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Identify the tenses , then match them with the correct description.

1I had readmost of his novels by the end of the holiday.

2I was enjoyingmyself at the party while Tim was babysittingat home.

3We got up at half past six this morning.

4They were still consideringhis proposal that evening.

5She joggedfive miles every day when she was young.

6She hada shower, got dressedquickly and leftfor the airport.

7Reporters had been telephoningall morning.

8A crowd of tourists were waitingoutside the hotel when the bomb exploded.

9He madehis last film in Poland.

10She had been going outwith Tony for five years before she decided to marry him.

11 She was upset because she hadjust heardthe news.

12The police officer changed her phone number because she had been receivinganonymous calls for several weeks.

13 The dancer hadalways dreamedof becoming successful.


aaction in the middle of happening at a stated past time

bcomplete action or event which happened at a stated past time

cpast actions which happened one immediately after another

dpast action in progress interrupted by another past action

eaction continuing over a period up to a specific time in the past

fcomplete past action which had visible results in the past

gpast action which occured before another action or before a stated time

hpast habit or state

iPast Perfect Continuous as the past equivalent of the Present Perfect Continuous

jaction not connected to the present which happened at a definite past time not mentioned

kPast Perfect as the past equivalent of the Present Perfect

ltwo or more simultaneous past actions

mpast action of certain duration which had visible results in the past

G 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 ... 10 ... 11 ... 12 ... 13 ...

Choose the correct answer.

1“Are you going shopping tonight?”

“No, I ..... yesterday.”

Awent Bhad gone Chad been going

2“Did you see Nathan?”

“No, he ..... by the time I arrived at his house.”

Awas leaving Bhad been leaving Chad left

3“Where is Scott?”

“He ..... on the phone when I saw him.”

Awas talking Btalked Chad talked

4“How often do you clean your house?”

“I ..... clean it once a week.”

Aseldom Busually Cnever

5“Did Alan arrive on time?”

“No, I ..... for an hour before he arrived.”

Awas waiting Bhad waited Chad been waiting

6“Did you go out for dinner last night?”

“No . I ..... a lot at lunch, so I wasn’t hungry.”

Ahad been eating Bhad eaten Cwas eating

7“What time do you finish work?”

“Actually, I ..... .”

Ahave just finished Bfinish Cstayed

8“Did you enjoy your holiday?”

“Yes, we ..... in a fabulous hotel.”

Ahave stayed Bhad stayed Cstayed

9“I like your dress. Is it new?”

“No. I ..... it for ages.”

Ahad Bhave Chave had

10“How is John now?”

“He ..... better slowly.”

Agets Bis getting Chas been getting


Correct the mistakes.

1They are usually starting work at 9 o’clock.

2Look! That man is having blue hair!

3Do you study for your exams at the moment?

4I was being late for work yesterday morning.

5Dave has planned his holiday since Christmas.

6Sheila is typing twenty letters so far this morning.

7The sun has been setting in the west.

8We were sleeping for an hour when the phone rang.

9Lydia had been buying a new car last month.


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