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II. Listening Comprehension.

Scene 1.

1. Listen to the scene and answer the following questions:

1. What does Tim Hasram want to have a go at?

2. What reasons does Jack give in favour of a forwarding agent?

3. What is the first thing for Jayal Motors to do in order to be successful on the international market?

4. What does Tom want to do concerning the activity of their company?


2. Listen to the scene and fill in the gaps in the extract from this scene with the words and word combinations:

Paul: Now, the first thing I want you to do Tim, is go round all our _______ and check how the bikes are ________.

Tim: And what the ________ is?

Paul: Mm. You’ve got the idea. And I want you to _______ on what ________ the retailers are doing on our bikes, if any…

Tim: …and what ________ they are doing for our ________.

Paul: Right. Find out if they have any _______ about obtaining ______ ______…and what else?

Tim: Well, what about what ______ _____ are ___ ______ _____and how long _______ takes?

Paul: Yes, sure, that’s right. You see, that will also tell us something about the ______ ______ in our bikes … and look Tim …

Tim: Yes?

Paul: Find out which _________ are being offered ______ _____ _____by Barratts.

Tim: I’ll have the ________ ready when you get back, Mr.Osman.

Paul: Call me Paul. I think we’re going to get on well, Tim.


Give a summary of the scene.


Scene 2.

1. Listen to the scene and describe the situations where the following words and word combinations are used:

- the key thing

- expanding the factory

- to build up a reputation

- a definitive report

- expertise

- Trade Fair

- to book the stands

- to make a contribution

- to submit proposals

- the voice of authority


2. Answer the following questions on the scene:

1. What is Christopher’s attitude to the idea of exporting of Jayal Motor’s mopeds?

2. What is the key thing in the whole operation according to Christopher?

3. In what case is there little use in expanding the factory?

4. What assistance is Christopher going to provide Jayal Motors with?

5. Will Christopher be present at the board meeting?

6. What will Christopher do in order to present his ideas about exporting to the board?

Give the summary of the scene.

Scene 3.

Listen to the scene and write the script of it.

2. Answer the following questions on the scene:

1. How does Jack propose to increase the production at the beginning?

2. What does Christopher write about Jayal Motors and its possibilities of exporting in his proposals?

3. What will be neglected according to Tom if they go into exporting?

4. What does Tim's research show?

5. What does the company have to reduce according to Jack?

6. What assistance will Jayal Motors get from the government?

7. What contribution will the EDO make to Jayal Motors’ project?

8. What conclusion does Tom make at the end of the board meeting?

III. Meeting Vocabulary.

For a meeting to be effective, an agenda must be drawn up and circulated to all participants in advance. The agenda is a list of what will be discussed and follows a fixed order. The following five items appear on every agenda. Use the explanations to put them in their correct places.

- Next meeting

- Minutes of the previous meeting


- Apologies

- Matters arising

AGENDA 1. _____________ (verbal or written and from those unable to attend 2. _____________ ( notes from the last meeting) 3. _____________ ( discussion about what has happened as a result of the last meeting) 4. _____________ ( anything else that participants wish to discuss) 5. _____________ ( time, date and place of the following meeting)

2. Minutes are normally taken by a secretary and signed by the chairperson to show that they are correct record. Minutes can be long and almost word for word or they can be brief, but they always include the following five facts. Complete the list by inserting the missing words:

decisions place held present chaired absence closed

1. The time and the date of the meeting, where it was _______ and who ______ it.

2. The names of all those ________ and apologies for _______.

3. All agenda items discussed and all ________ reached.

4. The time at which the meeting _______.

5. The time, date and ______ of the next meeting.

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