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Test 1. Fill in many, much, few, a few, little, or a little.


1. Most people in this city have jobs Ė there isnít ___ unemployment.


2. I live in a small village. There is a church, a shop and ___ houses Ė thatís all.


3. How ___ apples are on the table?


4. We are late. We have very ___ time.


5. He spends too ___ money.


6. ___ effort had been made before the peace treaty was signed.


7. He needs to buy a lot of things but he hasnít got ___ money.


8. There arenít ___ chairs in this room.


9. This flat is small so there are very ___ rooms here.


10. I donít know ___ about these people.


11. He comes here ___ times a week because he has ___ free time.


12. We are destroying ___ trees and forests.


13. We use ___ electricity.


14. We burn ___ coal.


15. People put ___ chemicals into the seas.


16. There is very ___ juice left. I must buy some.


17. There is ___ Coke in the bottle. Do you want some?


18. She hasnít got ___ homework today.


19. I need ___ eggs and ___ butter to make a cake.


20. ___ people canít find jobs nowadays.



Test 2. Fill in much, many, few, a few, little or a little.


1. He isnít popular. He has very ___ friends.


2. Ann is very busy these days. She has ___ free time.


3. Did you take ___ photographs when you were on holiday?


4. I am not very busy today. I havenít got ___ to do.


5. The museum was very crowded. There were too ___ people.


6. Most of the town is modern. There are ___ old buildings.


7. The weather has been very dry recently. We have had ___ rain.


8. Do you mind if I ask you ___ questions?


9. ĎWould you like milk in your coffee?í ĎYes, please. ___.í


10. This is a very boring place to live. Thereís ___ to do.


11. Things are not going so well for her. She has ___ problems.


12. This town is not a very interesting place to visit, so ___ tourists come here.


13. Would you like ___ cake?


14. Would you like ___ apples?


15. There are lots of boys in our class, but very ___ girls.


16. Donít eat too ___ sweets before lunch!


17. Eating too ___ fat is bad for your health.


18. I canít do much Iím afraid. I have so ___ time.


19. Donít buy any more cheese. We have ___ left.


20. How ___ cups of coffee do you drink a day?



Test 3. Fill in so, such or such a(an).


1. Helena has ___ good sense of humour.


2. She has ___ busy life that she always forgets my birthday.


3. You shouldnít let ___ small child watch TV ___ much.


4. The weather is ___ nice today. Shall we go for a walk?


5. ĎHas he passed the exam?í ĎYes, I think ___.í


6. John is ___ interesting to talk to.


7. They said ___ nasty things about you.


8. Science is changing ___ rapidly.


9. I want to do ___ many different things.


10. He dressed ___ quickly that he put his boots on the wrong feet.


11. She got ___ shock that she dropped the bag.


12. I was ___ excited that I didnít know it was him.


13. It all sounded ___ crazy that I laughed out loud.


14. They worked ___ quickly that there was no time for talking.


15. ĎWill you be home at 6?í ĎI hope ___.í


16. The house was ___ untidy. Iíve never seen ___ mess.


17. I havenít seen her for ___ long.


18. I havenít seen her for ___ long time.


19. Why did you buy ___ much food?


20. Why did you buy ___ book?



Test 4. Fill in so, such or such a(an).


1. Heís difficult to understand because he speaks ___ quickly.


2. I like Tom and Ann. Theyíre ___ nice people.


3. It was a great holiday. We had ___ good time.


4. I was surprised that he looked ___ well after his recent illness.


5. Everything is ___ expensive these days, isnít it?


6. I have to go. I didnít realise it was ___ late.


7. He always looks good. He wears ___ nice clothes.


8. It was ___ boring film that I fell asleep while I was watching it.


9. I couldnít believe the news. It was ___ shock.


10. Theyíve got ___ much money, they donít know what to do with it.


11. I didnít realise you lived ___ long way from the city centre.


12. The food at the hotel was ___ awful. Iíve never eaten ___ awful food.


13. The weather is lovely, isnít it? I didnít expect it to be ___ nice day.


14. I think she works too hard. She looks ___ tired all the time.


15. I canít decide what to do. Itís ___ problem.


16. Itís ___ hot here! Canít we open a window?


17. Sheís got ___ lovely hair!


18. We ate ___ delicious food.


19. There were ___ few people there.


20. We had to pay ___ high price for coffee in London.



Test 5. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of do or make.


