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A) Work in groups of three. Discuss the following questions.

1. What are the favourite tourist spots in your country? Do you live near to any of them?

2. Do they have any problems?

3. List as many advantages and disadvantages of tourism as you can think of. Compare your lists with the other groups.

4. There is an organization called 'Green Tourism'. Which in the following pairs do you think they will be in favour of? Which won't they approve of? Why?

5. 'Travel broadens the mind.' Do youagree?

6. As a tourist, have you ever:

been on a package holiday?

bought souvenirs? (What? Where?)

taken lots of photographs? (What of? Who of? Where?)

filmed your holiday with a camcorder? (What? Who? Where?)

written your name in a visitors' book or on a wall or building? (What? Where?)

b) Put these holidays in order of preference. Discuss why you've chosen that order.

Ø an activity holiday

Ø a beach holiday

Ø a self- catering holiday

Ø a camping holiday

Ø a package holiday

Ø a holiday near your home

Task 6.

Where have the class been? Ask other students in the class and make a list of countries, regions and famous cities your fellow students have been to. Try to find a place for every letter of the alphabet. You can include regions and cities in your own country.

Task 7.

Six people are talking about their holidays. Decide if they enjoyed their holiday or not. Decide if the following sentences are true (T) or false (F).


1. a)They didn't like the restaurants or excursions. b)They ran out of money.

2. a)The holiday was very tiring. b)They sometimes slept during the day.

3. a)The food was disgusting. b)The waiters were very friendly.

4. a)The plane was only a little late. b)They missed the train.

5. a)They didn't enjoy their first meal. b)The restaurants in the town were very good.

6. a)They were unhappy about the snow. b)The weather had been better the previous year.

The resort was gorgeous with a beautiful sandy beach. The trouble was everything cost a fortune. Restaurants, excursions, windsurfing, jetskis, they had everything, but basically we did nothing at all because we couldn't afford it. After two days we were broke, so we just ate sandwiches after that and watched everyone else enjoying themselves.

I was dead by the end of it. I'd always wanted to go, so I thought I'd better make the most of it. We didn't do much during the day because we had to catch up on our sleep, but in the evenings we saw three musicals and then went clubbing to a different place every night. Terrific! I can't wait to get back.

Yes, absolutely brilliant. The hotel was a high-rise dump; they hadn't even finished building it. The food was wonderful if you like raw eggs for breakfast, and the service was as friendly as you could expect from a prison camp. It was the perfect destination for your worst enemy.

When we got to the check-in they told us there would be a slight delay. Six hours later we finally got on to an ancient plane, and when we were airborne, I just closed my eyes and prayed. When we arrived, we were too late for the train and, in any case, our baggage had got lost somewhere.

On the first day, we went down to the restaurant and it was disgusting. Some kind of revolting raw fish with a spicy sauce, ugh! So for the rest of the time we decided to check out other places in the town where we were really spoilt for choice. There were the most amazing places, and we couldn't wait for dinner time to arrive.

The funny thing is that although it was freezing, I got really sunburnt. There had been heavy snowfalls just before we got there, so conditions were tremendous. We couldn't have hoped for anything better. I just wish it had been the same last year.

Task 8.

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