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Task V. Study the advertisements (ads) for a notebook and a desktop computer and say

Ø if the ads give you the name of a product or a service;

Ø if they give you a strict address;

Ø what the ads explain or recommend you;

Ø what words are mostly used in the ads;

Ø how the ads maintain your interest;

Ø what properties are mentioned in the ads;

Ø what properties you consider to be essential;

Ø what advantages you get buying the product




*1 year warranty *1-day free training *Free 24-hour delivery *Technical support on our hot line-call any time in business hours *14-day money-back guarantee *On-site maintenance contract only $50! *$350 software package-free!       ª12-month warranty ª48- hour home delivery ª30 day money back guarantee ªFree on-site maintenance ªSoftware worth $ 150 included in the package ª2 days free training at our company  

Task VI. Answer the following questions:

Ø What do these ads appeal to?

Ø What words in the text draw your attention?

Ø What has persuaded you to make your right decision?


Task VII. A. Are these statements true or false?



1. The notebook is cheaper than the desktop.

2. The notebook has a longer warranty than the desktop.

3. The notebook has a shorter delivery than the desktop.

4. The notebook has better technical support than the desktop.

5. The notebook has a longer money-back guarantee.

6. Maintenance for the notebook is more expensive.

7. The notebook’s on-site service is not as cheap as the desktop’s.

8. You get less training with the notebook.


B. Correct the false statements about the ads following the examples below:

1. The desktop is cheaper than the notebook. The notebook is not so good as the desktop.

2. The notebook is more expensive than the desktop.

3. The notebook’s warranty is as long as the desktop’s.



Task VIII A. Find antonyms to the adjectives:


1. good bad 6. fast s….
2. big s….. 7. n.. old
3. difficult e…. 8. u…. beautiful
4. q…. noisy 9. y…. old
5. entertaining dull 10. complicated s….
6. expensive c…. 11. narrow w…


B. Find synonyms for the following phrases in the box bellow:

Free training, hot line, a bargain, to offer a discount, acceptable price, user-friendly, to be a success, height adjustable, collapsible, suitable.


a) can be folded up for storage b) studying without payment c) thing which is cheaper than usual
d) a telephone line used for making inquiries e) to lower the price f) easy to operate g) lucky h) a low price
i) convenient j) to regulate, to alter  


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