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Staffing and internal organization




1 Listening


1 Above is a simplified stafftree of a medium-sized hotel. Without writing
the words in, can you suggest the names of the missing jobs?

2 Listen and complete the table.

32 Unit 3 Staffing and internal organization

2 Language studyObligation

We use must, have to, and should to calk about obligation:

The bouse manager... must make sure the hotel stays profitable.

I have to supervise Front-of-House operations.

He should ensure dose liaison between Front-of-House operations and

We use don't have to to show something is not necessary:

He doesn V have to check with me about day-to-day issues.

We use mustn'tand shouldn't to indicate obligation not to do something:

We ntustn 'tforget that our aim is to make money.

► / know I sho uUn 't say this but.,.

1 The housekeeper is explaining to a new chambermaid what her duties are.
Select the most appropriate structure in the sentences below:

a You (mustn't/don't have to) smoke in the bedrooms.

bYou (don't have to/shouldn't) work at night.

c You (should/don't have to) have a twenty-minute break every

two hours. dYou {don't have to/must) make sure you are ready to start work at

8.15 a.m.

e You (have to/shouldn't) be finished by about 2 p.m. most days. f You (shouldn't/don't have to) make it clear you want a tip,

2 Here are some facts about Britain. Complete the passage by guessing the
missing ages.

You don't have to stay at school after the age of 1___ At this age, you

can marry or join the armed forces with your parents1 consent.

You can go into a pub when you are t_ _ but you cannot buy or drink

alcohol thete until you are i____ . However, you needn't be so old to

buy a pet. You can do this when you are just \_____

You l-ieed to be 1_____ before you are allowed to hold a car driving

licence or hold any firearm, but you will not be allowed to serve on a jury
or vote in general and local elections until you arei!____ .

3 Write similar sentences about your country.

Unit 3 Staffing and internal organization 33

3 Word Study IDecode the anagram adjectives to find words used to describe personality,

and write them in the table below:

aMr Thomas has a reputation for being very ricesen.However, people

don't always appreciate hearing the truth. bIf you could be a little more cultunap in the future, our meetings could

srarr on time for a change, cShe's extremely blareeli.I wouldn't hesitate to give her more


dA good host should always be utocusero and serve his guests first. eL'm not terribly carticlap,I'm afraid. 1 can't even fix a plug when it

goes wrong. fYou have to be lebelfixin this job because half of the year we

work shifts. g I'm really suiteachtins about my new job. There are great

opportunities for me,

h People who are usitomabiwitl get promotion more easily. iTo get the work done in time you'll need to be very nicefitfe, jShe is very nitfecnodthat she'll be able to get the work done in time

without any problems.

2 Now write out the noun form for each adjective.
adjective noun

34 Unit 3 Staffing and internal organization

4 ReadingSmall hotels have quire different staffing requirements from large ones.

1 Read the text below and decide which of the following titles is the most appropriate: Thanks a Lot!, A Family Affair, or All Work and No Play.




■We have a very regular clientele. which we inherited with the


erard and SyJ.vle Bonnet have been sharing the duties of running their ten-bedroomed hotel in the Oordogne for the past fifteen months. In that time, they have taken just three days off work; twoforfuneralflandoneroi' a wedding (their own). On my travels, I have met quite a few of these JWttflg,workaholic hoteliers. 'What makes you do it?1 I ask Gerard, whose arms are plunged deep in soapy water. 'We both used to work for a large, famous hotel in Paris.' he replies. Lt became theFmntOffl.ee Manager and Sylvie was my assistant. It was great, but after a while wa felt that wo needed a change. We wanted a. challenger It was not long before Gerard was faced with one which uame as an inheritance: 'Le Petit Bjjou', They have not looked back since.

building', adds Svlvle 'This means it has been (taay to plan ahead, but naturally there has hoein Home resistance to change. For example, I was about to fill tn the old well at the front, of the drive with concrete, but some of the quests made such a lot of fuss that 1 couldn't,!'

