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Test 3. Complete the sentences with in, at or on.


1. Mike lives ___ Oxford. Heís a student ___ Oxford University.


2. Write your name ___ the top of the page.


3. Who is this boy ___ that photo?


4. Meet me ___ the bus stop ___ the end of Regent Street.


5. There is somebody ___ the door. Shall I go and see who it is?


6. Youíll find the sports results ___ the back page of the newspaper.


7. Where are the children playing? They are playing ___ the beach.


8. She lives ___ the ground floor.


9. It can be dangerous when children play ___ the street.


10. I usually buy a newspaper ___ my way to work in the morning.


11. London is ___ the river Thames. I like swimming ___ the river.


12. I was sitting ___ the back of the class.


13. His signature was ___ the back of this photo.


14. I donít know where my umbrella is. Perhaps I left it ___ the chair.


15. Tom is ill. He wasnít ___ work today. He was ___ home ___ bed.


16. They live ___ Seal, a small village ___ the road to Vladimir.


17. Letís meet ___ the entrance to the Supermarket.


18. If you walk to the end of the street, youíll see a small shop ___ the corner.


19. I wasnít in when you phoned. I was ___ my sisterís house.


20. The exhibition ___ the Museum of Modern Art finished on Saturday.



Test 4. Complete the sentences with in, at or on.


1. The garden is ___ the back of the house.


2. Write your name ___ the back of this envelope.


3. The bus was full. There were too many people ___ it.


4. Tom is ___ work. He works ___ Cambridge ___ the University.


5. When we were ___ the south we stayed ___ a small hotel ___ the coast.


6. Meet me ___ the entrance to the supermarket ___ Oxford Street.


7. There is a public telephone ___ the corner of the street.


8. I havenít seen Kate for some time. I last saw her ___ Daveís wedding.


9. It was a very slow train. It stopped ___ every station.


10. When we were ___ France we stayed ___ a hotel.


11. Nick was waiting ___ the bottom of the stairs.


12. Is Tom ___ this photograph? I canít find him.


13. She waited for him ___ the bus stop ___ the end of Green Street.


14. There was a knock ___ the door.


15. Youíll find details of TV programmes ___ page seven of the newspaper.


16. Thereís nobody living ___ the island. Itís uninhabited.


17. I think her flat is ___ the third floor of that building.


18. It was a lovely day. There wasnít a cloud ___ the sky.


19. We stopped at a small village ___ the way to London.


20. Brighton is ___ the south coast of England. I like swimming ___ the sea.



Test 5. Complete the sentences with in, at or on.


1. They live ___ Baker Street ___ number 12.


2. Sign your name ___ the dotted line ___ the bottom of the page.


3. I saw a taxi ___ the end of the street.


4. Is there anything interesting ___ the paper today?


5. I waited ___ the door for five minutes.


6. Thereís an unusual photograph ___ the back page.


7. Donít sit ___ the grass.


8. My office is ___ the first floor. Itís ___ the left as you come out of the lift.


9. I love to look up ___ the stars ___ the sky at night.


10. ___ my way home I met Nick. He was standing ___ the corner and waiting for somebody.


11. What time did you arrive ___ the hotel?


12. I was standing ___ the back, so I couldnít see very well.


13. I was sitting ___ the back of the car when we crashed.


14. Have you ever worked ___ a farm?


15. I hate staying ___ home. Thatís why Iíve applied for a job ___ the United Nations ___ Geneva.


16. San Francisco is ___ the west coast of the United States.


17. I didnít see you ___ the party on Saturday. Where were you?


18. (in a restaurant) ĎWhere shall we sit?í ĎOver there, ___ the corner.í


19. I was ___ Annís house last night. The rooms ___ her house are very small.


20. We went to the theatre last night. We had seats ___ the front row.



Test 6. Read the text and fill the gaps with a preposition from the list below. There may be several possibilities.

Maryís Day Out


The sun rose ___ (1) Maryís house. It was a beautiful day. Mary came ___ (2) her front door and went ___ (3) the path, ___ (4) the gate and ___ (5) the street. She crossed ___ (6) the road and walked ___ (7) the bus stop. The bus arrived and she got ___ (8) the bus. It went ___ (9) the corner, ___ (10) the High Street, ___ (11) all the shops and ___ (12) the countryside. It stopped ___ (13) the duck pond ___ (14) the next village, and Mary got ___ (15). She climbed ___ (16) a stile and started walking ___ (17) a big field. Suddenly, she saw a huge bull running ___ (18) her! She raced ___ (19) the far side of the field and squeezed ___ (20) the hedge. Out of breath, she sat down ___ (21) the grass ___ (22) the river. She leant back ___ (23) a rock. The sun was warm. Mary closed her eyes and listened to the water flowing ___ (24). Soon she was fast asleep. When she awoke, the sun had disappeared ___ (25) the horizon.



