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Names of Sporting Events and Festivals

Ex. 1. Correct answers

1. the World Cup.2. Christmas.3. Wimbledon. 4. Mothers Day. 5. a family Christmas. 6. an Easter. 7. the Christmas holidays. 8. the Olympic Games. 9. a lovely Christmas. 10. Easter. 11. a Merry Christmas.

Names of Organizations

Ex. 1. Correct answers

1. the United Nations.2. ICI. 3. the Conservative Party. 4. Cathay Pacific. 5. UNESCO. 6. the European Community. 7. the General Electric Company, GEC. 8. Barclays Bank. 9. the BBC. 10. the CIA. 11. the Pentagon.

Names of Books, Newspapers, Periodicals

Ex. 1. Correct answers

1. Newsweek.2. Pravda.3. the Spectator. 4. Today, the Sun, the Guardian. 5. the Times. 6. the Mail, the Express. 7. a Guardian. 8. the News Chronicle. 9. the New York Herald. 10. the Koran. 11. the New York Times.

Names of Political Institutions

Ex. 1. Correct answers

1. Whitehall.2. the Finance Ministry.3. the House of Lords. 4. the Kremlin. 5. Parliament. 6. the Senate. 7. the American Embassy. 8. the Consulate. 9. the Thatcher cabinet. 10. the British Consulate. 11. Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament. 12. the White House.

Articles in the noun group

Ex. 1. In the following sentences, the articles which are optional have been left out.

1. It was a small family bakery owned by a husband and wife. (S. Sheldon)

2. In some cases you can use a definite or indefinite article.

3. Its cold outside. Take a hat and coat with you.

4. A man and woman alone will inevitably engage in sexual intercourse. (H. Fielding)

5. We bought a television and a vacuum cleaner.

6. Storms affected the north and west of the country.

7. He has a brother and sister.

8. Mother and baby are doing well.

9. We ought to clear up this mess. Give me a dustpan and brush.

10. The path led across the hills and valleys of the county.

11. Well need a knife and fork to eat that.

12. This will affect the normal relationship between husband and wife.

13. Max stood near the door, and as a man and a woman approached him, he stepped in front of the woman. (S. Sheldon)

14. Instantly husband and wife were tense with annoyance.

15. They think we live together at Manderley as husband and wife, dont they? (D. du Maurier)

16. Such readers as only like plot and dialogue can then skip every other chapter. (J. Steinbeck)

17. Thankfully, it has turned out all right for mother and baby.

18. This broadly relates to communications between lawyer and client.

19. When you go on holiday, take a raincoat and a camera.

Ex. 2.

1. a.2. a.3. the. 4. x, a. 5. a. 6. a. 7. a. 8. a. 9. a. 10. the, the. 11. a. 12. a. 13. a. 14. an. 15. a.

Ex. 3.

1. many a.2. both the other.3. such a. 4. all the many. 5. five times the. 6. quite a. 7. the few. 8. the one. 9. so stupid a boy. 10. such a brilliant essay. 11. too good a chance. 12. what a difficult task. 13. how a likely a possibility. 14. as serious a threat/ a threat as serious 15. all the better.

Ex. 4.

1. an.2. a, x, the, a, a.3. a. 4. a. 5. a. 6. an. 7. a. 8. a. 9. a. 10. a.

Ex. 5.

1. d.2. h.3. a. 4. f. 5. c. 6. g. 7. b. 8. e.

Ex. 6.

1. c. 2. b.3. a. 4. c. 5. d.

Ex. 7.

1. h. 2. e. 3. i. 4. f. 5. a. 6. g. 7. j. 8. d. 9. b. 10. c.

Ex. 8.

1. x, the, the, the, the, the.2. the, an, an.3. the. 4. the, a. 5. the. 6. the. 7. the. 8. the. 9. an, a. 10. the. 11. the. 12. the. 13. a. 14. x, x. 15. x, x. 16. x. 17. x. 18. a. 19. the. 20. a. 21. x. 22. a. 23. a. 24. x, x. 25. the, the, the. 26. x. 27. x, x. 28. x. 29. x. 30. x. 31. x, x. 32. x, x. 33. x, x. 34. x, x. 35. x, x. 36. x, x. 37. x. 38. x, x. 39. x. 40. a. 41. x. 42. x. 43.x, a. 44.a 45. x. 46. x, the. 47. x.

