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Read the text and decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false).

Elise in India. That was the name of my blog last year when I took a year out between school and university. I was lucky enough to get a teaching job abroad through an international organization. I was going to work in a school attached to a childrens home in north-west India. There were eight of us on the week-long introduction course in the capital, Delhi. As well as advice and ideas for teaching we were given information about health and local customs, and learned a few essential phrases in the local language.

Another course teacher, Lucy, was coming t the same school as m and we were both nervous when we set off n the 15-hour bus ride t the childrens home. I had worked as classroom assistant before, but here I wouldnt b much older than some of m pupils. How would I manage? M worries disappeared n we reached the home. ur rooms were n the top floor bove the girls bedrooms and from the window we looked out across flat fields full of fruit trees and could just see the snow-covered mountain tops in the distance.

There were 90 children in the home, aged between 5 and 20. In addition there were small number of pupils who m in each day from the r around. Although they were little shy t start with, they were so keen to ask us questions that we quickly bm friends.

Lucy and I taught four lessons day, mainly spelling, reading and general knowledge. We had textbook but since it wasnt very exciting, we tried to make the lessons more interesting with activities and games. This wasnt always easy: there was mixture of ages in each class because pupils had begun their education at different times. Like schoolchildren everywhere, they didnt always behave perfectly in class. However, they used to send us notes apologising afterwards, or thanking us for n interesting lesson, so we didnt really mind.

The best fun cam after school, though. We spent many happy hours playing games or football or just chatting with the children. n Friday afternoons, Lucy and I were in charge of sport, which had just been introduced t the school. Trying to organise fifty children into cricket teams is something Ill never forget. Another of my memories is playing in goal for boys football game. Even though Lucy and group of little girls joined in as extra goalkeepers, we still managed to let the other side score!

I was terribly sad to leave. I felt I had learned as much as if not more than my pupils from the experience.

1.Elise applied directly to the school for the teaching post.

2.The course in Delhi prepared members for their work and for everyday life.

3.This was Elises first experience of working at school.

4.The childrens home was situated high in the mountains.

5.The majority of the pupils in the school lived in the childrens home.

6.Elise and Lucy were upset that the children were so curious about them.

7.It was a challenge to interest all the pupils in the general knowledge lessons.

8.Elise and Lucy wanted to punish the children if they were bad in class.

9.Sports lessons were a recent addition to the schools curriculum.

10.When Elise played football with the boys she scored a goal for her team.




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