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Innovative single-skin depower concept


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Flysurfer have proven themselves once again to be pioneers in kite development. In late October 2013 the very first single skin kite with an effective working depower, will hit the market. The PEAK uses no bottom sail making it different to conventional ram air kites. The weight of the kite is reduced and the pack size is incredibly small. The power generated by the PEAK is considerably more than would be expected by a similar sized depower kite. There are no other kites that get going as early in light winds. The PEAK will be delivered ready-to-fly with a super light bar. The frontline safety (FLS) makes the PEAK flag out with no pressure in the canopy, and together with the light version of the Infinity 2.0 quick release the PEAK delivers maximum safety. The PEAK is made for backcountry touring, freeride snowkiting, landboarding, or buggying, as well as expeditions, schools and teaching. You can use the PEAK for urban street kiting or take it anywhere with you when you go on holiday. An innovative additional option available with the PEAK is a special kite bag which is a lightweight trekking backpack equipped with an integrated harness. So you can set up the PEAK anywhere you want within seconds and you are ready to go. Lift your game with the all new PEAK by Flysurfer.


Flysurfer „everyday is a kiteday“!


PEAK product text



We always have an open system to developing new projects to give kitesports more variety and opportunities to achieve the best possible product. Ever since our brand was founded kite landboarding and Snowkiting have been integral parts of Flysurfer’s development outlook. This is why the development of strong performing land-kites is as close to our hearts as the development of kitesurf products. With the PEAK we are taking the next step and after 1.5 years of development, our young developer from Belgium, Reinhard Paelink who is the head of the PEAK project has finally realised his dream and created the first single-skin kite with a huge depower range. The PEAK sets new standards in regards to low-end power, pack size and weight. The extreme weight reduction accomplished by removing the bottom sail allows the kite to generate a lot more power. Creating a single skin kite with depower is an incredibly difficult and complex challenge. It has been achieved by combining knowledge from soft kites, inflatable kites and paragliding with creativity and a lot of fine tuning to create a completely new solution.


Added value

The PEAK is your personal lift to the summit of mountains. No pre inflating the kite or pumping – you are ready to go immediately. The lightest breeze and the PEAK will pull you to locations which previously seemed unreachable. The PEAK is super easy to handle even in extreme low wind conditions allowing you to get going earlier. However the PEAK is also easy to control in strong winds due to the direct and effective depower. To recap – you can have super easy control in light and strong winds with only one kite size and a super small pack size. For individual preference you can adjust the bar setup between freeride or touring mode. Additionally we put a great deal into the PEAK’s build quality giving the durability associated with Flysurfer products. Besides the super small pack size, the real showstopper is how quick to set up the PEAK is. In seconds the PEAK can be unpacked and ready to fly. It can be launched and landed from any surface without any assistance and quickly packed away in its backpack. The PEAK saves time and hassle and offers you absolute independence.



When it comes to safety – we do not compromise! The PEAK has incredible stability in gusty conditions and an effective and direct depower. The 4-line bar is lightweight and very compact. When activated, the frontline safety (FLS) makes the PEAK flag out downwind with minimal pull. The Infinity 2.0 quick release can be re-assembled within seconds so your PEAK is ready to fly again. Backstall landings for short snowkite breaks work even easier with single-skin kites.



The PEAK is available in 6.0m and 9.0m ready-to-fly including control bar and lines. The PEAK is ideally suited for backcountry touring, freeride snowkiting, kite landboarding or buggying and of course for expeditions or teaching. With short lines it is also great for urban street kiting. The PEAK fits easily in any travel bag so you can always take the PEAK with you on your next trip. Super simple and easy handling makes it ideal for children or beginners. The PEAK can be ordered with a special kite bag which is a super light trekking backpack equipped with an integrated harness. Put your hydration pack in it and you are good to go. The straps are fixed around your waist and thighs and the chickenloop attaches through metal loops. This saves on packing a bulky and heavy harness when you want to travel light. The PEAK can be set up anywhere and is ready to go immediately, no matter where – on a snow plateau, in a field, on the beach, on asphalt or even in the dessert. Lift your game with the new PEAK by Flysurfer!





PEAK Features


Innovative single-skin depower concept

Th This is a first in the kite market! Compared to its ram-air double-skin cousins in our line-up, the PEAK has no bottom sail resulting in a huge reduction in weight and more performance per square metre. The power is controllable due to the efficiency of the PEAK’s depower system. The PEAK definitely sets new standards in regards to low-end, wind-range and pack size.


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