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Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the list.

brochures impact recommend
catalogues key accounts representatives
contribute leaflets reputation
direct mail packaging showrooms
display point of sale specific
effective press conference stand
extent press releases toll-free
hands-on public relations trade fairs and exhibitions
image publicity trademark
word of mouth    

1. Sales literature - _________, _________ and _________ can describe your product in more detail and give more information than advertisement. Potential customers can be sent _________ literature by post.

2. ________ advertising – displays in retail outlets (supermarkets, chain stores, etc) can attract the attention of potential customers.

3. ________ - labels and presentation increase the _______ of your product.

4. Sponsorship – you can ________ to the cost of a sporting or artistic event, where the brand name or ________ of your product is displayed prominently.

5. ________ - potential customers can come to your premises and see a ______ or a demonstration of your products and get ________ experience.

6. ________ - your company takes a ______ or mounts an exhibit to enable customers in the same trade to see your products and talk to your _________.

7. ________ - the public are informed of a new development through newspaper articles. You can inform the press by issuing _________ or by holding a __________, so that reporters can question your spokesperson.

8. ________ - PR can ensure that your firm keeps a high profile, and that people are aware of your good __________ and attractive ______.

9. ________ - existing customers tell their friends or colleagues about your product and hopefully _________ it to them, so that they want to buy it.

10. Telephone selling – your staff can call customers or customers can call a ________ number to request sales literature or ask for _______ information.

11. Personal selling – your rep can visit customers: this is the most _________ method of promotion, but also the most expensive. Traveling to meet a prospect may not always pay off. Your _______ would be visited frequently.

12. If you are marketing a service it must be ‘visible’ – your prospective customers must be fully aware of the ________ of your service and its benefits.

6. If a retail chain is to maintain its profits, it is essential that stock moves in and out of store quickly. The department store personnel are discussing different ways of encouraging turnover listed below. Which is each person talking about?

- introductory offers

- free samples

- money-off coupons

- gimmicks

- demonstrators

- jingles

- window display

1. Repeating ________ with intermittent soft music are what people are most influenced by, in my opinion.

2. We want something unusual to make our stores different from others, _______ are a good idea, balloons, stickers, ball point pens, etc.

3. What about having __________ on all new brand lines for a period of a week, say a 5% or a 10% discount?

4. Couldn’t we concentrate more on our own-brand goods and provide _______ so that people will return to our shops.

5. I think frequent ___________ changes are a good bet.

6. We could get in product _________ who would draw the crowds. They could give away __________ of products.


7. These eight verbs are commonly used in advertising. Choose the right one to complete each sentence:

attract spend promote appeal
boost launch persuade project


1. The copywriter created a slogan which would ________ to a wide cross-section of consumers.

2. The agency wants to ________ a campaign targeting the under-16-market.

3. The consumers we want to ________ are professionals who purchase up-market products.

4. All advertising must ______ the right product image.

5. Giving away free badges helped to ________ ice-cream sales to children.

6. The number of TV commercials in a campaign depends on how much the client wants to ________ and who he wants to reach.

7. The function of advertising is primarily to inform and to _________.

8. Our plan is to _________ the new product across a wide range of media.


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