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The Connection between The Second Chechen War and Putin’s Presidency

Second Chechen-Russian War and the Rise of Putin’s Regime



Vladimir Putin began the second Chechen- Russian war in order to become the president of the Russian Federation.


Brief Overlook of the First Chechen-Russian War

This war was a conflict between Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya, fought from December 1994 to august 1996. Chechens won that war and got their independence till the second war began. Capital of Chechen Republic, Grozny had been completely destroyed by the end of the war with 300 000 Chechens dead, 42 000 of whom were children that haven’t reached the age of 7.

Accusation of Chechens in Bombing of Buildings in Russia

According to RUSSIAPEDIA, ‘‘FSB investigators have determined that the explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk were organized and financed by Chechen warlords.’’ Putin as the head of the Russian authorities, blamed Chechen rebels for these bombings and this was the beginning of terrible and horrifying second Chechen war. On every Russian federal channel, Chechen rebels were shown as terrorists that are seeking a vendetta in order to make the Russians pay for the First Chechen war.

The Connection between Bombing of Buildings and FSB

According to Los Angeles Times, ‘‘Recent Russian media reports claimed the two rebel leaders ordered the bombing attacks. Both rebels, who have not shied away from owning up to past attacks against Russians, have denied responsibility.’’ Even though the Chechen leaders had denied their connection to the bombings, Russian media continued on accusing them and claiming that the bombings were ordered by the Chechens.

Another fact that showed that Chechens were not responsible for these bombings was that none of the terrorists were ethnically Chechen. According to The New York Times, ‘‘strikingly, though, none of those accused appeared to be Chechens themselves. Rather, they were Muslim fighters from other regions, which raises questions about Russia's stated reasons for starting the second war in Chechnya only weeks after the bombings.’’

According to The New York Review of Books, ‘‘Local authorities found the car used by the three who had planted the explosives, a white Zhiguli, in a nearby parking lot. To their astonishment the license plates were traced to the FSB. And when they apprehended two of the suspects, it turned out that they were FSB employees, who were soon released on orders from Moscow.’’ Facts showed that FSB was connected to the explosions and the Russian government had tried to hide this information from the public in any ways.

The Connection between The Second Chechen War and Putin’s Presidency

According to The Moscow Times, ‘‘Putin's tough stance over Chechnya, combined with the shock over the explosions, sent his popularity soaring, putting him in place to become president when Yeltsin abruptly resigned on Dec. 31, 1999. Putin took just over 50 percent of the vote in a snap presidential election in March 2000, winning without a second round of voting.’’ All these explosions of civil buildings with hundreds of innocent dead people made by the FSB in order for Putin to have the reason to start the Second Chechen war and to win the presidency votes of Russian Federation. How they say in Russia, Putin had killed two rabbits with one bullet, which means that these explosions helped him to become the president and to get back to the control over Chechen Republic.

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