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Compare the average Belarusian family and the average British family

Talk about different attitudes to the role of the husband in the family

Thereís no doubt, that one of the criteria of a strong happy is when a husband and a wife share their responsibilities for household chores, such as bringing up children and housework. But very often we can hear women complaining about their husbands being lazy and good for nothing, except for lying on the sofa in front of a TV set. Thereíre obviously some reasons for menís laziness, and the main one is that women are much better at dealing with more than one thing at a time. For example, most wives can look after their babies and take main responsibilities about the house. It seems to me, itís a practice that makes women better able to do several things at a time. As for men, theyíre on the contrary can concentrate on one thing, including such boring domestic jobs as washing the dishes or cleaning the rooms. In addition, most husbands even if they share domestic chores, they do that unwillingly. And one knows that if people do something reluctantly, as a rule they do that in a slip-shod manner. Thatís why hard-working housewives prefer to do everything by themselves.

Sometimes men say they donít feel satisfaction when cleaning or washing the dishes. Have you ever seen with what pleasure men usually clean their garages, and keep their working places neat and tidy? But why do they? The answer is very simple. Itís commonly known, that woman often occupies the kitchen, the living-room and the bath-room. Only she decides how it should look, she buys the curtains, chooses the colours and furnishes the rooms. To my mind, women must give the husbands half of their domain, or Iíd say, half or the rights to make them feel the responsibility for the house they live in.

Thereíre some men who donít raise a finger to help their wives about the house, even if nothing prevents. They are idle and completely useless, and that can be easily explained. Being little boys they were used to nice easy life with their mothers who did everything for them. So, now they arenít used to such dusty jobs as washing up, cleaning the loo or smth like that. Iíd call them ďmotherís darlingsĒ.

But certainly, I donít want someone think that Iím a man-hater. I share the opinion that a lot of husbands have a great interest in their home. They help their wives with all the domestic work and act as assistants to them cooking meals, cleaning, washing and looking after the children. As for me, Iíd certainly like my future husband and me do everything together in order to make our family strong and happy.

Compare the average Belarusian family and the average British family

In my opinion, it is almost impossible to compare British and Belarusian families, because thereíre a lot of people in these countries who have their own unique lives. Some of them are rich and happy, others, on the contrary, are badly-off and hardly make both ends meet. That is why I think it is better to compare the average families. Moreover, Iíve decided to speak about my family as I consider it to the average one.

Having read the text ďThe Average British FamilyĒ Iíve made a conclusion that thereíre a lot of differences between the Belarusian and British families. Generally the average British family live in a semi-detached house or a cottage in the suburbs of a large town. As a rule it has a garden and a garage. But the average Belarusian family usually live in a block of flats in a town or a city. Typically, a British family has three children and a pet, as for the Belarusian one, it has two children and no pets. Speaking about wages, I can say that on the whole men in both Belarusian and British families earn more than women, but one knows that wages in Britain are much higher.

British people go to work by car and the Byelorussians usually by bus, trolleybus, underground, and sometimes it takes them more than an hour to get to work. The children from the average British family go to a state school, which is a few miles from their home. A special bus comes to pick them up every morning. Belarusian children also go to state schools but there is no special bus for them, because as a rule schools are not faraway from their homes, so they go there on foot.

The most popular evening entertainment in Britain is watching TV and video (the average family spend twenty hours a week in front of a TV set). Other popular activities are going for walks, visiting friends, going to restaurants or pubs. Belarusian families also prefer to spend their free time watching TV programs or movies. During weekends they may go visit friends or relatives, but unfortunately, they canít afford going out to restaurants very often, as it is quite expensive for them.

Now you see that British and Belarusian families are much alike, but still they have several distinct features.


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