The best thing about running1 a.small hotel', says Ger&M in. Ms impeccable English, 'is that we c^.n provide our guests with the personal touch. Only having a few customersata time. Isoonlearnt how Monsieur Lefevre llkss his eggs cooked, and what brand of cigarette

Of course, the smaller hotel suffers from a slower turnover nf stock. Unusual iteznsmigtLt simply perish of old age while waiting- r,o be used, Sylvie's solution is simple: 'If we suddenly need something, we sead out "peti I. Jacques" to the local hypermarket.' Only nineteen.

Jacques. Gerard's younger brother, alfio csrae with tho hotel

He exudes Gallic charm ana wit and genulnely duys dot seem to mind the heavy workload.

Set In the stunnine1 BTPftn paradise that is the Lot. Le Petit Bijou looks set for a rosy ft] ture. Tourists hock to the area in their thousands come summer. But a low occupancy rate Jn the winter Liuarter means the Bonnets have fewer permanent Staff than tony would like. Fortunately, they do not suffer from the high labour trnrnnver ratp that sinm» smull hotels do. but that is because they rely heavily on the largely untrained help of family and friends when the big- rush Is on.

From my bedroom window, admiiinff the view, I see Gerard loading" hiH Citroen van with produce from the kitchen garden at the back of the house. Lln the low season we produce more than we need, so we sell any extra, to the local stores. I try to get the best price, but I'm not so goudat-how do you say- bargaining?',he tells rae over a glass of wine at dinner on the eve of my departure.

Source; Michael Blackburn

Unit 3 Staffing and internal organization 35

2 a When did the Bonnets start running their own hotel?
b How is business going?

' c Why did SyJvie not fill in the well?

3 Read the text more carefully and make a note of the advantages and
disadvantages of running a small hotel diat Gerard and Sylvie have
encountered. Can you think of any not mentioned in the text?

4 Write sentences to explain the following vocabulary from the text.
a tegular clientele

b personal touch

c slower turnover of stock

d Jacques ... also came with the hotel

e heavy workload

f ■ low occupancy rate

g high labour turnover rate

h the big rush

i bargaining


A 'regular clientele'means customers who repeatedly visit an establishment.

Imagine you and three/four partners have enough money to buy and run a small hotel. Think about the following questions:

a Which country/city/town/vHlage/street would it be in?

b How many rooms? With what sort of views?

c What kind of clientele would you try to attract?

d What special activities would you offet?

e What would you call it?

f How would you divide the work?

g Which jobs would you like most?

h Which jobs would you like least?

Make notes to help you report to the rest of die class lacer.

Unit 3 Staffing and internal organization

6 Listening

Listen to Christopher Ltoyd, rhe Personnel Director of"a large hotel, describing the job ol a concierge.

I As you listen, tick {/) the irems below if you hear Christopher Lloyd talk about them.

□ personality required

□ working hours

□ duties

□ uniform


2 Listen again and take more detailed notes about rhe items you ticked.

3 Without listening again, match the haJves of the phrases below:


1 provide for a a guest's requests

2 contact b a courteous manner

3 make c guests' needs

4 display d a supply of stamps

5 maintain e external companies

6 keep f guest satisfaction

7 fulfil g bookings for tours, etc.

8 maximize h a log-book

Jnit 3 Staffing and internal organization


7 Reading

Read the job advertisement, then complete the letter of application using the following words:

delegates, House, interested, command, apply, get, suitable. Co­ordinator, advertised, had, available, experience, past, chain




We have an intw^stiog opportunity foran enthusiastic person 10 handle conference requirements ei* leaderof at friendly team based at our prestigious Boston hotel. Applicants will need to have international conference.©qjerfettce and(lie ability toliaise at all levels,

Wurkiiyj conditions, salary, andbenefils at*ex reliant.

Interested applicants with relevant

should write witli their fv ttS!

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