Test 7. Fill in the correct prepositions to, about, at, from, for, in, into, on, with.


1. I want to talk ___ the group ___ their exams.


2. All last winter he suffered ___ coughs and colds.


3. When will you write ___ Bill ___ your plans?


4. If you donít understand any of these words, you could refer ___ a dictionary.


5. The accident sadly resulted ___ the death of a man.


6. The police are appealing ___ witnesses to come forward.


7. It wasnít his car, in fact I donít know who it belongs ___.


8. Nurses are very badly paid, I think they should insist ___ higher rates of pay.


9. The poor driver. I really sympathize ___ him, it wasnít his fault.


10. The buses are often late, so you canít depend ___ them.


11. Do you qualify ___ a state pension when you are 55?


12. Keep enough money to pay ___ your ticket.


13. Have you heard ___ what had happened ___ him? Oh, I donít care ___ it.


14. I said ___ you I was thinking ___ going to America. I actually dreamt ___ it.


15. She listened ___ me and then told me ___ her problems.


16. The bus ran ___ the wall of a house.


17. People started to shout ___ the driver.


18. Who was the boy you were all laughing ___?


19. I saw somebody staring ___ me from the other side of the road.


20. He was always arguing ___ his brother.



Test 8. Fill in the correct prepositions to, about, from, in, into, on, with, for.


1. I bumped ___ an old friend of mine the other day.


2. I agree ___ you that we should wait a bit longer ___ her.


3. She never apologizes ___ arriving late.


4. I thought we should look ___ someone else to do the job.


5. If you want to travel, that would be a good job to apply ___.


6. The land belongs ___ a rich man.


7. She then referred ___ the Ministerís report.


8. I congratulate her ___ her success in the exams.


9. The boss disagreed ___ me.


10. The match resulted ___ a draw.


11. His failure resulted ___ lack of attention to details.


12. Tonight Iím going to talk ___ my favourite books.


13. You can count ___ me.


14. You can rely ___ him to be polite.


15. They complained ___ me about the noise.


16. Mary turned her head to speak ___ him.


17. The daughters sided ___ their mothers.


18. Can I speak ___ Jane, please?


19. Can you explain this word ___ me?


20. Can you explain ___ me what you mean?



Test 9. Fill in the correct prepositions to, about, at, from, for, in, of, with.


1. He told me his name but I canít think ___ it now.


2. This house reminds me ___ the one I lived in when I was a child.


3. We called the doctor because Nick was complaining ___ a pain in his stomach.


4. Thatís a good idea. Why didnít I think ___ that?


5. Look at this photograph of Ann. Who does she remind you ___?


6. She left Boston ___ Paris when she was 19.


7. If something is wrong, why donít you do anything ___ it?


8. Peter likes his job but he doesnít talk ___ it much.


9. I like to listen ___ the radio while Iím having breakfast.


10. Please donít shout ___ me!


11. How often do you borrow books ___ the library?


12. Yes, you are right. I agree ___ you.


13. Cheers! Letís drink ___ your success.


14. My brother is living ___ a French girl.


15. My children are looking forward ___ Christmas.


16. They arrived ___ the party at 8 p.m.


17. What time did you arrive ___ London?


18. I must introduce you ___ my cousin.


19. Something has happened ___ him.


20. Shall we ring ___ a taxi?




Test 10. Fill in the correct prepositions of, to, with, at, about, for.


1. He was afraid ___ his enemies.


2. Iíve always been terribly fond ___ you.


3. He is unaccustomed ___ the heat.


4. They may feel jealous ___ your success.


5. I was terrified ___ her.


6. That was clever ___ you.


7. I turned the job down, which was stupid ___ me.


8. My problems are very similar ___ yours.


9. He was dedicated ___ his job.


10. I could never be bored ___ football.


11. He was very pleased ___ her.


12. He was shocked ___ the hatred they had shown.


13. She has always been bad ___ languages.


14. Itís difficult ___ young people to live on their own.


15. It was unusual ___ them to go away at the weekend.


16. It was rude ___ him to leave so suddenly.


17. She was rude ___ him for no reason.


18. She was still angry ___ the results.


19. Theyíre getting pretty fed up ___ him.


20. If you continue to support someone who is in trouble you are loyal ___ them.



Test 11. Fill in the correct prepositions of, to, with, at, about, for, from.


