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The Stage of Need Recognition

Table of Contents


The Needs and Wants

The Process of Buyer Decision Making

The Stage of Need Recognition

The Stage of Information Searching

The Stage of Evaluation

The Stage of Purchasing

The Stage of Post-purchase Evaluation

4.0 Analysis of the 4 Pís

Analysis of Nokia Service

Analysis of Place

Analysis of the Price


The Issue of Promotion

Analysis of the Extended Service Mix

The Element of Physical Layout

The Element of Customer Services Provisions

The Element of Processes


The Satisfaction Achieving as a Customer





The aim and objective of the analysis that would be carried out here would be the customer-experience or aspiration in relation to a service and the company that is selected for this analysis would be the Nokia and the department that is relevant to the analysis would be their service center. In looking at things from my own perspective in being one that would require the service, the analysis would be concentrated on whether Nokia has serviced and interacted with me as a customer and this would be through the use of my own appreciation and understanding in relation to marketing as well as the level at which my needs and wants would be satisfied. The analysis would be aimed at making an analysis of the needs and wants, the decision making process, the various facets of the 4 Pís and the extended service-mix performance. There would then be an outline of the overall satisfaction that was achieved. The service encounter involved me going to the Nokia service center in order to get my Nokia hand phone serviced.


The Needs and Wants


A company like this would only be likely to achieve any kind of success in their business when they would make a correct identification of the wants and needs of a customer like myself. In this case, it was the need and requirement for having my handphone serviced and optimized. It is stated here that when there is no satisfaction, this would be the kind of element that would compel a person like me to require a particular service as in this case, it was me wanting to have a handphone that is serviced well and optimized. In order to determine what the customer wants, Nokia would be required to have an understanding of the needs and wants of a customer like me in terms of wanting handphone related services and they can then determine what kind of services that are to be provided to a customer like me. It is when these needs and wants would be appreciated, the company would then be likely to address a requirement of the market and customer (Kotler, 2009).



The Process of Buyer Decision Making


This process would be governed by the buyer decision making framework and it would labelled as a kind of framework that would be important for me in order to reach a particular marketing decision. This would likely to make a company like Nokia to have consideration of the stages in the buying process (Kotler, 2009).Outlined here are the various stages in the process.

The Stage of Need Recognition


In this stage, there is a need recognition and in relation to my case, the need was simply to have my Nokia handphone serviced and optimized in order for it to work efficiently.

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