Miscellaneous Use of Articles

Ex. 1.

1. x, a, a.2. a, x, the, the, the, the, an, the, the.3. the, a, the, a, the, the, a, the. 4. a, the, the, the, a, x. 5. the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, x, x. 6. the, the, the, the, the. 7. the, x, x, the, x, x, x, the. 8. the, x, the, x, an, the, the, a. 9. a, x. 10. the, x, x. 11. x, x. 12. x, the. 13. the, a, the, the, the. 14. x, the. 15. a, the, x. 16. x, a, the, the. 17. a, a, the. 18. the, the, an, x, x, a. 19. x, x, x. 20. a, a, a, the. 21. the, the. 22. the, the, the. 23. x, the, the, x, the. 24. an, x, the. 25. a, the, the, x. 26. the, a, the, x, the, a, a, the, a, the, x. 27. a, a, a. 28. a, a, x, x, a, an, x, an. 29. the, the, x. 30. a, the, the, the, the, x. 31. the, a, a. 32. a, the, the, x. 33. the, x, the, the. 34. a, a, the, a, a. 35. the, a, the. 36. the, the, the, x, the, the, the, the, a, the, the. 37. the, the, the, the, a, a, a. 38. a, a, the, the. 39. the, the, the, a, the, the. 40. a, x, x, x, x, a, the, x.

Ex. 2.

The Romans invaded Britain in AD 43 and, chasing ancient Britons along the Thames, they came to the first place where it was easy to cross. They built a garrison there and London was born. They also erected a bridge over the river. The Garrison became a major trading post. Later, the bridge suffered neglect and the whole area was raided by the Vikings. In AD 886 Alfred the Great drove out the raiders, the bridge was repaired and the city prospered again. A hundred years later, the Vikings returned but King Ethelred sailed up the Thames, attached ropes to London Bridge, headed downriver and pulled it down.

Ex. 3.

a) Lara walked along Michigan Avenue and State Street and La Salle, strolled along Lake Shore Drive and wandered through Lincoln Park with its zoo and golf course and lagoon. She visited the Merchandise Mart, and went to Kroch-Brentano's and bought books about Chicago. She read about the famous who had made Chicago their home: Carl Sandburg, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Saul Bellow. She read about the pioneer families of Chicago; the John Bairds and Gaylord Donnelleys, the Marshall Fields and Potter Palmers and Walgreens, and she passed by their homes on Lake Shore Drive and their huge estates in suburban Lake Forest. Lara visited the southside and she felt at home there because of all the ethnic groups: Swedes, Poles, Irish, Lithuanians. It reminded her of Glace Bay. (S. Sheldon)

b) Sir Alexander had been exact from an early age, as became the only son of a general. But unlike his father, he chose to serve his Queen in the diplomatic service, another exacting calling. He progressed from a shared desk at the Foreign Office in Whitehall to third secretary in Calcutta, to second secretary in Vienna, to first secretary in Rome, to Deputy Ambassador in Washington, and finally to minister in Peking. He was delighted when Mr. Gladstone invited him to represent the government in China as he had for some considerable time taken more than an amateur interest in the art of the Ming dynasty. (J. Archer)

c) To outward appearances, I suppose, I was still walking down the Strand, fat and forty-five, with false teeth and a bowler hat, but inside me I was George Bowling, aged seven, younger son of Samuel Bowling, corn and seed merchant, of 57 High Street, Lower Binfield. And it was Sunday morning, and I could smell the church. How I could smell it! You know the smell churches have, a peculiar, dank, dusty, decaying, sweetish sort of smell. (G. Orwell)

d) I wanted Louisa to sell the house in Chicago when he passed over, Elliot went on, but she had a sentiment about it. It had been in the Bradley family for quite a long while. The Bradleys are one of the oldest families in Illinois The Bradley who settled here was what I suppose you might call a farmer. I am not sure whether you know, but about the middle of the last century, when the Middle West began to be opened up, quite a number of Virginians, younger sons of good family, you know, were tempted by the lure of the unknown to leave the fleshpots of their native state. My brother-in-laws father, Chester Bradley, saw that Chicago had a future and entered a law office here. (W.S. Maugham)

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