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Talk about the qualities a woman needed to reach the top in a male dominated profession in the early 50-ies

To start with, Iíd like to say that my personal view is that it is never late to begin studying or making a career. Very often people think that if they didnít manage to do that when they were young and ambitious, it is impossible to do in their late forties or early sixties. But I rather think age doesnít matter at all in someone is strongly determined to make a career. What really important are the personís quantities and the time he/she lives in.

In my opinion, the text ďMy great AuntĒ can be a vivid example of how woman named Mary Grieve could be a success in the early fifties. Nobody will deny that nowadays making a career for a woman is much easier than it used to be in Mary Grieveís time. Nevertheless she managed to become the first female editor of a magazine in Britain.

So, what quantities should have had a woman if she wanted to get on in life in the middle of the last century? Well, I think it was impossible for a quiet and submissive woman to make a good career. A woman had to cope with numerous hardships and problems therefore she must have had a strong and determined character. Obviously, intelligence is a quality without which any woman could never get to the top even if she was very hard-working. In my opinion, she should have taken a lot of care of her appearance to look always elegant and graceful. Apart from that, she must have been also prepared to be different depending on the situation.

Unfortunately, we are used to thinking that if a woman has a successful career, a high salary and a luxurious car she is very happy. But letís look at the ďreverse side of the medalĒ. Itís well-known that most career-women have to forget about such important things as a home and family. Thatís why a woman must take into account all pros and corns before she makes the most important choice in her life.

In conclusion Iíd like to say that no matter who you are and in what time you live, you surely need a bit of good luck. Itís not necessary to be born with a silver spoon in oneís mouth, but if a fortune accompanies you, it is always possible to make all your dreams come true.



12. Talk about a personís recollections of his childhood and his family

Thereíre can be no doubt that all people have unique recollections of their childhood, youth or of some special occasions. And it always amazing how some people can remember even small details about their early years. The author of the text ďMy lifeĒ also has particular recollections of his childhood. He tells us about his family and the atmosphere in it, he describes where he lived, and he tells about the numerous difficulties which his family had to overcome.

Actually, being a child the author used to think that other children were better off than he with his brothers and sisters were. By the way, the author was a second child in the family of seven. So, we can see it was a rather large family, and the main hardship was a constant lack of money. Nevertheless, the authorís parents did everything possible to provide the kids with all they needed. Their father was an old-job man who didnít have a regular work, and their mother used to go out charring. Sometimes she brought home little treasures: a little bit of butter and a bowl of soup. Unfortunately, the authorís family couldnít afford to rent a house in those days and didnít even dream about buying their own. But despite, the family every Sunday morning father brought the children a comic for half penny. Nowadays, when the author has become older he looks back at his childhood and wonders how his father managed to bring them comics when he was unemployed, and there almost was no money coming in.

From point of view it was a strong happy family. The members always support each other, creating loving and caring relationships. In spite they couldnít afford o lot of important things the parents tried to do their best to bring up their kids in the atmosphere of a true family. They took a lot of care of the children and set them a good example to follow, and the children in their turn responded with love and looked up to their father and mother.



13. Give Annie Lightís life story

Annie Light was born in the village in the early 1880ís. She was the only girl in the large family of boys. When her mother was taken seriously ill the girl of 13 had leave school for good despite her success there to start looking after her five young brothers and her father. When the brothers became big enough to look after themselves Annie went into domestic service. She had been working as a housemaid, nursemaid and parlourmaid in rich manors all over the west until her mother died, and Annie had to quit to help her father. Actually, her best years were passing monotonously. But one day good luck smiled at her: Annie saw an advertisement in a local newspaper saying that a widower with four children was searching for a housekeeper. Of course, she grabbed at the chance. It also must be said that Annie fell in love with this man, he became her destiny. But unfortunately after three or four happy years he vanished leaving her with his children and some of her own.

So, we can see that Annieís lifetime lot wasnít an easy one. In my opinion, it is almost impossible to imagine her feelings and the state of her soul. In fact, she was deprived of everything, and it seems to me, she had never felt joy in her grey life. Annie Light was bright and dreamy child. A freak of intelligence was seen in her. Obviously, she could have managed to get a sound education and become independent. Moreover, Annie was extremely beautiful and elegant, and she could have found a good responsible man and live with him happily for the rest of her life. She did have some chances to live a different life, but her problem was that she was too devoted to her family and never thought of herself.

It seems to me, Annie had a very complicated character. On the one hand she was too calm, dreamy, and even submissive. But on the other hand she had a strong personality, because a weak person couldnít bring up five brothers and four children alone, endure the death of a close relative, be left by a beloved, and still continue to live.

Frankly speaking, I donít know what I would do if I were in Annieís shoes. The only thing I know for sure is that one must never give up or put up with their lot, but continue fighting for the place under the sun no matter how difficult it may be, and believe that everything will be all right, and then it will be really so.


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