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Practise using the essential vocabulary in micro-situations based on the plot of the novel.

(. )

5. About whom is it said?

1. her face was suddenly very beautiful, truly beautiful, exquisitely grave and yet full of an inner, as well as outer, light. (about Sarah)

2. where his knowledge or memory failed him, his imagination was always ready to fill the gap. ( ???)

3. ...he was trite, a mere mouther of convention. ( )

  1. He suddenly found the atmosphere of the sitting-room claustrophobic. ()

5. He felt whipped and humiliated... ( )

  1. But he was not the man to turn tail at the first refusal. ( )
  2. ...he had no more free will than an ammonite.


6. Comment upon the following:

1. "Sarahseemed almost to assume some sort of equalityof intellect with him..."

2. "Charles... had more than one vocabulary."

3. "He did not think it subjectively, but objectively; here, if only some free man had the wit to see it, is a remarkable woman. The feeling was not of male envy: but very much of human loss."

4. "... he had free-willed himself most convincingly into a state of self-congratulation..."

5. "Old hearts are the most susceptible."

6. 'All those painted screens erected by man to shut out reality histoiy, religion, duty, social position, all were illusions, mere opium fantasies."

7. "In disliking this, Charles was being a good deal more fastidious than most young men of his class and age."

8. "There are some men who are consoled by the idea there are women less attractive than their wives; and others who are haunted by the knowledge that there are more attractive."

Questions and Tasks for Discussion

Chapters 17

1. Why didn't Charles mention Sarah though he had intended to?

2. How did it happen that Charles began to feel sorry for himself?

3. Why was he attracted by Sarah? What had she reminded him of?

4. What was Charles attitude to women in general?

5. What is the difference between Sam and Mary's courtship and that of Charles and Ernestina?

Chapter 18

1. Was it easy for Charles to understand what Sarah wanted? What did she want?

2. Was Charles the man Sarah thought him to be? unconventional?

3. What made Charles agree to see Sarah again?

Chapter 19

1. What was wrong with Sarah, to the doctor's mind?

2. Why did Charles feel superior to other people?

Chapter 20

1. Tell Sarah's story and speak on her motives.

2. What couldn't Charles understand?

Chapter 21

1. Why couldn't Sarah tell Mrs. Talbot all the truth?

2. Did Sarah feel she had made a mistake?

  1. Why did she think she must be an outcast?
  2. Why did she think she would be lost without her shame?
  3. What was Charles' advice?
  4. What did Sarah's unexpected smile suggest?

Chapter 22

1. What were the two typical English qualities Sarah possessed? Were they banned by die epoch?

2. What was Ernestina's "province"? Which of the two houses did she want?

Chapter 23

1. What was the life of country peasants at the estates like Charles' like?

2. What were Charles feelings on entering upon his inheritance?

Chapter 24

1. Why was Emestina's reaction to Charles' uncle's intended marriage so vehement? Was it really unladylike?

2. What was the shocking news of Sarah? What was Charles afraid of?

Chapter 25

1. What did Charles find on his coming to his hotel room?

2. Did Charles think about himself or Sarah?

3. Why did he think of ammonites?

Chapter 26

1. Speak on Sams dreams.

2. Why was Charles sorry for himself?

Chapter 27

1. What was Dr. Grogan's interpretation of Sarah's behaviour?


3. Was Charles in love with Sarah?

4. Do you share the doctor's opinion?

Chapter 28

1. How are all those cases of neurosis connected with Sarah? Was hers one of those cases?

2. Is it true that Charles was more concerned to save appearances than his own soul?

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