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Examination Card Ļ9

I. Reading

Read the text and choose the best answer (A, B, C, D) for the sentences (1Ė4).


Spain looks pretty small on a world map, but this country has produced an extraordinary culture. All over the world, people have no problem recognizing the music, art, dance, or food that comes from Spain. Spanish culture is unmistakable.

When a person thinks of Spain, the first thing that comes to oneís mind might be flamenco dancing. Passionate and lively, usually performed to the accompaniment of fast guitars, flamenco dancing originated in southern Spain, and it has strong gypsy roots. Bullfighting is another of Spainís most famous attractions, and it is not just for tourists; bullfighting is enormously popular with the Spanish themselves. Thrilling and artistic, a bullfight is a match between a toreador, or bullfighter, and a bull. Bullfighting is one of Spainís long-standing traditions that might seem quite different from the ways of the modern world.

Spain is known as a country of romance, and for good reason. The history of Spain had its starting point not in a war over territory or the discovery of a new continent, but in a marriage. In 1469, Queen Isabella of the Kingdom of Castile married King Ferdinand of the Kingdom of Aragon, joining two of the most powerful Christian kingdoms in what is known as the unification of Spain. This unification began the period of Spanish history that saw three centuries of global exploration, trade, and conquest, carrying the Spanish language and culture all over the world.

No longer being one of the worldís strongest empires, Spainís political power has declined over the years, but its culture is as inspiring and well known now as ever. The spirit of Spain continues to inspire the world.


1. Which of the following is true about Spain?

ASpain is an extremely large country.

BSpain has become a global power in the last fifty years.

CSpain spread its power around the world for about 300 years.

DSpain does not have much influence anymore.

2. Based on the article, which of the following can be inferred about Spain?

AIts culture has changed fundamentally over the past three centuries.

BIts cultural attractions are diverse.

CIt has outlawed the controversial activity of bullfighting.

DFlamenco is performed before or during bullfights.

Flamenco dancing ..... .

Ais a slow dance performed by gypsies

Bis only performed in the south of Spain

Cwas discovered by the Spanish during their global explorations

Dis an energetic form of dance

4. Which aspect of Spanish culture is NOT mentioned in the article?






C or D B D A



Examination Card Ļ10

I. Reading

Read the text given below. For questions (1Ė4), choose the correct answer (A, B,

C or D).


Did you know that there is a fruit juice that you can cook with, wash with and preserve things with? Well, there is. It has been used for thousands of years in countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain. What is it? Itís olive oil, of course, and itís fast becoming the most popular oil in the world.

Although people in Mediterranean countries have been using olive oil for over 4,000 years, it has only recently become popular in other parts of the world. In fact, people beyond the Mediterranean once saw olive oil as little more than an exotic but expensive luxury. However, recent studies linking an olive oil-rich diet with low rates of heart disease have made the rest of the world sit up and take notice. As a result, more and more people have come to realise the many health and nutritional benefits of giving up other oils and using olive oil instead.

As well as tasting delicious and being the healthiest cooking oil available, olive oil has many other uses. It is a major ingredient in many cosmetics, hair conditioners and soaps. It also has a wide variety of lesser known uses, such as fixing squeaky doors and even polishing diamonds. Itís also a preservative, and will keep fish and cheese fresh for years.

Perhaps more important, though, is olive oilís value as a medicine. Not only can eating olive oil lower the risk of serious diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, it can also have a healing effect on many stomach disorders. On top of this, Mediterranean people have traditionally used it to treat minor wounds and illnesses. This could explain why people in Mediterranean countries tend to live longer. So the next time you go shopping, donít forget to add olive oil to your list. It will make your food taste better and your life last longer!


Olive oil .....

Ais not well-known.

Bis gaining popularity.

Cis a fruit.

Dis used only in the Mediterranean.

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