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Talk about an older relative or someone you know who was brought up in a less privileged way than you were


First of all Iíd like to emphasize that all people in this world are different: every person has a unique personality, which is formed since the very childhood. It is believed that a newly-born is like a white sheet of paper, and only the upbringing can give a baby the individuality. But the individuality depends not only on the kind of upbringing, it is also vitally important in what conditions a person has been raised.

Iíd like to tell you the story of my grandmotherís life which is really tragic. My Granny had been very unhappy to be born a few years before World War II started, and she was the third child to a family of six. Her father had to join the army to defend the Motherland, and after a few months a letter came saying he had been killed in the battle near Mogilov. By that time her mother had already been seriously ill, she died when my Grandmother was only seven years old. Her aunt having three kids of her own took the children to the house. The new family was very poor, actually they used to live from hand to mouth. Her aunt couldnít pay enough attention to each child, thus the children were left on their own. Nobody could set them a good example to follow.

Step by step the family got over the poverty, and at the age of nine my Grandma got a chance go to school that was 2,5 kilometers from their house. My Granny was the smartest in the class; a freak of intelligence was seen in her. Especially she was keen on reading. Her adolescence was very difficult too. Just after the leaving school she went working in order to support the family, therefore she couldnít continue to study further. In the mid sixties a sudden death took the lives of her two younger brothers. My Grandmother was in deep despair, but nevertheless she didnít give up and continue to live. And in the long run a good luck smiled at her, and she met my Grandfather. Soon they got married and raised two children.

I really admire my Grandmother for her such strong character and witty mind. Though she was brought up in severe conditions and had to endure numerous hardships, nothing could broke her. Iím very proud of my Granny and look up to her.



10. Talk about a womanís choices in life

Sometimes it seems to ms that our life is like a deep unpredictable river with numerous turns and surprises, difficulties and problems. Itís a fact, that during all our lifetime we have to take o lot of important decisions, and of course nobody wants to make mistakes, but unfortunately itís almost impossible.

Speaking about Mary Grieve, the main heroine of the story ďMy great auntĒ, I should say that she didnít have to choose between her successful career and a calm married life. In my opinion, Lord had already done it for her. Moreover, Iím absolutely sure that Mary was born with such features of character, that if she had been an ordinary housewife her life could really have become unbearable and so to say a waste of time. She was obviously very intelligent, determined and a confident woman. Besides, Mary had a great strength of will, thatís why she could make her career and really got to the top of it. Speaking of her character, Iíd like to add that she wasnít a quiet and submissive woman, on the contrary, during all her life was very courageous, fearless and always prepared to overcome any difficulties. So, you see, Mary was cut out to become a career-woman.

It is common knowledge, that at the beginning of the twentieth century very few women were allowed to attend universities. At that time young women were supposed to spend several years enjoying their freedom until they settle down and get married; but Mary Grieve didnít act like that. After graduating from the university she was very lucky to get a job in journalism, and she had to write for a newspaper. Then, after numerous years of hard work and struggling in a male-dominated profession she eventually reached the top and became the editor of a magazine.

One may think that Mary Grieve was unhappy because she didnít have a family of her own, but she wasnít lonely as had o lot of relatives and friends, and she gave all care and love to her nieces and nephews. I think Mary Grieve was really a happy woman. And if you ask me whether her career was worth the efforts she had put into it, Iíll certainly answer it did. I understand her choice and approve of it. Frankly speaking, if I were in her shoes I would choose the same way.



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