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A) Discuss or write the answers to these questions.

What, for you, are the pleasures and horrors of modern driving?

Look at the aspects of travel listed below. What are they like in your country? How are they different in any other country you have been to?

roads and car-drivers


train services

hitch-hiking possibilities

b) What's the furthest you have travelled in one 24-hour period? Describe the journey.

C) Think of films or film sequences - disaster movies, car chases, train adventures, sinking ships that involve travelling. Describe in detail the ones that impressed you most.

Write, in dialogue form, a conversation in which three friends argue about how they should travel to a distant city for a long weekend. One thinks it would be best to go by car, the second is for going by train, and the third would prefer to go by coach.

Task 9. Read the text and discuss whether you are green tourists or not.


Tourism around the world is so popular that in certain places, it affects and even causes damage to the sights that the tourists have come to see. It is important to think about the economic, cultural and environmental effects of being a tourist. So, before you go on holiday, here are some suggestions on how to be a green tourist.

1 Use public transport.If everyone uses their cars, pollution and traffic congestion will become an enormous problem.

2 Stay in small hotels and eat local food.It's important that the money you spend on accommodation and food remains within the local area.

3 Travel out of season.It's the best time to avoid crowds, and it's often cheaper as well.

4 Think of yourself as a guest, not a tourist.As a tourist, you're simply a source of money.

5 Learn the local language.If you make an effort to speak their language, you'll be able to talk to local people, and they are likely to be even more hospitable.

6 Be careful about taking photos.In some places, people are embarrassed when you take their photo. Find out what the local custom is.

7 Find out about the place you're visiting.It's very impolite to the local people if you're only there because of the weather and don't want to know anything about where you are.

8 Use less water than at home.In certain places, the authorities supply the big hotels with water.

9 Use local guides.This will create jobs and help the local economy.

10 Adopt the local lifestyle.If you don't appreciate being in a foreign country, why leave home in the first place?

Adapted from The Good Tourist by Katie Wood and Syd House



1. Read the text. What is the purpose of each paragraph?

Put the linking words in the correct place in each paragraph. The linking words are in the right order Sometimes you will need to change the punctuation: First of all, Also, for example, However, Firstly, Secondly, for example, Despite the disadvantages, because...

Travelling by train has many advantages. There are no stressful traffic jams, and trains are fast and comfortable. You can use the time in different ways. You can just sit and read, or watch the world go by. You can work, or you can have a meal or a snack in the buffet car.

Travelling by train also has some disadvantages. It is expensive and the trains are sometimes crowded and delayed. You have to travel at certain times and trains cannoi take you from door to door. You need a bus or a taxi to take you to the railway station.

I prefer travelling by train to travelling by car. I feel more relaxed when I reach my destination

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A) Work in groups of three. Discuss the following questions. | a) You are going to write a description of a place that you have visited on holiday recently. Think of a place you have been to.
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