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How I changed my life.

I go to the Gorgeous Body Club four times a week. When I 1)..... (begin)going there, I 2)..... (be)in terrible shape. I 3)..... (not ever go)to a healthy club before, and I 4)..... (not eat)right for years. On the day I 5)..... (join)the club, I 6)..... (be)thirty pounds overweight, and my girlfriend 7)..... (worry)about my health for a long time.

On the first day of my new exercise program, I 8)..... (run)a mile, 9)..... (swim)twenty laps, 10)..... (take)a half-hour exercise class, and 11)..... (sweat)in the sauna. I 12)..... (think)I was going to die! While I 13)..... (sweat)in the sauna, I 14)..... (dream)about going home to an enormous sandwich, French fries, a Coke, and a huge hot fudge sundae!

But at that time, nobody 15)..... (tell)me about the diet program at the health club. I 16)..... (change)clothes in the locker room and 17)..... (think)about my hot fudge sundae when my exercise instructor 18)..... (come)up and 19)..... (tell)me that the diet class 20)..... (just begin)and that I 21)..... (be)five minutes late. ďDiet class?Ē I 22)..... (say), horrified. I 23)..... (tell)him that nobody 24)..... (mention)such a thing to me.

Well, I somewhat reluctantly 25)..... (go)over to the diet class. When I 26)..... (walk)in, a terribly thin young woman 27)..... (give)a lecture on all the foods we shouldnít eat. She 28)..... (point)to a list of forbidden foods which she 29)..... (put)on the blackboard. All my hopes 30)..... (sink)when I 31)..... (see)all my favourite foods on the list. Then the young woman 32).....(say)that she 33)..... (come)to Gorgeous Body for two years and 34).....(teach)the diet class for six months. She 35)..... (tell)us she 36)..... (weigh)197 pounds when she 37)..... (start)the program. Of course that 38)..... (be)very inspiring! Everyone in the class 39)..... (swear)to come to class regularly and to keep the strict diet.

This 40)..... (be)all a year ago. One day at lunchtime last week, as I 41).....(eat)my spinach salad, I 42)..... (think)about how my life 43)..... (change)and how wonderful I 44)..... (become). I 45)..... (not eat)a single French fry since I started my diet. I 46)..... (exercise)two hours a day for the past year. And for several weeks I 47)..... (think)of entering the Mr. America Contest. I 48)..... (try)many times to persuade my girlfriend to join the health club and become as healthy and as perfect as I was. However, as I 49)..... (drink)my nonfat milk, I sadly 50)..... (remember)that she 51)..... (recently leave)me. She said that I 52)..... (become)a new person but that she53)..... (prefer)the old me to the thin, vain one. She said it seemed that I 54)..... (trade in)a pleasant personality for a Mr. America body, and she didnít think it was a good trade.


Future simple Be going to Future Continuous Future Perfect
decisions taken at the moment of speaking (on-the-spot decisions) Iím hungry. Iíll cooksomething to eat. actions intended to be performed in the near future Iím going to joina gym on Saturday. actions in progress at a stated future time This time next year sheíll be runningher own business. actions finished before a stated future time They will have emigratedto Canada by Christmas.
hopes, fears, threats, offers, promises, warnings, predictions, requests, comments etc, esp. with: expect, hope, believe, Iím sure, Iím afraid, probably etc I promise Iíll beon time. planned actions or intentions Now that sheís passed her exams sheís going to train to be a solicitor. actions which are the result of a routine (instead of the Present Continuous) Iíll be playingtennis on Sunday. (I play tennis every Sunday Ė itís part of my routine.) Note: by or not Ö until/till are used with Future Perfect. Until/till are normally used with Future Perfect only in negative sentences. He will have completed his studies by the end of the year. He wonít have arrived until tonight.
actions or predictions which may (not) happen in the future Heíll probably passhis driving test. or actions which we cannot control and will inevitably happen Summer will be here soon. evidence that something will definitely happen in the near future Those dark clouds mean itís going to rain soon. Itís so hot Ė Iím going to faint. when we ask politely about peopleís arrangements to see if they can do sth for us or because we want to offer to do sth for them Will you be going shopping at the supermarket today? Can you buy me some milk? Future Perfect Continuous
duration of an action up to a certain time in the future By his sixtieth birthday he will have been teaching for 35 years.
things we are not yet sure about or we havenít decided to do yet Perhaps Iíll movehouse. things we are sure about or we have already decided to do in the near future.They are going to operateon his leg. (It has been decided.) Present Simple ( with future meaning) Present Continuous (with future meaning)
timetables / programmes The play begins at 7 oíclock this evening. fixed arrangements in the near future Sheís meeting her aunt this weekend.
with I/we in questions, suggestions, offers or when asking for advice.   Shall we go home now? What shall I wear?   to express offers, threats, promises, predictions, warnings, requests, hopes, fears, on-the-spot decisions, comments (mainly with: think, expect, believe, Iím sure, hope, know, suppose and probably).   I hope you will keep in touch with me.




Future Simple & Be going to Future Perfect Future Perfect Continuous
tomorrow, tonight, next week / month, in two / three etc days, the day after tomorrow, soon, in a week / month etc before, by, by then, by the time, (until is used only in negative sentences with this tense) by Öfor


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