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Edinburgh Lothian Linden Hotel and Buntoms Thai Restaurant

?! I i Nelson Street, EH3 6L.F Tel: {031)557 4341 Proprietor: Mr Euntom Dejrudee Manager: Mr Anthony Carrtgan

Central Edinburgh hotel in fine Georgian terrace close to town centre with Scotland's first Thai restaurant. 20 bedrooms (with and without facilities) in well-established small hotel providing good value for money- Bar. Night porter. Close to theatres and shops.




Open all the year

Single bedroom with bach fr £72.00 par day

Double bedroom with bath fr £90.00 per day

Full Breakfast £8,25 Continental £6.25


Restaurant' French cuisine

Open- Lunch 12.20-2pm Dinner £.30- lOprn


Weekend rates available

Map ref: 32B3 Edinburgh Tourist Board FULLY LICENSED Open alt the year Single bedroom Ir £3100 per day with bath/shower fr £39.00 per day Double bedroom fr £44.00 per day with bath/stiower fr £55.00 per day Full breakfast included Lunch fr £7.00 Tea fr £2.50 Dlnnerfr£l0.00, Thai cut) ine. Sens 70 10% service charge added In restaurant


a Which hotel would you like ro stay in? Why? b Are any of the hotels suitable for the guests profiled at the start of Unit 1 ? Match them up if possible,

Unit 2 Hotel facilities 29

10 ActivityThe White Lion Hotel is old. Hotel inspectors have just visited it and

made a number of recommendations for structural changes and new facilities to fit in with government regulations and allow guests with special needs to stay.

1 Read the list of recommendations.

a Which do you think arc essential? b Estabiish an order of priority.

Priority Approx. cost
D £1,000
"i £500
"1 £2,000
n £1,000


Install lift to upper floors

Widen doors to all communal rooms

Build safety-rail on steps to entrance

Buitd outside fire-escape (from upper floors)

Build extra toilets (including one with wheelchair access) near bar, to replace existing outside toilets

Fit smoke alarms

Install electric stair-lift for wheelchair access to first floor {alternative to existing hidden service lift)

Put ramps on all outside steps HI £500

The hotel owners have calculated how much each alteration will probably cost. In addition to the inspectors' recommendations, they also want to make other changes to improve the hotel. They have a total budget of £30,000 for all the alterations.

In groups, look at the two lists and decide what you are going to spend the money on. Then compare with another group.

Alteration Approx. cost


Redecorate throughout hotel £3,000

Install central heating on top floor (other floors £2,000
already have it)

Convert attic to extra room £4,000

Build extension on bar (extra seating) £9,000

Build children's play area in corner of garden £2,500

Build tennis courts in grounds £3,000

Refit all bathrooms (rwenty rooms) £1,000 per room


Unit 2 Hotel facilities

Choose any two of the three horels from 9 Activity and write a letter recommending them to a friend who is planning to visit Edinburgh.



adjustingp. 27, chat can be changed annexep. 152 (tapescript). extra

building added to a larger one atticp. 29, room at the top of a building

in the roof communal rooms p. 29, rooms for

everyone to use conferencesp. 20, formal meetings for

discussion or exchange of views

between people who have the same

interests or are in the same business,

conference (rooms)p. 22 converted intop. 23, changed into courtesy bus p. 26, bus service

provided by a hotel free of charge disabledp. 20. people who are unable to

use all of the parts of their body ensuite p. I S3 (tapescrjpt), with a bath

and/or shower attached exceptional!/p. 24, extremely extensionp. 23, part of a building thai

has been added later fire escapep. 29, way {usually stairs) by

which people can leave a burning

building fitness centrep. 22. special room or

rooms for doing exercises and physical

training full-length mirrorsp. IS3 {tapescript).

long mirrors in which 3 person can see

their whole body furnishingsp. 24, furniuire, equipment,

fittings, etc, in 3 room hoistsp. 26, devices which lift people

who are not able to lift themselves homely p. 153 (tapescript), simple but


installp. 29. put in place king-sizep. 27, extra large laundry/valet servicep. 20, service for

washing and cleaning clothes

nappy-changing facilitiesp. 26,

equipment and place where a baby can

be cleaned and changed occupancy ratesp. 152 (tapescript),

the number of roams actually used by

guests compared to the total number of

rooms available panoramicp. 153 (tapescript), offering

a wide and beautiful view paying offp. 152 {tapescript). bringing

benefits rampsp. 26. sloping surfaces to let

wheeled vehicles go up stail s recommendationp. 29. strong

suggestion to do something recreationp. 20, relaxation and

entertainment refitp.29,replaceandputinnew

equipment remote controlp. 2-4. system of

controlling something (e.g. a television)

from a distance room servicep. 24, hotel service by

which food, drink, etc. are sent up to a

guest's room safety railp. 29, metaJ or wooden bar to

help or protect people (e.g. to hold on

to when cfimbing up steps) solariump. 20, room where a person

can !ie and be exposed to bright artificial

sunlight stair-lift p. 29, device to move disabled

people upstairs subtlep. 24, designed to have a clever

effect, but without being noticed take-overp. 152 (tapescript), act of

buying and taking control ofa business

by another business trouser-press p, 24, device for ironing

and pressing a pair of trousers

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