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A) Read this extract from the article on the role of a chairperson.

A group of people meeting together can very often produce better ideas and decisions than a single person working alone. The original idea is challenged, tested and modified by argument and discussion until it is improved and sometimes transformed.

The chairperson’s role is to guide, stimulate and summarize this debate – and stop it becoming heated and turning into clash of personalities.

New and original suggestions are vital to the future development of any organization and must be encouraged, even if many of them will never actually be put into practice. It is all too easy for people to ridicule someone else’s suggestion, especially if they are trying to enhance their own status. It is up to the chairperson to encourage members to turn suggestions into practical ideas.

b) Here are five nouns from the text. Give the corresponding verbs:
decision - _________

argument - ________

discussion - _______

suggestion - _______

development - _____

c) Here are five verbs from the text. Give the corresponding nouns:

modify - _________

improve - ________

transform - _______

summarize - ______

encourage - _______


4. Find the six missing verbs to complete these sentences. The first letter is given each time to help you:

1. The chief accountant was invited to a________ the meeting for ten minutes to explain the new pension scheme.

2. The marketing manager had to a_______ a shareholders’ meeting all morning.

3. The chairwoman o_______ the meeting by thanking everyone for arriving so promptly.

4. As some vital documents had not been received, the meeting was p_______ until the following day.

5. Due to sickness, the meeting was c_________ and everyone was asked to submit their views in writing to the managing director instead.

6. An emergency meeting was c________ for that afternoon to discuss the trade union’s latest proposals.

Useful vocabulary for conducting a meeting.

Starting the meeting

- Welcome…

- O.K. Shall we begin?

- Could we begin by…?

- Right. Let’s get started.

- To begin with, I’d like to …

- The first item on the agenda is …

Establishing objectives

- The purpose of this meeting is …

- Today we need to look at …

- We’ve come here to discuss …

- I’d like to outline …

- I’d like to explain a little about …

- I think we need to lay this matter on the table before we proceed.

Giving the permission to speak

- Mr.Smith, you have the floor.

- Mr.Smith, it is your turn to speak.

- The chair recognizes Mr…. (official)

Observing the order of the meeting

- It is not your turn to speak.

- Mr.Chancer, you’re out of order! I’ll have to ask you to either take your seat or be excused from this meeting.


Encouraging contributions

- Mr…., would you like to say something on this point?

- What do you think, James?

- What’s your opinion?

- Would you like to start, James?

- Does anybody want to add?

- Anything else?

Making suggestions

- What about…?

- I think we should…

- What if …?


- Yes, I think you are right.

- Yes, that’s right.

- I agree with you (entirely).

- That’s exactly what I think.

- That’s a good point.

- Quite right, I couldn’t agree more.

- Yes, I am all in favour of that.


- No, I don’t think you …

- I don’t quite agree with you, because…

- You are wrong.

- Yes, … I see what you mean, but…

- I don’t think it is such a good idea…

- That’s true, but on the other hand…

- Maybe, but don’t you think…

- So do we agree that…


- Wait a minute.

- Sorry to interrupt you, but…

- Hang on!

- Can I disagree for a moment?

- Can I change the subject for a moment?


- In other words…

- What you mean is…

- As I understand…


- To summarize we can say…

- Therefore, to conclude we can…

Closing the meeting

- Right, I think that covers everything. Let’s finish there.

- O.K. Let’s call it a day.

- I think that’s all for the time being.

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