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Choose the correct words.

0I hang / spend out with my friends on Saturdays.

1 She always gets up / out at seven oíclock on Monday mornings.

2Shall I ride / drive you to school, Tobias?

3Weíre going to play / do football in the park this afternoon.

4Have you done / had a shower yet, Dad?

5The trip / tour guide organised our visit to London.

6How many guests / members have you invited to the party?

7Itís a science fiction / cinema story about aliens coming to Earth.

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Put the verbs into the correct tense to complete the sentences.

0Dad has already finished (already/finish) his breakfast.

1 They _______________ (never/be) to Madame Tussauds before.

2 He will go and buy his train ticket as soon as he _______________ (find) his credit card.

3 Our plane _______________ (leave) at five oíclock this evening.

4 _______________ (you/notice) the violinist at the concert last night?

5 Petros _______________ (always/brush) his teeth before he goes to school.

6 What _______________ (you/do) right now?

7 Molly _______________ (draw) a beautiful picture last week.

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Choose the correct words.

Damianís blog

Hi everyone! This is the first time I (0) ever wrote / have ever written a blog Ė itís very exciting! First, I want (1) to tell / telling you a little about me. I (2) live / lived in Dublin with my parents and my sister, Meghan. Iíve got two main hobbies. I love (3) playing / play football and I (4) am liking/ liketaking photographs. I (5) joined / have joined the school photography club last week and I really like it. I (6) already took / have already takenabout one hundred pictures. A lot of the pictures are of my dog, Benji. Donít

(7) laughing / laugh! Heís very beautiful, but he often (8) does / do some terrible things! An hour ago, I saw him (9) taking / to takea pizza off the table and he ate it all! My mum (10) is going to / shall be very angry because that was our lunch! Sheíll put Benji outdoors for the night Ė she (11) always puts / always is putting Benji outdoors when heís bad. Must go Ö my mum (12) talks / is talking to me now. Iíll be online again when I get back from my football match. Bye!

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Complete the text with one word in each gap.

Hi Bjorn!

I am (0) in London on a school trip and I (1) _______________ having a fantastic time. We arrived here three days (2) _______________ and we are staying in a very old hotel. Weíve (3) _______________ visited Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square so far today, but we havenít been to the London Eye (4) _______________ . We are going

(5) _______________ go there in a minute. I (6) _______________ take some photographs and show them to you when I get back home. Oh, the tour guide

(7) _______________ just told us to get on the bus. Talk soon,


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Section 4



Put the parts of the email in the right order.

1 _____

2 _____

3 _____

4 _____



A Iím going skateboarding with my friends Petros and Chris now. Send me an email soon.


BDo you like living in London? Are there lots of things to do and see there? Iím asking because Iím visiting London next week on a school trip! Shall we have lunch together while Iím there?


C Dear Stephen,


D Bye for now,



E My name is Maria. Youíve never met me before, but my mother and your mother are sisters. I am twelve years old and my hobbies are surfing the internet and skateboarding. I played in a big match last week and I won. What do you like doing in your free time?


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Final score Ö / 70

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