (v)

• to trust someone

truth (n)

try (v)

• to try to do something

• to try (out) something

try on (v)

• to try on shoes

T-shirt (n)

tube (n)

• a tube of toothpaste

tune (n)

tunnel (n)

turkey (n)

turn (n & v)

• to turn your head (v)

• to turn the page (v)

• It’s my turn. (n)

• The wheels began to turn. (v)

turn down (phr v)

• Could you turn down the music?

turn into (phr v)

• The water had turned into ice.

turn off (phr v)

• She turned off the engine.

turn on (phr v)

• Can you turn on the TV?

turn out (phr v)

• He turned out the lights.

turn up (phr v)

• Turn up the radio - I can hardly hear it.

turning (n)

• the first turning on the left

twice (adv)

twin (n)

type (n & v)

• a type of person (n)

• to type a letter (v)

typical (adj)

tyre (n)


ugly (adj)

umbrella (n)

unable (adj)

uncle (n)

under (prep)

• under the bed

• under £10.00

underground (adj & n)

• underground trains (adj)

• to travel by underground (n)

underpants (n)

understand (v)

uniform (n)

universe (n)

university (n)

unleaded (adj)

unless (conj)

until (prep & conj)

up (adv & prep)

• to walk up the hill (prep)

• Are you up yet? (awake and dressed)


• Lift your head up. (adv)

• Speak up, please. (adv)

up to (prep phr)

• up to six people

up to date (prep phr)

update (n & v)

upon (prep)

upset (adj)

upstairs (adv)

urgent (adj)

us (pron)

use (n & v)

• Can you use a computer? (v)

• It’s for the use of teachers only. (n)

• Is this any use to you? (n)

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used to (v)

• I used to cycle a lot when I was


usual (adj)


valley (n)

value (n)

van (n)

vanilla (n)

variety (n)

various (adj)

vase (n)

veal (n)

vegetable (n & adj)

vegetarian (n & adj)

vehicle (n)

very (adv)

venue (n)

victim (n)

victory (n)

video (n & v)

video recorder (n)

videotape (n)

view (n)

• a beautiful view

village (n)

violin (n)

visa (n)

visit (n & v)

visitor (n)

vocabulary (n)

voice (n)

volleyball (n)

vote (n & v)

voyage (n)


wage(s) (n)

wait (n & v)

waiter (n)

waiting-room (n)

waitress (n)

wake (up) (v)

walk (n & v)

wall (n)

wallet (n)

want (v)

war (n)

ward (n)

warm (adj)

warn (v)

wash (n & v)

wash-basin (n)

wash up (v)

washing machine (n)

washing up (n)

• to do the washing up

waste (adj & v)

wastepaper basket (n)

watch (n & v)

• My watch keeps good time. (n)

• I watched TV last night. (v)

water (n & v)

waterfall (n)

wave (n & v)

• waves at sea

• to wave goodbye

way (n)

• Is this the way?

• the wrong way

• a long way

• to stand in the way

• That’s the way to do it.

• way of life

• way in, way out

WC (n)

we (pron)

weak (adj)

• to feel weak

• a weak excuse

wear (v)

• to wear a dress

wear off (phr v)

• Has the pain worn off yet?

wear out (phr v & adj)

• You’ll wear out those shoes. (v)

weather (n)

web (n)

website (n)

wedding (n)

week (n)

weekday (n)

weekend (n)

weekly (adj & adv)

• a weekly magazine (adj)

• to phone home twice weekly (adv)

weigh (v)

weight (n)

welcome (n & v)

• a warm welcome (n)

• Welcome to London! (v)

welfare (n)

well (adj, adv & int)

• I’m very well, thanks. (adj)

• to behave very well (adv)

• Shake the bottle well. (adv)

Page 35

• Well, here we are. (int)

Well done! (int)

well known (adv)

well-known (adj)

well made (adv)

well-made (adj)

west (adj, adv & n)

wet (adj)

• wet clothes

• wet weather

whale (n)

what (pron)

whatever (pron & det)

wheel (n & v)

wheelchair (n)

when (adv)

whenever (adv & conj)

where (adv)

wherever (adv & conj)

whether (conj)

which (pron & det)

whichever (pron & det)

while, whilst (conj)

white (adj)

who, whom (pron)

whoever (pron)

whole (adj & n)

whose (pron)

why (adv)

wide (adj & adv)

• a wide road (adj)

• with his mouth wide open (adv)

• to feel wide awake (adv)

width (n)

wife (n)

wild (adj)

wildlife (n)

win (n & v)

wind (n)

• A strong wind was blowing. (n)

wind (v)

• Wind up the car windows. (v)

window (n)

windscreen (n)

windsurfing (n)

wing (n)

• a bird’s wing

• the wing of an aeroplane

wire (n)

• an electrical wire

• a wire fence

wise (adj)

wish (n & v)

with (prep)

within (adv & prep)

without (prep)

witness (n & v)

woman (n)

wonder (v)

• I wonder what he said.

wonderful (adj)

wood (n)

• to be made of wood

• in a large wood

wooden (adj)

wool (n)

word (n)

• words in a sentence

• He didn’t say a word.

work (n & v)

• school work (n)

• to work for a living (v)

• hard work (n)

• to be out of work (n)

working hours (n pl)

world (n)

worry (n & v)

worse (adj & adv)

worst (adj & adv)

worth (adj)

wound (n & v)

wrap (up) (v)

• to wrap (up) a parcel

write (v)

write out (phr v)

• Please write out your name in full.

wrong (adj)


year (n)

yearly (adj & adv)

yellow (adj)

yes (int)

yesterday (adv & n)

yet (adv)

you (pron)

you know (int)

young (adj & n)

your (det)

yours (pron)

yourself (pron)

youth (n)

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zebra (n)

zero (n)

zone (n)

zoo (n)

Page 37

Appendix 1

Word sets

In addition to the words in the alphabetical list, PET and PET for Schools candidates

are expected to know:

Cardinal numbers

one, two, three, etc.

Ordinal numbers

first, second, third, fourth, etc.

Days of the week

Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Months of the year

January, February, etc.

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