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in the morning in the afternoon in the evening on Christmas Day on New Years Day on St Valentines Day on weekdays at Christmas at Easter at breakfast at lunch at dinner at night at the weekend yesterday today tomorrow last (this, next, every) week/month/year


I met him in 1995.

His lesson was in the evening.

My course starts on the first of July.

Her birthday is on Christmas Day.

They always talk to each other at breakfast.

Ill see you at eight oclock.

Bob went to Paris yesterday.

We saw him last year.



Fill in the gaps:

1. ________ the summer.

2. ________ 8:15.

3. ________ the 25th of August.

4. ________ the evening.

5. ________ night.

6. ________ August.

7. ________ the weekend.

8. ________ the morning.

9. ________ Friday night.

10. ________ six thirty.

11. I'm going there ____ Monday.

12. The meeting's ____ the third of June.

13. The course starts ____ the autumn.

14. I'm going away _____ Easter.

15. She was born ___ 2002.

16. It happened ____ Wednesday.

17. It was popular ____ 1990.

18. I'm going skiing _____ Christmas.

19. He will come ____ the weekend.


A. Correct the mistakes:

1. See you on the evening.

2. Its my birthday at Monday.

3. Were going on holiday in the weekend.

4. I started my English class in last autumn.

5. Im meeting her on five oclock.

6. My brother was born in the first of May 1984.

7. Are you leaving at the morning?

8. Do you want to go to Birmingham with me at next weekend?

9. Im going to college on September.

10. The concert starts in 8 pm at Sunday evening.

11. Can you help me tidy up, please? Sorry, Im busy at weekdays.

12. I didnt go out in Saturday. Did you?

13. Can you call me on tomorrow?

14. Were going to Spain on night.

15. The driver said the bus leaves in 10.15.

16. Valentines Day is on February.

17. Im going to meet Claire two oclock on the afternoon.

18. Sarah and Kezia are moving house in next week.

19. We bought this house at 1998.

20. He often misses classes in Fridays.

21. In Monday there will be a special programme about the theatre on BBC 2.

22. Im really tired on this week.

23. I went shopping at Thursday.

24. Bettys going to the doctors on the morning.

25. The party started 5 pm.

26. I was born at September. My birthday is in September 20th.

27. The last visitors left on a quarter to twelve.

28. Kasia and Billy got married in Christmas.

29. We went out for a meal on last Saturday.

30. Ill talk to you on dinner, Nigel.

B. Fill in the gaps:

My birthday's ...... May

She'll be away ...... next week

The exam is ...... the tenth of December

I always have dinner with my family ..... Christmas Day

In Spain, they give each other presents ..... Christmas

The lecture finished ..... five thirty

I like to go to a party ....... New Year's Day

The car won't be ready ..... Friday

You will see Paris ..... the spring

He doesn't start work until late .... the afternoon

Snow generally falls ..... February

I have lessons .... Mondays and Wednesdays

It's always cold ....... November

Their first child was born ..... the spring

People celebrate Guy Fawkes' Night ..... the fifth of November

I'll see you ..... ten o' clock

She died ..... 1993

It gets very cold ..... winter

She was born ..... 1985

Her birthday's ..... June

I leave home very early ..... the morning

We left ..... Monday

He worked there ........ the summer

She's going on holiday ...... Xmas

Leaves fall ..... autumn

Their wedding is .... the eleventh of July

I didnt see her ........ April

The film starts ........ eight o' clock

Mayday is celebrated .... May the first

The play starts ..... half past seven

The show started .... the fifteenth of May

The results were ready .... July

There is a public holiday ........ May the first

She was born ..... Christmas

She left her job ....... August

Her birthday is ..... Tuesday this year

We met ...... a foggy day in March

He broke the car ..... night

They wrote the contract ..... 1984

They're leaving ...... June

I was ill ...... last week

I worked there ...... July

He was born ..... 1968

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