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Give definitions, find synonyms and translate the following words and word combinations.


To transport Handling charges
To consider Packaging charges
To label To encourage
In transit To give assistance
To take out insurance Incentive
To insure (against) To give a guarantee
Freight rates To borrow money
To load To carry the loss
Cargo, freight Tax relief


2. Answer the questions:

1. What problems must a company consider when it exports goods abroad?

2. What do the labels on containers usually show?

3. Why is it necessary to insure the goods?

4. Whose responsibility is it to insure the shipment Ė exporterís or importerís?

5. What does the company pay to the shipping company while goods are in transit?

6. Why do the governments encourage export trade?

7. How do governments encourage export trade?


Do exercise 4 on page 14 in the textbook.

4. Complete the extract form a brochure promising Rayne Services to potential business customers. The first letter and a definition are given to help you find the missing words:

RAYNE INSURANCE SERVICES has an extremely successful reputation and a vast network of 1) b_________ throughout the world. We have an annual

2) p_______ income of over £10 billion. Our business premises 3) c________ is the most up-to-date. Not only is it very flexible, but there are also optional extras to suit the specific requirements of all 4) p__________. If your business demands above-average insurance values, we offer special 5) d________ on our very competitive 6) r_______. 7) C______ are dealt with quickly and efficiently by our highly-trained staff who have many years of experience in 8) b_______. There is no 9) r______ too heavy or 10) l_______ too great for Rayne to handle.

1. local offices

2. payment made by an individual or a business for insurance

3. guaranteed protection given by an insurance policy

4. people who have bought insurance from an insurance company

5. reduction in price

6. prices

7. applications to an insurance company to pay for loss or damage

8. buying and selling insurance

9. possibility of loss or damage covered by insurance

10. that which has been lost


II. Listening Comprehension

Scene 1

1. Listen to the scene and describe the situations where the following words and word combinations are used:

∑ To overwork

∑ Feasibility study

∑ Freight rates

∑ Reliable

∑ Packaging costs

∑ Insurance

∑ Capital equipment

∑ Staff

∑ To go easy on smb

∑ To talk sense into smb


Give the summary of the scene.


Scene 2

1. Listen to the scene and answer the following questions:

1. What does Christopher Mayo do besides working in the Export Development Office in Dabu? What does he prefer to do?

2. What advice does Paul need from Christopher?

3. What is Christopherís general idea about Jayal Motorís possibility of going into Industriaís market?

2. Describe the situations where the following words and word combinations are used:

Export Development Office


Government assistance



Good market



Scene 3

1. Listen to the scene and fill in the gaps with the words and word combinations:

Tom: Kamal can maybe _______ some ______ into you about this _______ idea.

Kamal: Well, itís true the companyís ______ ______doesnít seem to offer much _________ to ________ of this kind.

Tom: Especially with problem from ______ _______ office.

Paul: Yes, Iíve heard about that from Tara, Tom.

Tom: Yes, strange that business.

Kamal: All thatís been ______ . I checked with the _______ _______ as soon as you phoned, Tom. It seems thereís been a _________. Their letter, they said, was _______. In your case it was _______ by an ________ phone call. The government, as you know, has been _________ people to _______ those they suspect of ______ ________.

Paul: _________ phone call? That is _______.

Kamal: Well, there is no _______ there now.

Paul: O.K. So what do you think of my idea to ______ into ________?

Kamal: Well, as Iíve already said, the companyís only smallÖ

Tom: What did I tell you, Paul?

Kamal: Ö but thatís no _______ to _______ the _______ idea out of the ________.

Tom: Oh?

Paul: Go on, Kamal. Letís hear what you have to say.

Kamal: Well, the ______ might be able to do something. Weíre very _______ on small, ________ firms ________. ________ could interest us. But _______ is not the _______ _______.

Tom: Not the ________ ________, butÖ?

Kamal: What I mean, Tom, is your chief ________ is ________. ________ and ________. I think youíre already aware of that, Paul.

Paul: Yes, I am preparing a ________ _________ now.

Kamal: Good. As for the _______, the bank could offer ________ for ________ and _______ _______.

Tom: But what about the _______, Kamal? Weíre talking about a lot of money.

Kamal: Your _______ with the bank is ______, Tom. Your _______ is small but very ________ and your ______ are of high _______.

Tom: I see. Well, thatís very _______ but Iím still not ________.

Kamal: I realize that, Tom, but letís _______ it till weíve seen Paulís ________ _______.

Tom: I feel thereís ________ work involved in _________ our position _______. Thatís the ______ at the moment. Iíll give you ____ weeks to do the ______ ______, Paul. Thatís all.

Paul: Right. Itíll be ready in _____ weeks. Thanks for your help, Kamal.

Kamal: Thatís all right. Donít forget the bank has a _________ in Jayal Motors.

Paul: Thatís a ______ ______ _______.

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