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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.


A: What 1).....(do) when I 2).....(call)at eight, Burt?

B: I 3).....(work)in the garden because the wind 4).....(blow down)the fence during the night.

A: Oh, 5).....(you / manage)to fix it?

B: Yes, I 6).....(do)it eventually, but it 7).....(be)very hard work. I 8).....(ask)my neighbour to help in the end. Why 9).....(you / call) me?

A: I 10).....(want)to tell you about the factory. It 11).....(close down)yesterday.

B: I know. The company 12).....(have)problems for a long time before they finally 13).....(decide)to close down the factory.

A: I 14).....(hope)they would change their minds about it, though. It 15).....(be)a part of the town for years.

B: Well, at least everyone who worked there 16).....(now / find)a new job. Thatís good news.


Complete the sentences below using the information in the box.


1 Fleming was studying influenza .........................

2Columbus discovered America .........................

3 Hillary and Tenzing reached the top of Everest .................

4 Scott reached the South Pole in 1912 ..................

5 Franklin was flying a kite when .................

6 Before Columbus discovered America ...................

7 Newton made his great discovery ...............

8 Climbers had been trying to conquer Everest .................


a after they had been climbing for several days.

bwhen he discovered penicillin.

c but Amundsen had beaten him by a month.

dthough at first he believed he had reached Asia.

e he discovered the principle of the lightning conductor.

f and several had lost their lives in the attempt.

gpeople had believed that the Earth was flat.

h while he was sitting under an apple tree.


Complete the sentences using the past continuous, the past perfect or the past perfect continuous. Use the verb given in brackets. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.


1They stood under the shelter because it ..... (rain).

2The roads were wet because it ..... (rain) all night.

3 He was broke. He ..... (spend) all his money.

4I ..... (have) a nightmare when the alarm went off and woke me up.

5 His hands were covered in oil because he ..... (try) to fix the car all morning.

6 When she opened the window she was happy to see it ..... (snow) lightly. In fact, it ..... (snow) all night and snow ..... (cover) all the rooftops.

7 When Mrs Morgan came into the classroom, the pupils ..... (run) around and ..... (scream) at the tops of their voices. They ..... (knock) over chairs and desks and someone ..... (draw) funny pictures on the board.

8 Although I ..... (set) off early, I got there late and everyone ..... (wait) for me to start the meeting; the chairperson told me they ..... (wait) for a whole hour.

9 When we got back from our holiday we discovered that someone ..... (break) into our house. The burglars, however, ..... (drop) a piece of paper with an address on it as they ..... (climb) out of the window.


Choose the correct form of the verbs.

Conference report

The conference was very successful. The seminars and talks 1) were / had been extremely interesting and it was obvious that all the speakers 2) had prepared / preparedtheir material very thoroughly. Everyone agreed that this should become an annual event. There were however a number of administrative problems. When we 3) arrived / had arrived, we 4) discovered / had discoveredthat the hotel manager 5) reserved / had reserved the wrong room for us and therefore we 6) did not have / had not hadenough space. Unfortunately, he could not let us have the larger room because he 7) gave / had givenit to another group, even bigger than ours. He 8) also misunderstood / had also misunderstoodthe letter explaining what food we 9) required / had required. In fact, we 10) suspected / had suspectedthat he 11) lost / had lostthe letter. We do not recommend using this hotel again.


55. Most of the sentences have one verb in the wrong tense. Correct them or write right.

1I was pleased to see my old college friends at the conference last week as we didnít see each other since we finished our course....as we hadnít seen ...

2We had to wait for hours at the airport because the bad weather had delayed all the flights. ...Right...

3Many modern medicines were not invented by western scientists but by tribal people who had been using them for generations before the Europeans arrived.

4We missed our train, so by the time we reached the theatre, the play ended and the audience was leaving the theatre.

5At the end of their meal they found they couldnít pay the bill because they didnít bring any money with them.

6The children were thrilled when they unwrapped the electronic toys, but when they discovered that nobody bought a battery they were very disappointed.

7When I came out of the cinema I had found that a thief had taken my car radio.

8At first the authorities thought the athlete had been taking drugs, but they soon realised they mixed up the results of the tests.

9When the film star came into the restaurant I didnít recognise her because I didnít see any of her films.

10When we reached the city centre we couldnít find a parking space, so we had decided to go by bus the next time.

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