1. Her job has something to ___ with marketing.


2. Girls ___ up half of the students in the school.


3. Youíll have to ___ without your dinner if you donít get back in time.


4. She sits in front of the mirror for ages ___ herself up.


5. The government have decided to ___ away with the old tax law.


6. When the bell rang, the students ___ for the door.


7. Letís ___ the store room into an extra kitchen, shall we?


8. Speak louder Ė I canít ___ out what youíre saying.


9. ___ up your coat Ė itís cold.


10. I was ___ out of ten pounds in the shop this morning.


11. They mugged the old lady and ___ off with her handbag.


12. If you ___ your best to explain the problem, Iím sure sheíll understand.


13. What did the robbers ___ off with?


14. Itís about time you ___ some exercise Ė youíre getting a bit overweight.


15. I donít know what to ___ of Christinaís odd behaviour just lately.


16. I could have ___ it with more help.


17. I donít believe him Ė heís ___ it up!


18. How many times a week do you ___ the shopping?


19. You must ___ a decision now.


20. To ___ a fortune you have to ___ a lot of hard work.



Test 6. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of do or make.


1. I ___ an appointment to see the optician.


2. After he ___ his homework, he found he ___ a mistake.


3. This drug can ___ miracles for people with back problems.


4. They ___ a lot of changes in the town centre recently.


5. You ___ the right thing by telling the police.


6. He ___ an archaeological discovery.


7. After being ill for two weeks, he is now ___ an excellent recovery.


8. She ___ a lot of research in the field of medicine.


9. I ___ an arrangement to meet him at the cinema yesterday.


10. It is important that you ___ exercise in order to keep fit.


11. All that smoking ___ you harm.


12. He ___ an excuse and left the office in a hurry.


13. I always tried ___ my best, but she was never satisfied.


14. He ___ some research into ancient religions at the moment.


15. If you donít ___ an effort, you wonít any progress.


16. If you pay in cash, we can ___ you a small discount.


17. Please let me know if you have any criticism to ___.


18. Tying a knot in my handkerchief ___ me remember what I have to do.


19. Your explanation simply doesnít ___ sense.


20. I wonder if you could ___ me a small favour.



Test 7. Fill the gaps in the following text with one suitable word.


Overdoing It


ĎOK, you can ___ (1) your shirt up now,í said Doctor Hymes. He had just given me a thorough check-up and was ___ (2) detailed notes on a big sheet of paper.


ĎWhat do you ___ (3) of it all, doctor?í I asked anxiously.


ĎWell, the first thing is that you could ___ (4) with a good rest. Youíve been overdoing it a bit, havenít you?í I admitted. I had been ___ (5) a lot of overtime recently. I had taken a lot on and had ___ (6) a bit of a mess of it all and was suffering from stress. He agreed that that probably had a lot to ___ (7) with it. I had also ___ (8) the mistake of starting to smoke again; in fact my diet was now largely made ___ (9) of coffee and cigarettes. The doctor then reminded me that coffee did a lot of ___ (10) to our nervous system and of course cigarettes ___ (11) a lot of damage to the whole system. He said I should try and ___ (12) without coffee for a few days and make a serious ___ (13) to cut out smoking altogether.


ĎAnd make ___ (14) you have a proper meal every day,í he warned. His last piece of advice was that I should find time to ___ (15) some jogging every day. I promised him Iíd do my best.


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