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B) The world does not have unlimited natural resources.



Section 1

Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.

(1) My name is Juan and I ____ from Spain.

a) is

b) be

c) are

D) am


(2) Where ________ ?

A) does he work

b) he works

c) he does work

d) works he


(3) Who did _________at the party?

a) you saw

B) you see

c) saw you

d) see


(4) Ď________ to Australia, Ginny?í ĎNo, I havenít.í

a) Did you ever go

b) Will you ever go

c) Are you ever going

D) Have you ever been


(5) Tokyo is __________ city Iíve ever lived in.

a) the most big

b) the bigger

C) the biggest

d) the more big


(6)Is she the woman ________ husband is a famous musician?

a) which

b) that

c) who

D) whose


(7)The police wanted to know exactly how the money _______ stolen from the bank.

a) is

B) was

c) gets

d) did


(8)By the time Mary gets here, the movie _________.

a) will finish

b) is going to finish

C) will have finished

d) is finishing


(9) You __________ tell anyone about this, Sara. Itís our secret, OK?

a) couldnít

b) wouldnít

c) mustnít

d) donít have to


(10) I think you ______ leave now, itís getting late.

a) can

b) would

C) will

d) should


(11)I wish I ________ in such a cold country!

a) didnít live

b) havenít lived

c) wonít live

d) am not living


(12) If Jack _________ music, he wouldnít have become a concert pianist.

a) hadnít studied

b) didnít study

c) wouldnít have studied

d) hasnít studied

Section 2

Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.

(13) I always go to the movies ______ Fridays.

A) on

b) in

c) at

d) by


(14) I will _____you tomorrow.

a) shout

b) cry

C) call

d) say


(15) Hannahís a really __________person. Sheís always smiling.

a) sensible

b) interesting

c) talkative

D) cheerful


(16) I have no_____ what time the swimming pool opens.

a) belief

b) opinion

C) idea

d) feeling


(17) It was a beautiful day so we went on a boat_______on the lake.

a) ride

B) travel

c) drive

d) sightseeing


(18)It was a great meal, but pretty expensive. Just look at the _______!

a) ticket

b) recipe

c) invoice

D) bill


(19) Laura rarely leaves the house without ________ her make-up on.

a) doing

B) putting

c) having

d) getting


(20) Joel came back from his holiday in Brazil looking really ________.

A) tanned

b) sunned

c) coloured

d) darkened


Section 3

Read the text below. For questions 21 to 25, choose the best answer (a, b, c or d).

ĎHeavier than air flying machines are impossible,í said the well-known scientist Lord Kelvin in 1895. Thomas Watson, the chairman of IBM in 1943, was wrong too when he said that he thought there would be a world market for only five or so computers.


Predictions can, of course, be wrong, and it is very difficult to predict what the world will be like in 100, 50, or even 20 years from now. Butthis is something that scientists and politicians often do. They do so because they invent things and make decisions that shape the future of the world that we live in.


In the past they didnít have to think too much about the impact that their decisions had on the natural world. But that is now changing. An increasing number of people believe that we should live within the rules set by nature. In other words, they think that in a world of fixed and limited resources, what is used today will not be there for our children. We must therefore look at each human activity and try to change it or create alternatives if it is not sustainable. The rules for this are set by nature, not by man.


(21) How many predictions are mentioned in the text?

A) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4


(22) According to the text, which of the following statements is TRUE?

a) Lord Kelvin and Thomas Watson were good friends.

b) The world does not have unlimited natural resources.

c) Our children will not make predictions about the future.

d) It is easy to predict what the world will be like 20 years from now.


(23) shape (line 6) is closest in meaning to:

a) do

b) create

c) look at

D) move


(24) The article suggests we should live in a _____ way.

a) selfish

b) sustainable

c) predictable

D) scientific


(25) Choose the best title for the article.

a) Predictions and more predictions!

b) Politicians and scientists

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