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Reacting to news

Oh, really!

I didn`t know about it!

Never thought about it!

I can`t imagine! / I can`t believe it!

Who would have thought about it!

I`m really surprised / shocked.

It`s amazing / surprising / incredible / great / terrible! e.t.c.

Looks like that.

You must be joking / kidding!

You are pulling my leg!

Oh, not again!

No wonder.

Really? Glad to hear it.


Reacting to questions and requests

Honestly – I have no idea. Sorry.

Sorry. I`d be glad to, but…

Goodness knows.

Well, let me think…

Well, that`s a problem. But don`t worry, we`ll manage somehow.

Well, I can`t say just now / I don`t remember / I don`t know for sure. I`ll ask and tell you.

Ah, it`s quite simple. No problem.

Don`t even think of it!

Don`t even ask me!

No way!

It won`t go!



Telling a story


Well, I`d like to say some words about …

I`ll start with …

To begin with, …

First - how it all began / started/

It all started not bad, but then…

You see, the point is / was that…

And what do you think happened next?

Can you imagine? / Can you believe it?

I didn`t really know what to do.

So, as I already said / as I said before…

Anyway, …

I was really shocked / surprised / amazed / bored / disappointed e.t.c.

Well, it was the most exciting thing ever happened to me!

That`s how it was / That`s how it happened.

I must say I`ve never regretted it.

That was something!

So, what else to say here?


Giving opinions and advice

To begin with, …

First of all…


What`s more…

I also think / believe that..

On one hand…

On the other hand…

And don`t forget that…

Personally I think / believe / I am (not) sure that…

As for me… / In my opinion… / To my mind…

If you ask me…

I see it like this: …

The point / the problem / the most interesting thing here is that…

I doubt if…

I doubt that…

I just wonder if…

And one more thing.

All in all…

I don`t deny that (…), but…

If I were you, I would / wouldn`t…

Look, why not try (…) ?

Why don`t you (…)?

You`d better (…)


Agreeing, approving

You are absolutely right.

Right you are!

Well, I agree.

I quite agree here.

Wow, that`s great! / That`s a great idea! / Good idea! I like it.

Hey, it would be great!

No doubt.

It goes without saying.

Certainly / naturally / Of cause / Sure / Exactly.

I would do the same.

Well, looks like this.



Disagreeing, criticizing

Do you really think so? I am not sure.

Do you really think / believe that…?

I wouldn`t say so.

Are you sure? I doubt it.

Are you crazy?

You are killing me!

Who told you that?

Why do you think so?

What a rubbish!

Nothing of that kind.

And you call this (…)?!

But it is just unfair / stupid / silly / terrible! e.t.c.

Well, I don`t deny that (…), but…

I don`t think you are right here.

I see nothing interesting / exciting in (…)

I can`t see / I don`t know what people find in (…) /what you find in (…).

Look, what do you find in (…)

Well, say / think whatever you wish, but…

(That`s) easier said than done.

All the same, I`d better…

OK, do as you wish, but don`t say I didn`t warn you!

And you think it`s a good idea?

Why do it?

Why waste time on (…)?

Are you really going to (…)?

I don`t think it will go.

I don`t think it will work.

Don`t be stupid / silly!




Sorry for interrupting, but…

Excuse, I just wanted to add / ask something.

Can I add smething here?

Excuse me, just a moment. May I ask a question?



Asking for opinions, advice, help and information



So what do you think of it?

So what do you say?

Do you think it is worth trying?

Don`t you agree?

What would you advise?

Do you think it will go?

Do you think it will work?

Look, I seem to have a problem.

I want / need your advice.

Have you ever heard about (…)

Do you happen to know / remember (…)?

Have I got it right?


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