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Profession of a teacher

There are professions vocations and people surrender themselves wholly to these professions. Undoubtedly, the profession of a teacher is one of them. Teaching is an honorable profession. A lot depends on the teacher, on his skills, experience and knowledge. He brings up the new generation. It is a noble task.

Even if you want to be a teacher you can not become a good one. You must be born one. Love for children, an ability to communicate with them, understand and teach them these are the most important qualities of a genuine teacher. An ability to be a real teacher is God's gift; it is a talent like the talent of a writer, an artist or a musician. A real teacher is like a sculptor: he moulds a personality out of a child like a sculptor creates a beautiful statue out of clay. There are many expressions about this job. Famous Russian teacher V. A. Sukhomlinsky said: "The teacher creates a man." and Polish teacher Yanush Korchak said: "The real teacher gives his heart to children."


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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was born in Freiberg, which is now known as the Czech Republic, on May 6, 1856. Freud developed psychoanalysis, a method through which an analyst unpacks unconscious conflicts based on the free associations, dreams and fantasies of the patient. His theories on child sexuality, libido and the ego, among other topics, were some of the most influential academic concepts of the 20th century.

His treatment was to empower his patients to recall the experience and bring it to consciousness, and in doing so, confront it both intellectually and emotionally. He believed one could then discharge it and rid oneself of the neurotic symptoms. Freud and Breuer published their theories and findings in Studies in Hysteria (1895).

My usual working day

my usual day. So at 6.25 the alarm clock wakes me up and my usual day starts. I do not like getting early, but I have to do it on the weekdays. Then I make my bed and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a shower. At 6.55 I have my breakfast. Usually it is a cup of coffee and a couple of sandwiches.


I go to university at 7.45. My lessons begin at 8:30 and finish at 1:55 p.m. or at 2:30 p.m. When Im at home, my parents are still at work. After university I either take a nap or read books or listen to music or watch TV.

Then it is high time for me to get down to my homework. I go to bed at 10 p.m.

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1. Perception-the mental process of reflection of objects and phenomena in a holistic form of the realization of their distinguishing features. It is associated with the identification, understanding and comprehension of objects and their attribution to a particular category. In-holistic mental image, a detailed specific, detailed (sensual). Image perception is not simply the sum of sensations, although they are part of it. This is a meaningful and mediated process.

Laws of perception: 1. meaningfulness, the cat is in the fact that the person understands, accepts, it is closely connected with thinking and also with the use of past experience; 2. The perception of objectivity is manifested in classifying images of perception to certain objects or phenomena and moreover a person perceives things that have meaning; 3. Structural - Perception is not simply the sum of sensations. Man perceives the generalized structure of these sensations; 4. constancy - constancy Vospriyativnoy shape, size and color of the object in a changing environment. Due to this property in the perception of a person lives in a world of permanent things.

Properties perception: 1.appertseptsiya - the impact of past experiences on the process of perception (or wheel sambrero); 2.izbiratelnost - manifested in the preferential allocation of some objects compared to the other; 3.tselostnost - in the process of perception is always a complete image of the object and in the created mental reflects the strong ties between the components (if we see some parts, I always finish building a complete image).

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