1. If two things are almost the same, one is similar ___ the other.


2. Someone who is a fine athlete is good ___ games.


3. I was proud ___ my brother.


4. Iím very surprised ___ you. I canít understand the way you behave.


5. Life is very different ___ what it used to be.


6. Who is responsible ___ this mess?


7. Iím delighted ___ the result. Itís exactly what I wanted.


8. In the army, a sergeant is senior ___ a corporal.


9. If two houses are exactly the same, one is identical ___ the other.


10. If something makes you very unhappy, you are very upset ___ it.


11. If someone makes you very angry, you are furious ___ them.


12. If you feel that you do not trust someone, you are suspicious ___ them.


13. If you treat someone very well, you are being kind ___ them.


14. If you have agreed to marry someone, you are engaged ___ him/her.


15. Everyone was very critical ___ the way he behaved.


16. We were very happy ___ the way they treated us.


17. I was very displeased ___ the way they looked.


18. I feel sorry ___ Nick. He has a lot of problems.


19. Iím sorry ___ the noise last night. We were having a party.


20. That was not very polite ___ you.




Test 12. Fill in the gaps below.


Originally I worked ___ (1) a school teacher, but I applied ___ (2) a grant to study medicine ___ (3) university and was accepted. I specialized ___ (4) mental disorders and then started my present job. I believe completely ___ (5) what I am doing, I never take any time ___ (6) work, and I am totally committed ___ (7) my clients. I have ___ (8) listen carefully to what they say, and sometimes explain ___ (9) them what I think the problem is. Sometimes they start to depend ___ (10) me too much. What is my job? Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am a psychiatrist.



Test 13. Read the letter below and add the preposition which best fits each space.


Dear Mrs Jones,


I am writing ___ (1) reply to your advertisement ___ (2) secretaries to work ___ (3) your central offices. I have already heard ___ (4) you from a friend of mine, Jenny Mansfield, who worked ___ (5) you a few years ago ___ (6) the sales department. I would be interested ___ (7) applying ___ (8) a full-time post. I am quite experienced ___ (9) secretarial work, and would have little difficulty ___ (10) the duties the current job involves. I think Iím quite skilled ___ (11) wordprocessing. I also have wide experience ___ (12) handling members of the public.


I enclose a reference ___ (13) my previous employer and copies ___ (14) my certificates. I would be happy to come for an interview at any time which is convenient for you.


I look forward ___ (15) hearing from you.


Yours faithfully,


Anne Dale



Test 14. Read the text below and add the preposition which best fits each space.


Living a Long Time


It is often said that Japanese people, ___ (1) average, live much longer than Europeans. ___ (2) a large extent this must be due to the food most Japanese people eat since from the point of view of life-style, life ___ (3) modern Japan is no less stressful than ours ___ (4) the west. The Japanese live ___ (5) a diet largely made up ___ (6) fish and rice. ___ (7) lunch-time a typical Japanese family will consume ___ (8) least twice as many vegetables as we do in Europe. ___ (9) comparison with Europeans, the Japanese eat far less meat and fewer potatoes; ___ (10) the same time, they eat seven times more fresh fish than we do which makes their diet much healthier ___ (11) far. It would be fair to say that, ___ (12) general, the Japanese Ė frequent visitors ___ (13) Europe ___ (14) business or ___ (15) pleasure Ė are discovering the pleasures and dangers of western-style eating habits.



Test 15. Fill in the gaps in the following letter.


Dear Marjorie,


Iím having problems ___ (1) my studies at school. I find it difficult to get down to work in the evenings and I canít concentrate ___ (2) anything at the moment. I spend most of my time listening ___ (3) records or watching TV instead ___ (4) doing my homework. The other students in my class are much better than I am and I have difficulty ___ (5) keeping up with them. I sometimes have problems ___ (6) following the lessons as well. I canít always take ___ (7) the important things my teacher says because I write so slowly. She has told me that Iím falling ___ (8) with my studies. Iím not good ___ (9) writing essays and I usually hand ___ (10) my homework late because I put ___ (11) doing it until the last minute. So I often have to invent silly excuses to explain why I havenít done the work. Iím sure Iím not going to get ___ (12) my final exams in June. Iím now so far ___ (13) that I donít know how Iím going to catch up ___ (14) them. My teacher spent some time going ___ (15) my homework with me but she found so many mistakes that I felt even more depressed. What do you suggest I do?


Yours desperately,




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