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Talk about the attitude of a housewife to the hardships of life

Itís not a secret that most housewives do almost all the work about the house, and besides, they take the main part in raising the children. But quite often their husbands underestimate their work and think if women donít go to work and spend all day looking after the house, they donít anything at all, but just relax. They see their houses clean and tidy, always have their meals in time, and take it for granted. Isnít it unjust?

Now letís see what women think about all that and how they cope with the hardships of their everyday life. In fact, after I read the two texts about housewives I realized that they are completely dissatisfied with their life. Moreover, they find it monotonous and very boring. Frankly speaking, I was rather afraid of their attitude to the life. For example, Diana Harpwood said she hated, loathed her life. But the other woman frightened me even more. Actually, she was so sick and tired of her life that had a thought of killing her baby. Doesnít it sound terrible? But it isnít surprisingly, as itís just enough to say that a typical day of an ordinary housewife starts early in the morning and finishes late at night. It goes without saying, that from day to day she has mountains of work, which includes washing-up, cleaning, cooking meals, doing shopping, helping the children to do their homework and plenty of other work that make the woman completely exhausted by the end of the day. As a rule, a housewife almost has no time for herself. Thatís why doing the same kind of work every day she stars hating her relatives and her life.

Speaking of personal view to the problem Iíd say that much depends on the personís character. If a woman is active and energetic she will be able to cope even with the most boring daily work. And on the contrary, if she is calm and pessimistic, prefer peaceful life, she will never be able to change her life and continue putting up with it. To tell the truth, I shudder at the thought of being a housewife and having to do the same work to the rest of my days. I want my life to be diverse and full of changes. Therefore, being in the ninth form Iíd already made up my mind to get a higher education, a stable well-paid job and to build a strong family. I just want to be happy and satisfied with my life.

7. Talk about a visitorís impressions of a quiet country inn

To begin with, Iíd like to say that every person in our quickly developing world needs a special place, where they can have a rest, can stay alone in order to think about their life or simply dream. The author of the story ďThe night in a quietcountry innĒ was lucky to find such a place. To tell the truth, my first impression of this inn wasnít very pleasant. It is an ancient building which seems to be dozing for years, and I really wonder what could charm the author in this country inn so much. Probably, it is the mystery and romance of the place which come from its past. In fact, thereíre lots of interesting stories and secrets one can learn about the inn and the history of the country. So, one of the stories says that many years ago soldiers intrude into the inn in the middle of the night, and Prince Charles, who was staying at one of the rooms, had to squeeze through the tiny window in the dark and hide under the bridge. I think, anyone would spend a night in the room of Prince Charles with pleasure, because it is a great chance to get a lot of deep impressions.

At first the author didnít like the inn, as it seemed to be gloomy, and besides, his room was very cold and stuffy. What is more, the window was small and refused to open, and the water was icy cold and run away very slowly. Of course, one can think about Prince Charles and wonder how he could manage with all these inconveniences.

So, the author apologetically about these things to the hostess of the inn, and she tried to do everything possible to change the situation and make the tenantís staying more comfortable. Eventually, he was quite satisfied with everything: the meal was excellent and he enjoyed being with two cats in a cosy warm lounge. The fire in the fireplace roasted his legs, the cats purred, and the clock in the hall ticked slowly as it must have been ticking for a hundred years. With his calm, peaceful thoughts the author fell asleep. The next morning the dining-room was gloriously warm and the breakfast was the best he had ever had. Everything there was like in his dreams, and he said: ďThe world was created only last night and this is the first day of the existence. How nice to be alive!Ē I my opinion, these words precisely show us the authorís impressions of the quiet country inn.

As for me, if I were lucky to spend a night in this welcoming place, I certainly would never hesitate to visit it once again.

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