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Task VII. Answer the following questions.


1. How can you characterize ADC?

2. What branches does ADC have?

3. Where is the Head Office situated?

4. Where do they launch new products?

5. Has the visitor made up his mind about the type of computer he needs?

6. What kind of computer does the sales assistant recommend to him?

7. Why is the new model sold very well?

8. What does the sentence: ďThe model is completely compatibleĒ mean?

9. Why is a computer a must in business?


Task VIII. Find in the text sentences describing the advantages of the new computer version.

Task IX. Ask your friend about some product he has bought. Use the phrases from Task VI.



Reading and Discussing


Task I. Read the following extracts from the dialogues.

Match the topics given in the box with the extracts below:

A. Speaking about products D. Inquiry about a product
B. Job interview E. Making an advertisement
C. Inquiry about delivery time F. G. Selling a product Discussing the price



- Whatís that building opposite us?

- Thatís the warehouse where the larger items of office equipment are stored. We try and keep a stock of the faster moving items so that urgent orders can be met quickly from stock.

- If I ordered something of these items today, how long would it be before I got delivery in Scotland?


- What would my work entail?

- Youíd be responsible to me for all advertising and to Mr. Grant for public relations. You would brief the agency, whoever it is, on the kind of advertising campaign we want. You would also be responsible for getting our leaflets, brochures and catalogues designed.


- Our prices are most reasonable. You can find this long-lasting furniture at cheap prices. There is certainly cheaper office equipment on the market. But when you look at the quality and finish I think we have no rivals.

- Quite so, quite so. Allís very interesting. Iím sure. Your prices are much too high. Look at these wastepaper bins Ė twice what Iíd pay for them elsewhere.

- Oh, but theyíre highly competitive when you consider quality.


- I see.

- Yes , they are complex instruments and also have to build them to various customers specifications. In the room we came through, we have Product Control keeping an eye on everything and making sure itís all going along to schedule. Every piece of equipment goes through testing in here.

- Iím very impressed.


- Now the next bit is very important: gross weight.

- Theyíll be packed into large crates. One will be seven hundred and twenty kilos and the other will come to seven hundred and fifty kilos.

- A total of one thousand four hundred and seventy then.

- Thatís right.

- And finally the nature and quantity of the goods.

- Right, well, there are two vehicles.


- For one day only at your local gas showroom, weíre offering a wonderful twenty-five per cent off everything.

- Itís true! Twenty-five per cent off. Amazing value!

- So donít miss it.

Task III. Describe any new model of office equipment.

Role Play


Task I. You work in groups of four. One of you is a customer which calls the suppliers to find out the best terms of buying a Laser printer.

Role-play a conversation between the caller and some suppliers.

Supplier 1 Caller


You work for Crezy Joe. Give the caller this information:     Easyprint II Price: $549 Warranty: 6 months Service contract: no Money-back guarantee: no Delivery: from stock   You are interested in the Easyprint II Laser Printer. Phone Crazy Joe and find out the following information:   Easyprint II Price Warranty Service contract Money-back guarantee Delivery


Supplier 2 Supplier 3


You work for Hobsonís. Give the caller this information:   Easyprint II Price: $695 Warranty: 6 months Service contract: $59 per year Money-back guarantee: 10 days Delivery: 14 days   You work for Fujitsu. Give the caller this information:   Easyprint II Price: $623 Warranty: one year Service contract: $47 per year Money-back guarantee: no Delivery: one month

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